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11 days ago

The trail was short, but steep. It’s totally worth the climb! The wildflowers, rushing water and scenic mountain views are beautiful. Start early before the trail becomes busy (and before afternoon thunderstorms!) and definitely carry bear spray.

22 days ago

Non-stop uphill for the first 1.5 miles, then it levels off and heads down to the lake. The views are awesome. The road in is rough but passible with passenger cars. I would advise that you have heavy tread on your tires as standard auto tires may be damaged by the rocks and such. Off road treads are best.

About 100 ft from the trailhead, make sure you turn right at the wooden post with a roughly carved "621". This is the real start of the trail. It heads right to the creek, which we forded with our river sandals. There was lots of snow this past winter so we had to wade up one of the creek's channels to find the trail on the other side. Trekking poles helped a lot, but the current really wasn't strong and only mid-calf deep. After the ford, you need to bushwack a bit through another 100 ft of willows, but again, not bad. The rest of the trail was lovely through the forest. Views of Crane Lake were fleeting, unless you want to hike down to shore. Soon you hear the creek rushing from Beauty Lake into Crane Lake and a small rocky outcrop grants a view of beautiful Beauty Lake. Not a soul in sight, even in July. Wildflowers abounding on the shore. Exquisite.

26 days ago

This is a popular trail for a reason! Views of the lake at the end of the trail are breathtaking. I would note that it is longer than 3.6 miles - closer to 5 miles round trip. It’s a strenuous uphill climb for most of the way, but well worth it. Even though there were lots of people out, we saw a bear on the trail, so remember your bear spray!

29 days ago

This hike is a butt kicker for sure—worth it. A switch backed climb filled with views all the way to the top. Done the first week in July, but of snow for the last half mile or so covering the trail.

5 months ago

Me and my Dad did this trail when we visited the area a few years ago. Very beautiful and worth the time.

10 months ago

Fantastic hike with beautiful views. We did it after a large snowfall, so it was a bit tougher as the snow was knee deep in some places, but the views are worth it. Definitely a trail to do again in the spring/summer. Make sure you take bear spray; lots of obviously bear activity in the area (tracks, scratches, & heard one growl thankfully up the mountain a bit).

11 months ago

This is an amazing hike. They rate it Moderate, but I would lean toward Strenuous because of the high elevation and up hill trek. The distance is about 5 miles round trip, but it is all up hill through craggy terrain. Every switchback has a different, breathtaking view with flourishing flora, pine trees, waterfalls, wild huckleberries, blueberries and raspberries galore. Take lots of water. There are big cuttys in the lake! Don't forget your fly rod.

11 months ago

The "road" is a joke. Basically just a continuous bed of rocks you drive over. We've been on many rough roads before but this takes the cake. Had to turn back. We have a 4wd vehicle, it was just too much of an unpleasant experience.

Easy hike. Family friendly. Beautiful vistas and lakes. We started here and hiked to Beauty lake, the number of hikers thins out after night lake. At 9500 feet but flat hike so altitude not an issue. Good lake for kayaking/paddle boarding. Crystal clear water.
Campground nearby makes this a busy and popular place.

Nice place, easy to find, easy trail, nice lakes... but just kind of bla in my opinion. great for beginners or families but if your looking for wow this place just doesn't have it... I really enjoyed the drive, beartooth pass saved the whole trip for me. overall good just not great :-) oh and "beauty" lake, kind of had my hopes up with the name... and honestly I was a little disappointed, loved all the different kinds of mushrooms though very neat

Just went down to Gardner lake. Great fishing! Just little guys but very catchable!

11 months ago

Great views and the wildflowers were amazing!! Little rough getting up but then you get downhill most the way back! Defiantly wanna try going to the lake beyond next time. Tried a little fishing but no takers

Monday, August 07, 2017

loved it!

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Stopped by this lake on a fantastic trip in the high lakes area. Another phenomenal place on the plateau--definitely worth a visit!

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Absolutely incredible views! Highly recommend!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The last four miles of the road getting there is pretty rough. Not a lot of trees. It's out of red Lodge!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trail was very nice. Was very confused at the beginning. There are two trails that start at the same place or something. Not very clear on the actual start of the beauty lake trail. We started off on the only trail we could see and there were no indications on trail names when we got there. We hiked half - quarter mile and looked on all trail and the gps said we were off course. We ended up just cutting across through the trees and using the gps to hook up with the actual Beauty lake trail. Once we got on track it was wonderful. Uphill most of the way. On our way back we stopped at crane lake which is a quarter mile before beauty lake. We enjoyed crane lake more then beauty lake. There is a river crossing at the very beginning of the trail and we took our shoes of and crossed. Water was knee deep I would say. Very cold but lots of fun.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Beautiful trail, the last 4 miles of the road to get there is quite rough, but that part can be walked or biked

Friday, July 14, 2017

Great hike with beautiful views throughout. The lake is worth the hike and provides breathtaking views. The water is cool and crystal clear. A must do if you are in the area.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

First things first: This is Grizzly country. We saw a few tracks on the trail on the way in and then saw a sow and her cub on the trail on the way out. They were facing away from us, so we diverted off trail to give them a wide berth. It all worked out ok, but we were well prepared. Be advised. Secondly, bring LOTS of bug spray. They are tons of mosquitos. They congregate around the marshy areas of course, so this may be better later in the season as things dry out.

The trail itself runs through sweeping alpine meadows and pine forests. Lots of opportunities for backpacking and camping. The trail remains between 9400-9600 feet and it's easy to forget your are hiking across the tops of mountains as it seems to be rolling hills and fields. Lots of small lakes and streams, so there is plenty of water around.

All in all, a fun hike and we may go back to backpack later in the year. We have driven by this area many times and always wanted to explore it. Well worth the effort.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Well made trail rises uniformly from parking area, and passes through steep boulder stewn Alpine slopes with sparse new tree growth. Near the top there is still a lot of snow and it obscures the trail. The road in would be hard without high clearance vehicle. Well worth the effort.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hard to truly rate this trail fairly as the trail was completely obscured by snow. Beautiful scenery. We had hoped for more and were prepared to hike in the snow, but simply couldn't cross the creek, which had turned into a raging river due to snow melt. Attempted hike in the last week of June.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Almost a five star hike, but trail was hard to follow because of recent snowfall. Beautiful iced over lake. We made it as close as we could! The tundra was flowering and beautiful as usual.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

We tried to hike this trail but 2miles before reaching the trail the road was closed due to snow drift. The locals (Top of The World employees) told us that happens most of the time (summer included). Therefore this trail is rarely accessible.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nice fun little hike took my wife and kid who was almost three at the time in with me

Monday, November 14, 2016

Easy hike, plenty to look at. Friendly people all along the trail. Only open when the Beartooth Pass is open. We camped at Island Lake Campground multiple times over the summer and loved it.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Outstanding! This is a climb but well worth it. the last half mile is breathtaking. The lake view is outstanding. There just isn't anything I didn't like other than the road to get to it. There was snow and a little ice about half way up the trail but not enough to need snow shoes this time.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Fantastic hike! Didn't see a lot of wildlife, but it didn't matter--the views were amazing and the lakes at the end were definitely worth the climb. I would say this is on the strenuous side of moderate due to the altitude (I definitely struggled, but I'm a new transplant to the area and maybe am just not used to it yet), but it's pretty short and the switchbacks are relatively low grade and well-maintained. If you have knee problems I would definitely recommend hiking poles--we forgot ours and regretted it on the way down. We brought our medium-size dog along and she loved it, and we saw 3-4 other groups with dogs of varying sizes along the way, all very well-behaved. Took us a total of about 3 hours, including lots of stops and a good amount of time exploring up top. I'll echo what others have said about the road out to the trailhead--do not attempt unless you have AWD and good clearance! It was a great adventure, and we will definitely be back.

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