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Overall, it was a great hike! The views are AMAZING! The lakes are gorgeous, the mountain is stunning, and there are pretty wildflowers along the way.

I did this trail in the early summer (mid June). At this time of year the trail was often covered in giant sections of snow and the trail was often covered in running water. So be prepared for wet feet! I suggest quick drying socks and water resistant shoes. Also due to all the beautiful flowers and strong winds, allergies can get pretty bad up there.

Lots of rolling hills and several downed trees to navigate. I saw a moose up pretty close here

cross country skiing
6 months ago

Such a great winter spot!

on Little Laramie Trails

7 months ago

loved it

I hiked most of this trail in the summer of 2016 and found it to be a peaceful and leisurely walk most of the way. It was generally shady as we followed the stream, and there were wild raspberries along much of the trail. Quite a treat. It did get a bit warm when we had no shade, but that was only a small part of our hike.
I must have turned around before reaching the difficult part because I thought the hike was almost entirely easy.

We generally start at the trailhead just above Mirror Lake rather than by Lake Marie (which while beautiful, will take you alongside the road for a good stretch). You'll come upon a crossroads at the top before the trail ends, at which point one has the option to either a) turn around and return ("out and back"), b) go left to do the Medicine Bow Peak trail (leave plenty of extra time and have extra supplies!), or c) go right and continue on to end at Lewis Lake as the trail map here shows (at which point it's a good option to catch a ride there or walk the mile to the road to hitch back to the trailhead, rather than just go back the way you came). All are great options, if you have the time, supplies, and inclination...

Beautiful walk/ very easy hike through the woods. some down trees.

10 months ago

Be aware that the River Trail is not a loop as it might appear. The end of the trail comes out in a campground and not the parking lot for the trail. The full hike will be 4 Miles as you will have to turn around and hike back to get to the parking lot. The trail basically goes through the mountains. The name might lead you to think it will follow the river but you will only cross the river a few times and there are a couple places you have a little view of it. Trail is ok but nothing exceptional.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Was a bit hard to find the trailhead as there weren't any signs actually stating this was the Lakes Trail. There was no overnight parking in the picnic area, so we ended up squeezing into the next parking lot which meant we had to walk a paved path around Lake Marie to get to the actual trail. After we finally figured all of that out, the views were spectacular and the camping was great! There were still some snow fields and mud. Saw lots of day hikers walking around the muddy sections. Wear appropriate footwear and try to stay on trail! Lots of mosquitos too. Bring bug spray!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Great simple trail. Quite a few trees across the trail but easily navigable. Mosquitoes are pretty abundant so bring spray!

trail running
Sunday, July 02, 2017

Nice views. As the snow and ice melts late this summer, this will be a nice running trail (with forced stoppages for rock scrambles, stream crossings, and maybe a snowfield or two that might not melt). I parked at Libby Flats and ran the road into the trail for a nice warmup before the technical stuff). Go early though, the crowds were gathering on my way out.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The actual hiking trail is more of a 4-Wheeler or Jeep road, pretty boring hike up. However, the cabin and the views from the top were really neat.

Monday, May 15, 2017

love this!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

I was out exploring the back roads when I came across the north trail head (off Sand Lake Road) and decided to check it out. It was a relatively easy trail with a combination of woods and open spaces early on. I only made it about 5 miles in when it started getting dark, so I didn't get to see any mountain vistas or Sheep Lake. I did see three moose along the trail, which was pretty cool. Thankfully, my puppy did not. Next time I'll try this one from the Brooklyn Lake trail head. The views are probably much more noteworthy.

Amazing views of the Snowy Range from the southeast. I think I took 50 pictures the first time I hiked it. 1.7 miles up to the saddle +1.7 miles back to the trailhead equals 3.4 miles total, out and back. The option exists to loop over Medicine Bow Peak for an extra 6 miles or so…
Easy access and easy parking leads to my only nitpick – it can be a bit crowded on the trail.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Parked at Libby Lake on Free National Park Day. It was packed! It is normally $5 day fee. My three 6-9 year old's, two dogs and myself hiked over the saddle and camped for the night near Rainbow Lake. Amazing! Did not meet a soul after going over the saddle. Lost the trail a few times, but easy enough to find it again. Saw some moose and marmot. Very cold. Our packs and tent were frozen stiff the next morning. But not us! :)

on North Gap Lake Trail

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Started out for North Gap. Wife and Kids were sick of the car before we got there so we stopped at Barber lake instead, about two or three miles below North Gap. Wonderful time the first mile or so is a little civilized, some cabins, cars, etc. After that the real trail begins. A little steep in some places, but overall this is a good family trail after about three miles, the trail forks the lower fork dead ends at a campsite and I assume the other fork connects to Barber Lake.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Very scenic trail. Started at Sugarloaf Campground. Check snow conditions on trail, take sunscreen and insect repellent. Adventurous hikers need to crest the peak west of North Gap Lake, attack from the North side, Todd Scott memorial plaque at peak. For snowmobilers this hill is known as Widow-maker.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The pictures from the review of Jeff Herronen are not of the Sheep Lake Trail. He appears to be hiking along North Gap Lake. Sheep Lake trail runs from near Brooklyn Lake around the east end of Browns mtn passing Twin Lakes then turning west on its way to Sheep Lake. The trail then continues north to Sand Lake.

trail running
Friday, July 11, 2014

Absolutely incredible trail! It ranks as one of two of my all time favorites. I started on the Lakes Trail and then trail ran up North Gap Lake Trail till the snow and ice made it impossible for me to push on. Along the way you see stunning views of the mountains, I spotted a moose, and you'll enjoy hearing the rock badgers chirp at you as you circumnavigate the lakes.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Backpacked into the lakes, and packed around the other side of the mountain. Probably in the 15-20 mile range. As you can see from the pictures, there are some places where you are boulder-ing across some rocks. Beautiful views, and great weather!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great hiking around the alpine lakes of Wyoming's Snowy Range. Still trying to get the allusive golden trout. Can get crowded on the weekends.

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