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This hike is absolutely incredible. The detour makes the hike more like 14 miles. The view and wildflowers are amazing. Would also recommend swimming in Lake Solitude. We saw 4 moose just on this hike. Its a must.

We absolutely loved this hike! Took us about 5 hours in total, we went just past the fork at the end to picnic a bit closer to the falls. We saw a black bear near the start, and the views throughout this hike were simply unreal... At one point, my 17 yr old son squealed with joy at the views near the creek.. One of the definite highlights of our Grand Teton/ Yellowstone trip, highly recommended! Definitely recommend an early start: we took an 8 am boat crossing, and had the trail mostly to ourselves. On our way back, the trail was PACKED and it was a completely different experience.

A wonderful day hike. Start early to avoid too many hikers. A steep initial climb leads to gentle upward canyon walk. Most often you will see moose, pica and lots of wildflowers.
Our family’s favorite hike

4 days ago

One of the most favorite trails in United States. I went there in June. There are many falls beside the canyon generated by melt snow. In the end you can see a beautiful large fall.

Good family day hike but very busy. Lots to see along the trail. I did the hike July 17, 2018 and don't feel the bugs were bad at all. I didn't put on bug spray, just kept a decent pace and they didn't seem to land on me. Some of the reviews suggesting stopping early, but I really think that all of the different landscapes are worth the hike. To stop early is only to spend more time in shops or restaurants and that's not what I'm here for. the end of this trail isn't really a "grand finale" type of finish but beautiful and worth the extra steps to see the cascades at the fork. If you're looking for something spectacular, go on to one of the other trails at the fork.

7 days ago

Beautiful scenery! There were many people about, which meant that we didn’t have to worry about running into any animals, but depending on who you are that might be a good or bad thing. The end was extremely worth it, with the view of the lake against the backdrop of the peaks and the view of the valley behind us. I want to take other people up here sometime, it was gorgeous!

7 days ago

Was closer to 8.5 miles than what this app had. Would highly recommend trekking poles once you start on the unmaintained trail. Took about 5 hours including 45 mins at the lake

Gorgeous trail. We would have gone to solitude trail but we started off bit late and had to catch the shuttle back. There is creek flowing all along and the views are gorgeous! The trail is moderate but most of the elevation is at the beginning after which it is a straight path. We stopped at the fork for the lunch by the flowing stream which was turquoise ! I also did see raspberries growing on near the trail. Loved it. Will do this again !

The trail to Delta is very poorly marked. Not one sign to Delta Lake. You need to know when/where to depart the main trail. (The AllTrails app was very helpful in this regard.). Once off the main trail, the two boulder fields are a bit challenging. On the way up, when you reach the second boulder field, stay to the left. Hiking boots are much better than running shoes in this trail. The lake is stunning with the peak of Grand Teton as a backdrop. On the way down we saw a mother bear and three cubs 20 yards from the trail.

Great hike! Saw a moose in the beginning of the trail up close. Beautiful views. Two black bears ran across the trail toward the upper portion of the trail. Amazing place.

I have only seen this type of color in lakes back in Chilean patagonia at the base of Torres . And this lake is more beautiful than that at base of Torres with a easier hiking trail . The last part is steep and full of boulders but if you are slow and steady then you ll be fine .

11 days ago

Well worth your time! My personal favorite hike. My Fitbit calculated 11 miles from the car back to the car. We did go a bit out of the way on the second boulder field, but not too much. This hike is strenuous-you are climbing up, so that is expected, but I wouldn’t call it hard. It wasn’t easy, but it is doable if you take your time. I’m 41 and my husband is 53 and we do not exercise or do cardio. We are absolutely active, but not athletes and we did fine. There is actually a trail through much of the boulder field so stay on that. At the second boulder field there is a cairn to the far left do not go there. Follow the path through the middle. Loved this hike!!

11 days ago

The most beautiful view I have ever seen in Grand Teton NP.

Easy side of moderate hike w/ great views of the lakes and mountains.

12 days ago

Yes, the last half mile is very strenuous but the reward outpaces the effort. The setting of Delta Lake is right out of a postcard. The water's color is incredible and Grand Teton and Mount Owen frame the lake. Breathtaking!

14 days ago

Beautiful. And apparently, the lake is a hotspot for nudists.

This is a favorite while in the park. The cascades are a nice stop for lunch. Saw grade school aged kids on the trail enjoying themselves. Very busy

Easy loop trail with beautiful views of Phelps Lake. Pretty wild flowers, water falls, and rushing river. We were looking for a quick late afternoon hike and this was perfect for that. 2.5 hours of slow easy walking.

We took the trail to Ampitheater and there was what supposed to be what we thought would be a fork to go to Delta Lake with a sign and clear direction, but no. You're doing switchbacks for awhile before when turning left to continue you can kiiiiiinda see an unmaintained trail going downhill to the right with some fallen trees in the pathway leading up to a boulder field. That's your "Delta sign" so look out for it. It was beyond beautiful and we clocked it around 7.5 miles.

15 days ago

Awesome! Saw a big moose! Highly recommend:)

I didn't expect much from this trail, given the crowds and the relatively easy access and terrain, BUT surprisingly this turned out to be a fabulous hike.
The parking lot was packed but I have no idea where everyone went, we didn't see too many people on the trail.
Start with Bradley Lake and go all the way to the inlet, at least, then turn around and hike to Taggart.
It's an easy loop hike this way. If you start with the Valley Floor Hike and make your way to Taggart first, you'll have a lot of climbing to do.
My GPS said 7 miles for the entire loop.

16 days ago

Beautiful hike

This is a nice hike through an area that reminds me of some of the lower areas of the High Sierras.

It when from alpine-like rugged trails to suddenly immersed in a flat stroll through a pine forest, then into a grassy meadow, back to sub-alpine, etc.

The trail is well-marked, and there are several variations to make it shorter if you would like.

We hiked on a Saturday at the end of July and it was VERY busy. As such, we saw no wildlife other than chipmunks.

I would suggest that when you get to Taggart Lake, Home a little further to find a spot for break/snack/lunch. The area by the lake where the trail first comes into view was clogged with people, which hindered being able to take a beautiful picture. There are plenty of places along the trail to stop, that are by the lake.

I would agree with the ranking of ‘moderate’ and the guidebook that I have ranks it 3-our-of-5. The trail is somewhat rugged in places (not some places in the High Sierras), but not always an easy flat stroll. Also, the elevation starts about 6500’ which may be high for those living closer to sea-level.

AllTrails was definitely wrong, my GPS marked it at 8.6 RT. Amazing hike. So worth it. Agree with the steep .5 up and down right at the end.
Even took a dip! It was freezing! Highly recommend this hike, wouldn’t start much later than 10 cause it gets hot!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous! Everything said below is true. I have Sprint and I was also able to track my location throughout the entire hike on the AllTrails app without downloading it. Very helpful. Tough hike but 10000% worth it for that gorgeous view at the top

on Delta Lake Trail

18 days ago

Amazing hike. Gorgeous views the entire hike. The effort was definitely worth reaching the lake.

Beautiful trail. Some elevation gain but pretty easy overall. Saw a moose, no bears. Better views if you go counter clockwise. Got to the parking lot at 7 am. We were the 2nd car. Completed the trail in just under 3 hours at a very leisurely pace, with lots of stops for photos. Didn’t see any people until about 4 miles in, then there were many people... parking lot full when we got back.

19 days ago

The view at the end of this hike makes it worth the last 0.5 mile ascent, and the 0.5 descent coming down from the lake. That being said, The rock scramble path is NOT very visible even with cairns sitting here and there. It should be noted that there is a dirt path to your left when the rock scramble starts, and I would highly recommend it if rock scrambles make you nervous. To me, the rock scramble was the hardest part of the hike. I would do this again, and I highly recommend. It is beautiful.

Awesome hike!!!! Beautiful alpine views! Great swimming holes too!!

20 days ago

Really amazing hike somewhere in between moderate and hard. My GPS clocked it at 8.4 miles RT to the lake with 2600 feet of gain.. so more than all trails for sure. Started around 9 and would not do this in the afternoon. I think we sweat more on the way down with how hot it got than we did on the way up! The switchbacks are very exposed and the vegetation gives off a LOT of heat. The trail was crowded on a Monday and almost everyone we saw on the trail going up were all headed for the same place. Still worth it though for sure, amazing views and places to hang out. Recommend opening the all trails app to have the map open to track your GPS location. Once you take a right onto the unmaintained trail, follow the cairns in the boulder field until you see a dirt trail going up the left of the waterfall. It is VERY steep but not for long and it ends at the lake! Easily my favorite hike I've done in the Tetons.

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