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The views and wildflowers were incredible! Nice easy trail along a stream.

12 hours ago

Amazing hike. Trail was fairly easy until you got to the unmaintained part. Then I would consider it difficult, and tricky in some spots. Like stated below it was easy to go off the trail going both up and down. I recommend taking screen shots (if you don’t have phone service) of other people’s recommendations and reviews, and also the map as we referred to it quite a bit during this part of the hike. Once to the boulder fields, just watch for the cairns and you should be ok! We stopped quite a bit going up, between taking pictures and to catch our breath, as we aren’t acclimated to the elevation, and the hike took us a total of about 7.5 hours there and back. The view at the top is absolutely breath taking and worth every second of it. We didn’t see any bears but do not forget your bear mace and extra water!

12 hours ago

Surprisingly good hike. We have avoided this hike because it was so close to town. We found it adequately challenging and quite pretty. Good spot for picnic at about 2.75 miles and another at 3. We saw a large Elk, rabbit and squirrels. Several ponds along way and a bonus was discovering Old Gardiner Stagecoach Road to drive on way out of YNP. That was worth the drive.

We took the cascade creek trail head (about a mile west of cascade lake trail head) to cascade lake. Comparable distance, saw our only moose of the trip. Heard from other hikers this is a good wildlife hike.

Took the stagecoach road to loop trail head. That half of the trail was almost grown over.

15 hours ago

Beautiful trail, my kids 13, 10, and 8 loved this hike. They enjoyed jumping into String lake for a cool off after the hike. The trail does get busy during peak season, so I do recommend going early for a parking spot.

Loved this hike! Views are incredible — you pass by Taggart Lake with amazing reflections of the mountains on the water, but you also get to see wide open plains, woods, the remnants of a fire, and lots of beautiful wildflowers. The trailhead says this is easy to moderate, and there are a few climbs along the trail that are definitely more moderate than easy. This hike gives you a little bit of everything and should definitely be on your list!

Beautiful trail and feels like you're in the back country after mile 2! Very flat and easy if you can make the distance. Start early and watch for muddy areas. Saw one bison and a white wolf! We were surprised about how few bison we saw.

A great family hike with incredible views! Don’t let the mileage deter you - it’s an easy walk and very rewarding.

started around noon but had a lot of shade. easy walk and great lunch spot next to Heron Pond (big log with amazing view) - would have done the full hermitage loop but had limited time. osprey on swan lake. active bear warning but never saw or heard any...

Just finished this hike (4 days and 3 nights) and it was amazing!!! Hard is a great description of the trail but it's beautiful country. Make sure to have good shoes and be prepared to get your feet wet.

Great views of the river all along the trail.

did this with string lake for a great morning hike last week - start early. part of trail was closed due to rockfall so did not see hidden falls but scenary made up for it! was a zoo by the time we left at 1pm but had time for a quick dip of the feet in the lake (great after 18km) before getting out of the chaos! long but very easy - nothing technical and no major climbs so just a really nice morning hike.

did this with Jenny Lake last week... start early.. just missed seeing a grizzly and moose (seen by people hiking towards us) but saw lots of other wildlife.. would spend a day playing on this lake if had more time in area!

beautiful falls, lots of mosquitoes and a decently busy hike so going early in the morning or later in the evening is probably best

nature trips
1 day ago

How can you not love this place? It ranges from a beach area with shallow water for kids, to deeper water and rapids to can jump into up above.

I actually love the crater spring just below this one. Prismatic is beautiful by plane and photo but you really can't see it from the boardwalk well because it's so flat.

Awesome trail! Recommend going early. We hit trail around 7am and managed the just over 7.35 mi hike in just under 4 hours. Recommend huckleberry point on the trail. No bears seen, but dropping’s for sure several points on the trail. Little to no traffic on trail before 10am. As we came back to parking lot, it was packed.
For the real adventurous ones, there is a rock about 30 feet over the water that was fun to jump off into! We took advice and went counter clockwise, rock to jump was about 4.5 miles in. Parked at the preservation center. Everything was beautiful and perfect!

2 days ago

Loved this trail, winds through pretty forest & beautiful rock formations. Not difficult & some off-shoots to add distance. Plenty of shade & nice S Dakota breezes to keep it fun!!

climbed this yesterday and had a blast. snow was present at 9000ft and continued until the lake a miles or so later. Could not find the trail at that point and just went up

2 days ago

Starts with forest then lake views. Saw juvenile grizzly in the berry bushes. Then stunning canyon with tetons on each side. Beautiful waterfalls and river with two bull moose and lots of pikas.

Easy to moderate great day hardly a cloud! The view at top is other worldly! Walking through the Lodgepole pines is outstanding! It is July and everything was in bloom. GPS said it is 8.3 miles but trail markers show 3 each way! The smell of the pine was most excellent!

This trail is more moderate than difficult. However, the distance is tiring. I would say it is harder to hike back out than it is to hike into the falls. It took my fiancé and I about 3 hours to get to the falls and 4 hours to get out. This trail is absolutely stunning. It is well worth the distance.

Getting to the trail is kind of tricky. It will feel like you’ve been driving forever, but just keep going. As soon as you get to Grassy Lake Reservoir Dam, the road to the trail head is at the bottom by the spillway. The trailhead is not posted at the beginning. It’s on the right hand side after you crossover the spillway(walking). If you do not have four wheel drive I would recommend parking at the dam and walking down the road. It’s not that far.

Don’t forget some water shoes or sandals! You will be crossing a river. Also bring LOTS of water. YOU WILL NEED BUG SPRAY. We used an entire can of spray on this hike. The bugs are thick. We ate lunch at the falls and it was definitely a memorable time. ✌️

Great trail, took me about 45 minutes to surf, so it’s not too long, but I would still recommend it to any level of hiker!

on Holly Lake Trail

2 days ago

Beautiful hike! Beware the trail was well marked until we hit the snow, with the snow melting prior foot tracks had disappeared, we finally found the trail by watching out for hikers that were way ahead of us. The map I had printed from All Trails didn't show the two lakes, we realized that we only made it to the little pond, not the actual Holly Lake that was not too much further ahead. Hiking poles and plenty of drinking water recommended!

I feel bad giving this three stars, because I think it’s probably worth more than that, but I think it’s a little overrated personally.
I’ll start out by saying that it has some absolutely beautiful scenery, don’t get me wrong at all, but given some of the reviews, I was expecting a little more I think; I was also hoping for something at the end of the trail, but it was literally just a fork to continue onto other trails. I should have researched it better as I’m sure I could have found that myself haha but I would recommend not doing the full thing if you aren’t going to continue onto another trail, as there are no sweeping views and it’s shrouded in forest for a lot of the last part so the views are a little covered.
Another downer was the fact that there were bugs... everywhere!! Like everywhere! Definitely wear bug spray - there were more flies (and other weird black bugs that stay on your skin?!) than I’ve ever experienced on any other hike in my life! I don’t mind mosquitos and flies around as it’s obviously the wilderness and you expect that, but this was a whole new level hahah.

The first mile is tough but after that it barely climbs at all. Despite my lower rating, I think it’s a great trail people should check out - but I’d recommend only going to the first waterfall coming from the peak, or where there’s a bit of a break at the creek. Beautiful photo opportunities there. I also saw a moose in the river which was exciting :)

MOST UNDERATED TRAIL IN GRAND TETON!!!! Was a good hike up to the top! Nicknamed little asskicker this trail is short but super steep to the top! Views were expansive and well worth the climb. If you have a little time this one is worth it!

3 days ago

Hiked July 11, 2018. By far the most beautiful views of all the trails I've hiked in the Teton Region. Definitely worth the effort. The only issue we had was about 800 ft below the summit, we hit a pretty dangerous looking patch of snow completely covering the trail. Prior to this we were able to find ways around the snow, which covers a lot of the trail after taking a left at the saddle (away from Albright Peak). I didn't feel comfortable crossing this last one, and so at 10,500 ft we prayed for our friends who had already crossed (they had ice axes), and made our decent. Don't let this discourage you from climbing to where we did, as the views are arguably the best in the park (that excludes the major peaks, of course). Take ice axes, which can be rented for around 8$ in town, crampons, trekking poles, and bear spray. We spotted a moose after the Ranger station, but nothing more after that. Also bring your bug spray because the mosquitos are really bad up on the saddles, and really anywhere you stop. If you don't feel comfortable crossing the snow at such a steep angle, simply turn around. the peak itself looks like a big green hump, and I believe tops out at 11,300 ft. Anyone who has done it knows it's SO worth it!

Did this trail in July 2017. Long stretches of packed snow near the top and hiked through a small snow storm. Very scenic, great overviews into the park and tremendous views from the top. Also, saw mountain goats grazing on cliff to east of lookout.

I did trail in July 2017. Interesting views and unique perspective of the falls. Stairs, stairs and more stairs.

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