Easy and great views. Saw 2 baby moose with mama. 4 marmots. Lots of great swimming spots once the weather warms a bit more.

Great views at the top! Hiked it in May and saw lots of snow. Decent incline most of the way up. Some trail forks not marked well. Would definitely recommend this hike!

13 days ago

Think this should actually be classified as an easy trail. There was a little up and down but it was fairly flat. No snow as of 5/17/20. Pretty trail that follows the creek, some forested parts. Some muddy/wet parts in the open meadows, but completely passable.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Was an awesome fun hike, and I rode the tram down too. It was an amazing and picturesque view of Jackson Hole, the valley, and the Tetons. It was kinda busy but not very bad at all.

First time walking it during winter


hard trail for sure. feels very steep but the view at the top is definitely worth it. saw some amazingly fit people training on this mountain - super inspiring!

5 months ago

Snowshoes out to Phelps Lake yesterday. Trail has been heavily used by snowshoeing and cross country skiers. Trail was well marked despite the snow levels. Hikers need to go prepared for very cold winter conditions in backcountry. It was 9 below zero at the start of our hike. Beautiful lake scenery made the hike worth the effort.

5 months ago

Hiked it today in snowshoes -- great weather! Well-groomed trail, thanks to the ski resort. Saw a few deer near the path. Watch out for downhill skiers!

Nice workout of a hike with some decent elevation gain, especially if you live at lower altitudes. Worth it for the views alone.

7 months ago

great trail big mountain and a great way to climb the grand teton

Sweet Hike. Beautiful scenery. Not a lot of elevation gain so an "easy" moderate rating. Saw four cinnamon colour phase black bears. Needless to say a couple of anxious moments were had establishing that they were in fact black bears. Trail in excellent condition and well signposted.

Walked the track counter clockwise saw 2 moose, near and on the track .... so had to double back a bit until they passed.... saw mule dear and a red headed wood pecker working on a tree . Great walk and great views all the way round.

8 months ago

First hiked this trail in early August. No moose then. Hiked again Oct 1 since we were in the area and saw two moose - bull and cow. Hike itself is ok but the trail is crowded and the main reason to do this one is to see moose.

Moose Pond loop. We saw a male and female moose by the ponds.

Great hike, easy flat, and lots of views. We saw Deer, Elk, a Bear, and Moose. Good times

definitely would rate this as difficult

Nice little exercise

Not a great trail. Too many off-chutes. Needs a lot of maintenance and love.

As advertised!

This is a beautiful hike along the lake. The views are spectacular all the way through. Would recommend starting the loop around the lake clockwise instead of counterclockwise (go left instead of right at the trail sign right at the lake from the woodland trail). Make noise and bring bear spray as there are lots of berries (and bear poop) along the trail. Saw a black bear, two eagles, and five snakes on this trail. This hike is worth the time; a loop with the current trail detour for bear activity was around 8 miles start-to-finish and took a little under 4 hours.

Left from Jenny Lake Visitor Center to Moose Pond. Saw 2 moose at the pond around noon. Highly recommend returning same path back to visitor ctr as trail is not marked clearly to continue on loop. Saw another moose in trees near foot bridge

I would hike out and back from Jenny Lake instead of doing the whole loop again. We saw two moose at the ponds so it was definitely worth it.

Saw the head of a moose. There were several at the pond according to others, but they were all bedded down.

8 months ago

Bikers paradise. Not for hikers. No panoramas. A walk in woods avoiding bikers.

Good views of the town of Jackson and our dog loved it. Nice weather, cool but sunny. Hiked this before the storms rolled in, so we were able to see the tops of the Tetons in the background. Very steep, so we only did about a third of it before turning around. Pretty sunny but there are a couple areas of the trail in the shade.

beautiful, easy hike. mostly level. saw 2 bears, a few moose. ate lunch on the beach past the campsites. huckleberry point is a must. enjoyable hike for all takers.

Had so much fun; so rare to find a hike like this that’s so easy but with such high return in the form of beautiful views. Lots of people were swimming in the lake but it was too cold for me. 1 bear sighting in the distance. We went on a Saturday morning and arrived at the trailhead at 10:40 (I know I know, but I *had* to check out a particular French bakery in Jackson first!) We ended waiting til 11:15 to get a parking spot. (NPS rangers were there ensuring order and preventing people from making up parking spots so there really wasn’t any way around the wait at that point). So go early or go late! (We returned to our car around 3pm and there wasn’t a wait anymore). The parking was really the hardest part of this hike. :) good tree cover, I didn’t need sunscreen. No issues with mosquitoes either. Such a magical place.

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