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We used this hike as an easy first day to acclimate (coming from flat all around Minnesota), the hike starts in a hurry to get up to the top but the quick scramble pays off right away. You walk along the cliff side with views of the Yellowstone River and even a small glimpse of Tower Falls. We saw a few bison along the way which made it even better. Overall an easy, but rewarding hike.

It’s supper easy. The view isn’t a great as the lower falls in my opinion. But it’s still beautiful.

13 days ago

This was a nice walk. A lot of people complain about the smell. It’s not pleasant by any means but It didn’t bother me. Maybe I just happen to be there on decent afternoon. There was several bison on the trail to see as well. And I mean up and close.

Beautiful views of the Yellowstone River with tons of wildlife sightings! There is a fairly steep incline right at the beginning but is easy once you get on top of the ridge. You have to walk along the road for the last part of the hike which downgraded this hike to a 4 for me.

This was a fantastic trail, a little hot since you are the entire time under the sun. We saw sheep, marmots, lots of birds, butterflies and quite a few wild flowers.

Good, unique view of the canyon away from the crowds. The hike takes you through fields where we saw bison, marmots, badgers, and mountain goats. Trail isn’t too well marked, but the bald outlook at the middle serves as a nice midway point.

It's raining and there wasn't a soul on this trail! it was quick and easy. the water is flowing!

This was wonderful to stand above a powerful waterfall. The lower falls are bigger, but I felt the water rushing past this one was faster because the canyon is a bit narrower. At the bottom of the falls, it kicks water and spray high in the air and makes a rainbow if the sun is out.

Easy trail, great view

Amazing Area

1 month ago


Awesome. Other than mud pots and funerals saw buffalo

Such an interesting hike with lots of geological features!!

Interesting but a bit too smelly. Nice information if
You have a guide who is passionate about the area.
I enjoyed it with Wildland Trekking.

Easy paved walk down to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls, you can watch the water shoot by and over. You get a better view looking up to the falls from downstream on some of the other trails, but the sheer water volume is impressive. Our visit was during chilly, overcast weather, but still enjoyed the roaring torrents. Worth a stop.

Good family friendly hike

We saw 20+ mountain goats, antelopes and bisons on the way. Easy hiking. Breath taking view.

9 months ago

The short walk was make all the more interesting with the 4 inches of snow cover...giving the area a 'rather steamy' fog like look as you walked. Interesting area to explore.

Fairly easy walk to a nice overview with a great look of the river and valley. Make all the more interesting with the snow falling as we walked the trail..

a paved walkway, but standing next to the falls shouldn't be missed

10 months ago

About as simple as it gets for a Yellowstone hike and a couple cool thermal features as well takes about 30 minutes

10 months ago

What a easy hike/walk This waterfall is a must. What a great view

A wonderful alternative to experiencing the canyon rim without the crowds. When I went, I only saw 4 other people- but this may be due to it being later in the afternoon, and a storm approaching. Walking back to parking lot along the street is not enjoyable. A badger ran across the trail right in front of me while traversing the meadow!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Great waterfall.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

This trail displays some of the stranger and even disturbing sites at Yellowstone. Smells of sulphur and thick clouds of steam waft while you visit the mud volcano. Also watch out for bison they like the location because the ground is so warm and won't hesitate to cross the walking path you're asked to stay on.

Friday, June 30, 2017

This was a very stinky walk, not surprisingly. Kids quickly lost interest in the fundamentals of an active volcano as sulfur filled the air. The dragon's mouth was a highlight.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Do the whole loop. The uphill is hard for beginners but worth it.

Easy trail with a good view

Thursday, April 13, 2017

This is a neat spot to check out and was one of the first we got to when we got into the park. Great path around the area and the Dragons mouth is pretty wild to listen to. Easy little walk around the path.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Again, surprised no one has reviewed or added photos here. This is an easy walk down to the brink of the upper falls. Not as high as the lower falls, but still impressive. And a much easier walk than the lower trail. Both of these trails are kind of a must do when in Yellowstone in my opinion. Not too many places where you can stand that close to the edge of a big waterfall.

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