1 day ago

Hiked July 11, 2018. By far the most beautiful views of all the trails I've hiked in the Teton Region. Definitely worth the effort. The only issue we had was about 800 ft below the summit, we hit a pretty dangerous looking patch of snow completely covering the trail. Prior to this we were able to find ways around the snow, which covers a lot of the trail after taking a left at the saddle (away from Albright Peak). I didn't feel comfortable crossing this last one, and so at 10,500 ft we prayed for our friends who had already crossed (they had ice axes), and made our decent. Don't let this discourage you from climbing to where we did, as the views are arguably the best in the park (that excludes the major peaks, of course). Take ice axes, which can be rented for around 8$ in town, crampons, trekking poles, and bear spray. We spotted a moose after the Ranger station, but nothing more after that. Also bring your bug spray because the mosquitos are really bad up on the saddles, and really anywhere you stop. If you don't feel comfortable crossing the snow at such a steep angle, simply turn around. the peak itself looks like a big green hump, and I believe tops out at 11,300 ft. Anyone who has done it knows it's SO worth it!