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Absolutely beautiful!

The walk to Big Sandy Lake is flat and beautiful. Really a hike you could do with anyone at any age, it’s just a long six miles. Everything beyond Big Sandy Lake will be straight up so the walk in being flat moves quickly and not very strenuous! Big Sandy Lake makes a great base camp of you wanted to break up your trek to the Cirque or East Temple. Lots of people, lots of wildflowers, some bugs!

2 days ago

Beautiful hike, with views of meadows, hills, and flowers. It wasn't too strenuous, but the trail is exposed to the sun in most places and there were a lot of flies and mosquitoes there.

3 days ago

although it really is gorgeous, it has become overrun with people. There were 32 cars in the parking lot this morning, and I couldn't go more than a mile without stepping off trail for another hiker or a pack team. the area is really starting to show the use. I liked the trail, and am happy to have gone, but I would highly suggest branching off from this trail to another less used trail.

This hike was magnificent. I recommend starting before 10am if you want to do the whole thing in a day. I didn't come across many mosquitos at all. Weather was beautiful and the lake is a great place to stop and take a dip in before or after taking on the steep part of the trail. I will definitely be coming back here for a camping trip.

Mosquitoes not bad. LOTS of people on the trail as we hiked out Saturday and the lot was overflow. But a great place to spend the week.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike and quick to get to. Hiked up with my daughter on my back and she loved the scenery. I wish we would of started earlier in the day. Beautiful weather until we reached the lake where it was windy and I should of brought my daughter a sweatshirt. Tons of horseflys!

This trail was a lot of fun, started at the Sheep Lake Trailhead and backpacked the loop to end back at Brooklyn Lake. Hiked in a little over a mile on a Friday night, then split the remainder of the 14 mi. total trail on Saturday/Sunday. Weather was good, little bit of rain and hail but not bad at all. Caught some brookies at North Gap Lake, plenty of people up there fishing. My only warning would be to inexperienced backpackers - when you arrive at North Gap lake (either before or after you go over the gap at Browns Peak), there is a cascade of boulders between you and the continuation of your journey that could be a little challenging. I've seen some people say to go up top to the shelf and OVER the boulders, however we stayed low on the water and walked on the boulders. It was...unpleasant, but doable. Our dog got stuck at one point so we had to drop packs to go back and get him, but all ended well. Was just a bit of a surprise to us, so thought it might help other people. Overall, beautiful trail, will definitely be back to backpack again!

11 days ago

This is NOT a hiking trail - it’s an ATV road in the wide open space. The ALL TRAILS map doesn’t even show that you that you get to a lake - so download the topo map when doing this. There are some pretty spots and it’s an afternoon of outdoor exercise.

13 days ago

We missed trail to clear lake but that was Ok cause there was a connector trail from Black Joe trail to clear lake. Beautiful alpine scenery, Did this trail clockwise and glad we did cause trail down ravine past Miller lake was very steep. If you want to follow trail to Clear Lake you must hug trail to stream after crossing stream at end of Big Sandy Lake. Nice area to base camp also.

The views are simply beautiful. We took our dog who is not a trail hiker and she did just fine. The terrain is easy to navigate, with a few steep stretches but overall, easily doable for all. The signage is very vague and does not provide information on trail distance. If you make it to the small creek crossing with log to other side, that is your 2 mike marker. Our dog loved the dipping stop. The trail is active with hikers. We did talk with one seasoned trail hiker and she warned us of rattlesnakes past the creek. She ran into 2 not too up and turned around at that point. She also stated she has never seen them on the path to the creek and she has climbed this trail many times. Highly recommend the hike!

Stunning! 10/10

15 days ago

Seemed shorter than 6 miles the sign post claims. Beautiful wildflowers along the trail. Dogs not required to be on leash so just be alert with your own dog. Lake was kind of low but still easy to get into and get your feet wet. Lots of bugs!

Parking lot was jam packed. Trail was great. Camping was beautiful. We stayed on the south side near between both lakes.

20 days ago

Beautiful hike! My dog loved the little lake!!

The hike itself is very pretty with tons of wild flowers.Heavily trafficked with many dogs not kept on leashes. Tons of flies and mosquitos making the hike unpleasant. Parking was near the bottom of the pass and congested.

Just finished this hike early today. We did the loop with a night at Big Sandy and the second night at Dads lake.

The Cirque is a great spot, but stopping there is a mistake. Views from Texas Pass are amazing and a great sense of accomplishment accompanied summiting. Shadow Lake and Dads lake are also gems that would be missed if not doing the loop.

In the 25 miles trail navigation difficulty was only an issue at Lonesome Lake/Texas Pass area as cairns seem to be all over. However, this was also a highlight for my wife who loved scrambling through boulders. You will work hard to get to top, just to look down and see that your heading straight down. BUT it’s well worth it.

This hike offers streams, lakes, peaks, forests, wild flowers everywhere. Only thing we missed out on seeing was wildlife.

**As for mosquitos, I only had a problem when I didn’t spray. When I sprayed they seemed to leave me alone.

23 days ago

Shorter than 6 miles unless I found the wrong lake. My GPS said it was around 4.6 miles. Easy and beautiful #muchlikemyself #justkidding

23 days ago

Did this gorgeous hike July 22nd-25th. Started the hike late on Sunday and decided to camp at Miller Lake. We had the entire place to ourselves! We spent two nights at Island Lake and hiked to the basin and back for a day trip. The weather was incredible, but the bugs were incessant. I’d definitely recommend deet, long sleeves and pants, and a face net. Even with all of those items, it was still rough to stand still outside of the tent for longer than 10 minutes. The scenery was out of this world, and I would gladly do this hike again. It was more challenging than people made it out to be, but it was not brutal.

The parking lot was overflowing, and the trail was moderately crowded. I enjoyed the views of the river that runs adjacent the trail. We camped on the southwest side of Big Sandy Lake where the outlet flows into the adjacent lake. Beautiful spot. Mosquitoes weren't as bad as expected. Big Sandy is a great place to base camp with several day hike options. I'll be back!

on Clear Creek Trail

24 days ago

This is one of many hikes that can done from the Green River Lake trailhead, which is extensively used for camping and lake access. There are places to launch boats and swim. The 18 mile dirt road to the trailhead is in good shape and people drive it pretty fast. Clouds of mosquitos in places, but my repellent worked just fine. Without repellent you will be miserable. Bear spray is also recommended, but my hike was bear free. This is a popular access point to the Wind Rivers Range/Bridger Teton wilderness for backpacking. The day hike options are limited. I had planned to go to Slide Lake, but the bridge across the river was washed out and it did not look safe to ford, as it was deep and running vigorously. So, I went to the natural bridge, which was underwhelming, but it was a nice enough hike.The trail continues a bit past the natural bridge, but then seemed to peter out. The wildflowers were beautiful and there is a nice waterfall right where you turn left on to the Clear Creek trail after passing the lake. On the way back, I did a loop around the other side of the lake on the Lakeside trail, but kind of regretted it, as it was a lot of up and down. This worked out to about an 11 mile hike. I saw a few other hiking groups, but it was relatively uncrowded on the trails.

Great conditions for the glacier. I did it solo without any issues (2 days hike in, summit day, one day hike out). Due to warm temperatures it is important to start early and be down by noon. Overall, awesome trip, and great views from the summit.

The geology is fantastic! We drove through it, did not walk.

Easy, great trail. Beautiful scenery. I would recommend it and do it again.

28 days ago

Very beautiful hike in mid-July. The wildflowers are abundant. They keep your interest along the entire trail which has a nice mix of tree cover and open meadows. The destination lake is nothing special compared to other mountain lakes - low water level at this time, uninteresting shore, and lots of mosquitoes. We walked 1/4 mile back down the trail to an open meadow with great views to have our planned lunch.

Beutiful easy hike lots of bugs at shadow lake and dads lakes
Great campsites did not see any animals

We did the out and back in a day, 4th of July week, last few miles back we were dragging ass but for us Floridians that get to the mountains twice a year it was an accomplishment, lol. the squitters, if working together, could've picked me up and taken me away but like I said we're from Florida so we've encountered these swarms before. Repellent repellent! Absolutely beautiful and we can't wait to come back and spend a few days, and nights, exploring the side trails!

This trail has a tremendous amount of blow down once you get off the Cliff Creek trail. It needs trail maintenance before it is back to being a five star trail. Beautiful area. Very buggy in mid-July. One stream crossing.

Beautiful long day hike. Straightforward trail, some signage. Loads of wildflowers in July. Some minor boggy areas.

1 month ago

Easy access to the trailhead. Trail was a little crowded, but not terrible. Trails were well maintained.

Mosquitoes during our trip were bad if there was not a strong breeze, but the water made the wild flowers amazing to view.

Views from Seneca lake on were absolute stunning. The basin was amazing. Island lake was the most crowded area, but if you try hard you can find a good campsite anywhere.

I imagine in the later part of summer the streams and lakes will be much drier which would make parts of the hike easier, but also would take a little bit away from the views.

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