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Awesome drive with great views definitely give it a trip!

6 days ago

This is an amazing hike. They rate it Moderate, but I would lean toward Strenuous because of the high elevation and up hill trek. The distance is about 5 miles round trip, but it is all up hill through craggy terrain. Every switchback has a different, breathtaking view with flourishing flora, pine trees, waterfalls, wild huckleberries, blueberries and raspberries galore. Take lots of water. There are big cuttys in the lake! Don't forget your fly rod.

The "road" is a joke. Basically just a continuous bed of rocks you drive over. We've been on many rough roads before but this takes the cake. Had to turn back. We have a 4wd vehicle, it was just too much of an unpleasant experience.

Easy hike. Family friendly. Beautiful vistas and lakes. We started here and hiked to Beauty lake, the number of hikers thins out after night lake. At 9500 feet but flat hike so altitude not an issue. Good lake for kayaking/paddle boarding. Crystal clear water.
Campground nearby makes this a busy and popular place.

Nice place, easy to find, easy trail, nice lakes... but just kind of bla in my opinion. great for beginners or families but if your looking for wow this place just doesn't have it... I really enjoyed the drive, beartooth pass saved the whole trip for me. overall good just not great :-) oh and "beauty" lake, kind of had my hopes up with the name... and honestly I was a little disappointed, loved all the different kinds of mushrooms though very neat

23 days ago

24 days ago

28 days ago

Just went down to Gardner lake. Great fishing! Just little guys but very catchable!

Great views and the wildflowers were amazing!! Little rough getting up but then you get downhill most the way back! Defiantly wanna try going to the lake beyond next time. Tried a little fishing but no takers

loved it!

1 month ago

Stopped by this lake on a fantastic trip in the high lakes area. Another phenomenal place on the plateau--definitely worth a visit!

1 month ago

Absolutely incredible views! Highly recommend!

The last four miles of the road getting there is pretty rough. Not a lot of trees.

Trail was very nice. Was very confused at the beginning. There are two trails that start at the same place or something. Not very clear on the actual start of the beauty lake trail. We started off on the only trail we could see and there were no indications on trail names when we got there. We hiked half - quarter mile and looked on all trail and the gps said we were off course. We ended up just cutting across through the trees and using the gps to hook up with the actual Beauty lake trail. Once we got on track it was wonderful. Uphill most of the way. On our way back we stopped at crane lake which is a quarter mile before beauty lake. We enjoyed crane lake more then beauty lake. There is a river crossing at the very beginning of the trail and we took our shoes of and crossed. Water was knee deep I would say. Very cold but lots of fun.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail, the last 4 miles of the road to get there is quite rough, but that part can be walked or biked

2 months ago

Great hike with beautiful views throughout. The lake is worth the hike and provides breathtaking views. The water is cool and crystal clear. A must do if you are in the area.

First things first: This is Grizzly country. We saw a few tracks on the trail on the way in and then saw a sow and her cub on the trail on the way out. They were facing away from us, so we diverted off trail to give them a wide berth. It all worked out ok, but we were well prepared. Be advised. Secondly, bring LOTS of bug spray. They are tons of mosquitos. They congregate around the marshy areas of course, so this may be better later in the season as things dry out.

The trail itself runs through sweeping alpine meadows and pine forests. Lots of opportunities for backpacking and camping. The trail remains between 9400-9600 feet and it's easy to forget your are hiking across the tops of mountains as it seems to be rolling hills and fields. Lots of small lakes and streams, so there is plenty of water around.

All in all, a fun hike and we may go back to backpack later in the year. We have driven by this area many times and always wanted to explore it. Well worth the effort.