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Easy hike for family. Was able to see a Mule deer bedded down and even had a Fox run past us on the trail which made the kids love it.

on Terrace Mountain Trail

5 months ago

Amazing hike. The terrain varies from wide-open meadows to forest to rocky ledges.

Stunning hike through a combination of different landscapes. Not too difficult but it was long, kid friendly as long as they are used to being outdoors. Saw wolves but no bears. Other hikers said they saw a bear though.

Absolutely stunning hike with gorgeous panoramic views of the mountains. The incline is pretty gradual, and there is a great chance of viewing wildlife, especially elk in this area. The beaver ponds are excellent for photography with the mountains reflecting in them. This is one of our favorite shorter Yellowstone hikes!

An enjoyable hike that helped get me acclimated to the higher altitude. Great scenery and relatively easy hike.

My husband and I went on this trail on the last day of August 2017. We had a great time. We found it challenging but not too difficult. We are from sea level so some trails proved a little more difficult for us. From the trail we saw a hawk, one snake, some ruffed grouse, elk hanging out by mammoth hotel and two beautiful mule deer. This trail does a great job of taking you away from crowds. One of our favorites from the trip.

Great loop with lots of varried terrain. Open plains with grazing Bison, right to Snow Pass with elk bones and bald eagles. Once you come to the first intersection you start to see stones everywhere with signs of an ancient sea bed and a random crevass so deep we couldn't see the bottom, a birch grove, a steep, long section with awesome views of MtBunson and the valley below, a narrow low visibility section where you feel the need to clap for bears often, but then opens up to the Hoodoos where we saw pikas and deer and kept an eye out for Mountain lion. Finished in about 2.5 hrs, taking photos and checking everything out. Great 7 mile hike!

Nearly every step of this trail is paved with wildflowers. The sound of the creek rushing past and the iconic peak of the grand Teton ahead, I'd be surprised if another trail of similar difficulty in the area truly outshines Moose Meadows. While the trail gains a bit of elevation, it's fairly short, so an eager hiker could squeeze it in before leaving town or a more leisurely group could take it easily and enjoy the views without really breaking a sweat. There were many, many spots that looked like the perfect place to set up camp along the trail. Perhaps my favorite quality of all this trail had to offer is it's peacefulness. As moose meadows is outside of GTNP, we only encountered a handful of other hikers or backpackers when we hiked the trail on a very high volume day for GTNP and the surrounding area for viewing direct totality of the solar eclipse. This was truly a fantastic place to enjoy the solitude of the outdoors--and if you really want this to be the Best Day Ever, I recommend stopping at Moo's ice cream on the way back and enjoying it riverside behind the Bagels shop next door.

Nothing special but nice wildlife (sandhill cranes with chick, some elk, blue winged teals and a family of Cooper's hawk). The pond itself is much smaller and less impressive then it looks on the pictures.

Be aware of elk that you see in the sage, we saw a female standing 2 meters of the trail, as we saw later, her calf was hidden in the sage and if we wouldn't avoid it, she could charge.

This was likely our least favorite hike from our Tetons trip. The length doesn't bother me if there is pay off, but unfortunately it just wasn't there. The first 2-3 miles of the hike around the ponds and lakes on the peninsula are nice (we saw deer, beavers, falcons, storks), but after that it's mile after mile of wooded hiking with not many views of the Tetons or the water. The "point" didn't have too many places to settle in and enjoy, and with all the motor boats speeding around it didn't seem all that serene or earned. This trial also had hoards of mosquitoes as compared to the rest of the park (in late July, early morning).

Waste of time. Trying to figure how this trail received so many positive reviews.

We left one car at Mammoth visitors center and drove the other to the trailhead. This was a great trail with amazing views. It dips down by the Uline Falls close to the top and then you essentially walk downhill all the way to the Gardener river where you cross on an extension bridge. This is where most would turn back but if you are going one way only, note that you need to walk around the construction area and through the Mammoth Campground.

9 months ago

Did the entire loop with lunch at the point. Saw only a few hikers on the trail today. Trail offers some wide area's were horses share the trail. ( only saw them on the way back). Grizzly with two cubs were reported the day before in the first section but we saw nothing the entire hike. The trail has several ways to hike it and offers some great views of the Tetons.

For the most part the trail I would have rated as easy. It is wide and somewhat flat with an easy grade elevation. It does get moderate in some area's and the trail becomes narrow.

Wild flowers are just starting to pop and there are some great area's to get some color in. Some of the trails has area's under restoration. Trail had been cleared recently by the park service. All in all I will add this to my favorite list.

Those two rather large snakes were still there today, in the middle of the trail. The hike itself is beautiful, rolling over meadows filled with wildflowers. Saw a few elk but that was it. Trail is easy to moderate in difficulty. Saw families with younger children.

9 months ago

We walked the Hermitage Point Trail early June starting on the western side via Herron Pond, Hermitage Point then back east to Swan Lake and Colter Bay. Took about 4.5 hours including lunch at a slow pace. Highlights were Herron Pond with beaver? dam, water lillies, eagle, geese, ducks, herron, a woodpecker and the views at Hermitage Point. The 2.2 mile section between Herron Pond to Hermitage Point was pretty dull through pine forest but the eastern side from Hermitage Point to Swan Lake was a bit more varied with ups and downs and glimpses of creeks, meadows, and mountains. Sadly the track diverted away from Swan Lake fairly quickly back into pine with glimpses through to the lake - just enough to hint at all the amazing birds and beavers you're missing.

It is about a 8-10 mile loop that allows for amazing mountain views and lots of animal sightings. Saw lots of bear tracks and scat. Saw a moose and definitely scared something else up.

We were pressed for time so only did a portion of this hike starting from near mammoth hot springs. Within 20 minutes we passed two snakes at different areas near the trail - both about 5ft long.

Great hike to see wildlife in the Mamoth area. we started the hike on the hot springs terrace side. The first two miles are covered so watch out for bears. Two groups ahead of us spotted a black bear but we didn't see it. Lot of wildlife sighting including a fox, deer, a lost deer calf :( and plenty of birds (geese, ducks, crows, osprey, robins and woodpeckers). No beavers though. Definetely worth the 2h.

great lake & mtn views with slight elevation changes..long hike & a bit mundane at times..well worth the blister!!

10 months ago

Easy. We thought it was neat how the trail goes through multiple climate zones (thick trees, valleys, open plains). Walked through a herd of elk.

This trail was very nice. Even though we were quite early in the season, it was basically free of snow. We also saw tons of wildlife along the trail...elks, a moose, a beaver, and other animals.

Awesome! Just watch for the bears hanging around the terrace side of the trail!

Great easy trail with a little bit of everything.

Going to the right when you start the trail is incredible. If I did it over I wouldn't do the loop, I would go back the same way I came in, once I got to the point. The views are much better.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's fairly steep the first mile (taking the loop clockwise) but after that it's easy. I had 4g up there so I could tell right where I was on the trail which was pretty cool.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Saw a mule deer at the top towards the lake area

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Made the loop, deer and bear present

Monday, July 25, 2016

Beautiful loop trail. Saw lots of wildlife including bear, and elk.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

First a warning about this beautiful trail. At the last quarter mile if hiking the loop counter clockwise, there is NO SIGN OR MARKER for a u-turn or switchback going down to reach the end. Instead, the trail continues straight and dead ends at a ridge or hill, looking down at Manmoth hotel. To make matters more confusing, there is a faded trail 30 feet back that goes up a hill and leads nowhere. DONT GO THAT WAY. We got caught in a rain storm and lost the trail up there and had trouble finding our way back. We could have died as we were unprepared for the weather (our fault) and it was dark. We had symptoms of hypothermia and briefly panicked. This faded false trail was a major cause (as well as no marker sign) and is no doubt created by other lost hikers who miss the unmarked switchback and wander up the hill looking for the actual trail. Watch for this fork and if you miss it, retrace to find it. Otherwise it was a beautiful day beforehand and the hike and ponds were just beautiful. When you reach the large pond or lake you'll know it because it's stunningly beautiful. The lush forest surrounding it create an awesome green reflection and you engulfed in a spectacular emerald bowl. And a great viewpoint from the little log bridge. Sit there for a while and soak it in. I would hike this trip again in a minute now that I know the trail. Also, it may seem or actually be longer than 5.6 miles so start early.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Very good. A bit hard, but really good.

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