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on Clear Creek Trail

1 month ago

This is one of many hikes that can done from the Green River Lake trailhead, which is extensively used for camping and lake access. There are places to launch boats and swim. The 18 mile dirt road to the trailhead is in good shape and people drive it pretty fast. Clouds of mosquitos in places, but my repellent worked just fine. Without repellent you will be miserable. Bear spray is also recommended, but my hike was bear free. This is a popular access point to the Wind Rivers Range/Bridger Teton wilderness for backpacking. The day hike options are limited. I had planned to go to Slide Lake, but the bridge across the river was washed out and it did not look safe to ford, as it was deep and running vigorously. So, I went to the natural bridge, which was underwhelming, but it was a nice enough hike.The trail continues a bit past the natural bridge, but then seemed to peter out. The wildflowers were beautiful and there is a nice waterfall right where you turn left on to the Clear Creek trail after passing the lake. On the way back, I did a loop around the other side of the lake on the Lakeside trail, but kind of regretted it, as it was a lot of up and down. This worked out to about an 11 mile hike. I saw a few other hiking groups, but it was relatively uncrowded on the trails.