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1 month ago

beautiful easy to follow trail.

Definitely recommend this trail! Easy hike with beautiful views the whole time! Amazing view and rocky beach area at Hermitage Point that is perfect for a lunch break. We saw a young black bear and a deer on our way out. It took us about 4 hours round trip with lots of stops for pictures.

2 months ago

So nice to have a quiet trail to walk the dog on! Love seeing the antelope run in the distance. Easy trail. Doesn’t connect all the way around right now due to construction near the Gillette Country Club.

no shade
3 months ago

This is a good trail for beginner runners looking for trails rather than pavement, or just a nice walk. It’s a 2.4 mile trail, and I didn’t see anyone else while here from like at 10am. There are many spots to stop and sit on benches. There is only one sign I saw where the trail was so I ended up going to wrong way to begin with but I ran into the trail and figured out. It worked out though because the spot I missed was actually closed, not sure why though.

Hiked the trail clockwise, which I do recommend, as you start in a sagebrush meadow and end with the Hoodoos - a climactic ending! Views are fantastic, with lots of animal sign, but we only saw a few marmots, which was fine. The trail is quite exposed for most of the journey do plan accordingly with sunscreen and water on hot summer days. Really enjoyed this hike as it just kept getting better with all the varied terrains.

It was pretty. Definitely lots of horse poop, but I didn’t mind it too much. I was more bothered by the bugs. This was next level bugs. Like... I had to reapply my bug spray several times just to avoid being eaten alive, I have not had to do that on any other hike in the area. THEN when they couldn’t go for my arms or legs they went for my face. Be prepared!!!! Easy hike, just long. Several good views, maybe not quite as pretty as other hikes of a similar lengths in the area. If you are only here for a short time it’s not one of my favorites,

Amazing views all along. Beautiful trail!

4 months ago

Pretty nice trail to run on. Only issues I had were that it was too short for me and was somewhat buggy in a few spots. Other than that, great trail to do a nice run on. Would recommend.

Beautiful on every step

on Cache Creek Trail

4 months ago

Be aware that back country site one has high bear activity. We set up camp there 7/17/19. At 5:30pm we watched a black bear across the river. As it climbed up the bank, he met up with a grizzly. As we watched those two I spotted a grizzly on our side of the river 75 feet away. We screamed at it to no avail. Needless to say, we broke camp and left in a hurry.

Did this hike on Saturday, June 29. We had just arrived in Grand Teton and we were eager to get on a trail so we stopped at Colter Bay. What an awesome view. We used this trail to do a loop that went by Heron Pond and Swan Lake. There are several intersecting trails and yes, lots of horse poop. Mosquitos are thick on this trail. The pond was gorgeous and there were lots of herons as promised. We spotted 2 bald eagles in a tree by the pond. The forest that you walk through once you’re about .75 miles in is really pretty, but you start to miss the views of Jackson Lake and the Tetons.

06-03-19. Beautiful hike that takes you through some different terrain from other hikes in the area—mostly pine forest that is relatively flat. There is a lot of shade on the first half of the hike and much less on the second half (hiking anti/clockwise). There are great views of the beach, mountains, and Jackson Lake about half way out and pretty forest views the rest of the time. We also saw a mother bear and cub near the water!!

A pleasant hike through pine forest, sagebrush meadows, ponds & wetlands out to the most amazing scenery of the Tetons across Jackson Lake. Wildlife I seen: pelicans, bald eagle, herons, geese, marmot, mule deer, and lots of mosquitoes. Many of intersecting trails.

Beautiful view of the lake!

We did the end of the trail from the road to undine falls- it was just 1 mile round trip and super easy. Highly recommend- no mud either! Quick 20 min hike.

Fairly easy hike. We hiked past the trail that is marked in this app and it ended up taking us out through a camp ground. And back to the main highway. Then just a short walk to the trailhead on the highway. A lot of the trail is wooded and there are a few dense spots but the trail is well worn. Several small creek crossings. It does open up several times and there are some great views. The only people we saw were three people on horses. We were the only ones parked at the trailhead when we arrived and when we finished. Have heard several reports of bears on this hike and on the mountain but did not see any. Did see a deer.

Boring for most part as in trees with little view. Nice at point. Easy.

6 months ago

Completed on 6/3/19. Trail had a LOT of horse poop on it from the guided tours (and definitely smelled like it) which sort of took away from the serenity of the trail. Very quiet and saw a beaver dam in Swan Lake along with a few ducks. Lots of birds!

Wildlife was there, but we didn't get to complete our hike. Seen a nice herd of deer on the ridge and once we got up to that point and walked over the backside of the ridge we saw a big brown bear walking away and down the hill. Glad we had spray and stayed vocal the whole trip.

We didnt like this trail. First part is just walking accross a meadow. Then it was all muddy and entering woods we definitely heard noises like bear noises and we got scared because we didnt carry any bear spray (which was terribly wrong). We went quickly through the woods to reach the main road on which we dangerouly walk to our car. Also, ive lost my sunglasses. Go for bear spray definitely.

Bison, Bald Eagle, Swanson's Hawk

over grown
7 months ago

This hike had a little bit of everything. Beautiful meadows at the beginning with views of Electric Peak, through the woods where we felt the need to yell for bears, along a steep section looking at Busen, and through the hoodoos as well. This trail was pretty overgrown when we hiked it (summer 2018) and we passed through groves of huckleberry bushes, so we were sure to make a lot of noise and kept the bear spray handy. We never saw another soul on the trail. Overall a fun time, but the bears were definitely nearby!!!

8 months ago

I thought is was a great trail to go snowshoeing for the first time. pretty easy and nice view of lake and mountains. however there wasn't really a trail so we just followed other people's tracks. the tracks eventually turned around at swan lake instead of continue the loop so we didnt get the whole experience. but also saw plenty of wolf tracks and some wolves in the raod to the trailhead so be wary.

Very confusing if you opt for the right hand fork labeled "observation " (?) or lookout. We didn't find the main trail after that until wandering around in mucky marsh around Swan Lake, and found a marker by accident. Otherwise, very flat and easy, as well as boring, trail.

8/17/2018. We hiked this trail from the lava creek trail head parking lot out towards Undine Falls and back again. Steep downhill to get to the suspension bridge crossing the Gardiner River - a fun trail addition, especially the signs warning people not to try and get their horses to cross the bridge! You’ll walk through tall sagebrush and grasses, so be sure you have bug spray as well as your bear spray. We ran into three other hikers and spotted some elk grazing by the river. The trail shows signs of being VERY muddy earlier in the year, making the footing somewhat difficult. Hikers and large wildlife had churned it up pretty good, and it dried into a lumpy mess. Boots are a must here. We saw lots of signs of wildlife and an elk carcass, but no large animal sightings except the two elk. We started our hike at 9:30 am. Very pretty scenery along the river and at one spot in the trail you are close enough to get down to it.

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