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on Clear Creek Trail

1 month ago

This is one of many hikes that can done from the Green River Lake trailhead, which is extensively used for camping and lake access. There are places to launch boats and swim. The 18 mile dirt road to the trailhead is in good shape and people drive it pretty fast. Clouds of mosquitos in places, but my repellent worked just fine. Without repellent you will be miserable. Bear spray is also recommended, but my hike was bear free. This is a popular access point to the Wind Rivers Range/Bridger Teton wilderness for backpacking. The day hike options are limited. I had planned to go to Slide Lake, but the bridge across the river was washed out and it did not look safe to ford, as it was deep and running vigorously. So, I went to the natural bridge, which was underwhelming, but it was a nice enough hike.The trail continues a bit past the natural bridge, but then seemed to peter out. The wildflowers were beautiful and there is a nice waterfall right where you turn left on to the Clear Creek trail after passing the lake. On the way back, I did a loop around the other side of the lake on the Lakeside trail, but kind of regretted it, as it was a lot of up and down. This worked out to about an 11 mile hike. I saw a few other hiking groups, but it was relatively uncrowded on the trails.

Great conditions for the glacier. I did it solo without any issues (2 days hike in, summit day, one day hike out). Due to warm temperatures it is important to start early and be down by noon. Overall, awesome trip, and great views from the summit.

2 months ago

Just got back from Gannett Peak. We went in on the Glacier Trail. This is a very demanding hike. Two very difficult climbs. One going up to Burro Flats on the way in and coming out of Honey Moon Lake on the way out. This was a good year for snow, which I think makes it a little more climbable. We gave ourselves two days to try for the summit, which turned out to be a good plan. Day one it snowed, rained and the wind was app. 40 mph. Went back to camp and waited for day two. Woke up to beautiful blue skies, no wind and warm temps. Made the summit and it was thrilling.

2 months ago

Did this one last week of June 2018. The trails follows the lower lake for a few miles with a view of beautiful mountains and winding rivers. As you head away from the lake you follow the river that flows into the lower lake as it winds through meadows and end up at a natural bridge. The backside of bridge is better than front and getting on top gives you another nice view of some peaks. The campground outside the hike is very pretty and spacious but we were victims of very hungry mosquitos once the sun went down. No people on the trail!

An easier hike, but a pretty long one. The elevation gain is gradual and with a fair number of ups and downs. The wildflowers couldn’t have been better. Absolutely amazing. Also a wonderful mix of terrain including meadows, forests, and some sage brush. Not much wildlife on this day. Singing birds the whole way, a couple of marmots, and we heard one pika.

About 4 miles into the hike there is a major landslide that has wiped out the trail completely and totally. We used GPS and the AllTrails app to cross the landslide and bush hack a bit to find the trail on the other side. There were some horse/game trails that were helpful. We went with our large dog and he was able to navigate everything but it would be difficult for some people and animals to navigate the downfall and rocky areas.

The falls were beautiful and well worth the hike. We took a path toward the end that you don’t have to and probably shouldn’t. Instead of going up the hill, follow the less worm path left along the water toward the falls. Much much easier than going up and over. The lower, flat path is the way we took back from the falls to the main trail.

At least at this time of year there are lots of creeks and streams to cross so be ready for wet feet.
We started from the trailhead at 12:30PM and got back at 6:30PM, including stopping for lunch and other stops for pictures and sight seeing. We never lost the sun behind the cliffs the whole time. The temp was mid 60s with a breeze and it was perfect.

Highly recommended!

Anyone been up to Gannett in late June during an average snowpack via the Glacier Trail? A few friends and I are heading up end of June and trying to decide if we should bring skis or snowshoes.

Friday, August 11, 2017

It's Faler Lake isn't it?

A high snow year made the route to the summit completely snow covered even in late June, but an amazing climb with views well worth the work!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Definitely a hard trail. We attempt to summit but did not make the top. We were camping further from the base of the mountain than we had anticipated. On the mountain one of the snow bridges collapsed while we were there it was definitely a bit late to summit. Part of the trail was washed out by glacial melt. But by far one of the best backpacking trips I have done. Bear spray and bug spray highly recommended. Mosquitoes and horse flies were thick. Saw about 25 people around the base of the mountain maybe 3 on the glacial trail leading to Gannett.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We did not bring climbing gire so we only went to bonneys pase (19 miles in)
This trail has everything you need in a good outing. Nice well maintained trail, awesome scenery, lots of wild life. The trail starts in the high pines and ends in the tundra. The 6,000 ft climb is sprinkled with high mountain lakes full of fish just dying to get out of the water and in to the pan.
Trip should take you 5 days, 4 if youre moving. You can camp any were along the trail I would sugest camping at one of the lakes between miles 7 and 10 the first night then making a base camp in the Titcomb basin at the end of day 2. The Pass is just 4 miles from there.
Be advised :
This is bear country so bring some spray.
You have never seen this many bugs bring nets not spray.
During the summer melt the trail can become the creek be ready to walk in the mud
The summit can be a dangerous scramble with falling rocks and snow

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017