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4 days ago

Loved this hike. Saw three moose and then a black bear that came walking toward me on the trail. I just got off the trail and he wandered into the woods. I made it to the Lake in just over 3 hours, spent an hour up at the lake and 3 coming down with wildlife picture time. This hike is rated difficult, but I would rate it moderate because I live at altitude. I think a Difficult rating is accurate if you're coming from low altitude and not accustomed to frequent trail hikes. All in all, it was gorgeous and I recommend it!

Wow, what a hike! I completed this hike in just under 9 hours. Starts and ends with gorgeous lake views. Had to cross two snow fields at the beginning of August! Would not have been possible without my hiking poles. I was exhausted by the time I reached the saddle (highest point), slowed down the way back. Incredible wildflowers just below Lake Solitude. The hike of a lifetime!

6 days ago

We started on the Lake Solitude trail at 10. It’s quit an uphill the first part. Very beautiful scenery going up. Wildflowers were in full array
The trail was pretty crowded when we were heading down. We went at a moderate pace Went about a mile passed the 4.5 mile fork signage. It was 2.7 more from the sign to Lake Solitude. But my legs were shot from the uphills so we turned around then
Got back to the boat at 3:00.
The parking lot was jammed and there’s lots of construction

Not hikers at all but my family of 6 did pretty well August 3. We got a little late start packing up our campsite so we got to Jenny lake at about 10 am and snagged one of the last parking spots. 1030 we were on the other side of Jenny lake starting up cascade canyon. The first half a mile up slope made me think we’d turn around at the end of the cascade canyon trail, but as the trail leveled off some and my youngest,(12 year old daughter) and I caught our breath hope returned of going farther. We were treated with a cow moose and calf keeping their eyes on a black bear munching on berries. Awesome! With that 20 minute or so break we made it to the fork in 2.5 hours. We decided to go on to lake solitude. Another 1.75 hours we arrived at lake solitude. Four of us including my daughter jumped into the water and discovered the lake was not fed by hot springs but glaciers that were still touching the lake. Stayed about 45 minutes. So glad we made the decision to go on. Got a little low on water on our 3 hour return to the boat (with a 20 minute bull moose stop) but dipped our bottles into the stream by a football bridge and risked some untreated water. No one sick yet four days later. Filter will be on my Christmas list! Got to the boat with 30 minutes to spare and were treated to another black bear eating berries right by the boat. About 8 hours round trip with a decent pace (where it was busier earlier in the day some avid hikers passed us and we passed others on a more leisurely pace). Id definitely recommend going the distance to lake solitude. Absolutely stunning views all the way up and what a treat when that lake with the rocky peninsula appears at the top.

Love the Huckleberry ascent. Memorable changes on the way up - water, animals (early morning especially) shade, sun, flowers. Rewarding steep sessions and snow! Ridge section longer than expected but table mtn is a beautiful perch nestled under the Tetons. Complete with a friendly (and hungry) marmot to greet you when you get there!
Face Trail is pretty brutal going down , a few slips I must admit. Loved it.

8 days ago

Well traveled hike with beautiful views, plenty of water and accessible to horses. Started from trail head and ran into afternoon thunderstorm about 30 minutes into hike which quickly passed, but came down hard. Hike provides plenty of beautiful wildflowers through switchbacks and eventually puts you on top of ridge before crossing down back side of green mountain. One small stream is all you will have for water before descending from top of ridge (unless you fill up water at trail head- there is a good sized river at the beginning).

Lakes have plenty of water and fish. Game warden traveled up on horse and checked for permit, so make sure to get one if you plan on fishing.

From green lakes, it’s possible to travel to Littles Peak to offer yourself a beautiful view of the Grand Teton. We opted to cut from the trail in between green lakes and the Great Basin to a peak just East of Littles (almost the backside of Minks Lake). This little hike had plenty of water, a neat waterfall and tons of flowers.

Passed a few other hikers (some on horse, a group of young teens and some individual hikers with dogs), some of whom were camping by the lakes and some who were doing the entire loop in one shot. All had bear spray as it is bear country and highly recommend. We strung up our food at night and had no issues.

Overall a great hike. Steep in some parts and is a bit difficult, but doable for active adults/teens or older kids (children would probably not enjoy such a long and difficult hike, just sayin).

highly recommend!

Scenic and easy hike

This hike was fantastic, worth every second!

Very nice for all ages. Bring water and lunch. A couple of nice places by the river to rest. Go to the end of the trail.

Magnificent views. The flowers were spectacular just below the Shelf.

This had to be the best day hike in the Tetons. Unbelievable scenery all the way up to the lake. Mountains all around.
It took us a total of 8 hours. Take the very first boat across Jenny Lake, it'll cost you only $5 round trip. but only for the very first boat.
I would have rated the hike as moderate, not hard.

Quite possibly the best hike of my life!! Gasping and giddy with amazement and joy the entire route. Gorgeous views throughout. Lightly traveled...saw only 5 people the entire hike. Hiked this in mid-July. Some snow...piles are a must. Crampons nice to have. No ice axe necessary. Enjoy!!!

24 days ago

Went up and down the face. Coming down was definitely harder on the knees than going up. I would take the Huckleberry trail going down if I do this hike again.

on Table Mountain Trail

25 days ago

I absolutely loved going on this hike a few days ago! I will never forget the amazing feeling I got when I reached the top! I went up the Face and down the Huckleberry trail but wished I would’ve gone down the Face. The view is just gorgeous; from the meadows and wild flowers to the view of the Grand Teton at the top of the hike. I would suggest bringing a light wind breaker for the top and I would love to do this hike again in my life!

High end of moderate. For folks already acclimated to the elevation here, I’m sure it’s moderate. For late 40s folks from the Midwest where we live everyday life below 1000 ft, it’s understandably more challenging. Reaching the peak at Fred’s Mt was a great challenge, and the views are truly exhilarating. We stopped there and fueled up on some salted cashews and an energy bar. For me, continuing on from there to the Mary’s Saddle was where things got tough. But the view from the saddle is well worth it. Truly stunning stuff. Bugs were present but not very bad.

27 days ago

We did this hike yesterday. We went up Face and it was brutal but worth it. The views were amazing! We went back down Huckleberry, but wished we would have gone back down Face. It just seemed to go on forever and ever. I recommend everyone do this hike at least once in their life. If you are worried about the difficulty of this hike, we took a bunch of 14 to 18 year old youth with us and even those who weren't physically fit made it to the top. Take it one step at a time and bring plenty of water and food. If you need to, there are rivers and streams you can filter water in.

27 days ago

Easily one of the best hikes I've ever done. Has a little bit of everything - forests, wildflower meadows, and holy cow the scenic vistas. I may come back and update this when I've explored the Teton area more thoroughly, but from what I've been told it's one of the best views of the Tetons you can find - I believe it, because the view was spectacular. People saying that Huckleberry had a rough winter are right, and I do recommend taking this app with you, as it helps make sure you stay on the trail in places it got buried or washed out with the avalanches. Totally doable though, and a nice contrast to the face trail - I did face on the way up, Huckleberry on the way down and thought it was a great system.

1 month ago

Fantastic views from the top and definitely worth the hike. We took the face trail up and it was intense. Lots of elevation gain quickly and lots of loose gravel that can slow you down. But, beautiful wildflowers and views the whole way. The last thousand or so feet there is a rocky trail that will require a little bit of scrambling but it’s not terribly difficult. Slow and steady wins here. We took the face trail back down again as we had a late start and it is about two miles shorter than huckleberry trail. There’s a nice creek just near the parking lot with icy cold water that you can dip into and cool off. We are pretty experienced hikers and it took us about 6 hours round trip.

Did It one day, no ice axe or crampons needed, but I’ll still say you need them so there’s no one on the trail again for the next group.

1 month ago

Incredible views and well-marked trail. The first and last couple of miles by the lake were pleasant as well. I'd recommend starting as early as possible to beat the rush because the trails get crowded near midday because it seemed more like a freeway than a wilderness hiking trail in the early afternoon (and this wasn't on a weekend). Also, the only think that classifies this hike as "hard" might be the distance as it is technically not difficult to complete, at least now that the snowpack has dwindled from June levels.

Up the face trail (029) and down Huckleberry (024) today with BSA Troop 218. Trail in good shape. Thanks Forest Service for the avalanche clean-up. A lot of good water down Huckleberry for filtering. Still a few tricky water crossings with make-shift bridges made from avalanche debris.
Flowers and plants highest I've seen with this wet Spring. Didn't see any large game, but Table Rock view great as always.

1 month ago

Hiked on 7/10. Absolutely breath taking view. We saw a baby grizzly around 1.5 miles into Cascade Canyon but never saw the mother as we backed away and waited for it to cross the trail. Also saw a moose and marmots. Hike was an easy up hill in which we never needed to stop to catch our breath. Trail was super easy to follow and had a few snow crossings. The snow was packed down and not deep at all but made for some fun as we had just come from Arches National Park. The trail was very lightly trafficked on the way out as it was early in the morning. One other couple up at the lake. Saw more people the last mile on the way back. We took it easy and went slow and spent an hour at the lake. Round trip time was roughly 6 hours. One of our favorite hikes at the park.

Beautiful hike! Unfortunately, Bannon Trail (the main trail up to the peak) was closed today, so we opted to take the chairlift to the summit and continue to Mary’s Saddle on foot. It was incredibly gorgeous scenery with stellar views of the Tetons.

Did this one yesterday.. took face trial to go up and returned through huckleberry trial. Huckleberry trial is still slippery with mud and ice in the last two miles but doable. Just be cautious , take more energy drinks. I am just a causal hiker so it took me lot of time about 5 hours to complete face, its very challenging and damn tough.

1 month ago

Hiked up the Face and down Huckleberry. Trails were terrific. Huckleberry trail was well maintained and the forest service did a great job clearing debris from avalanches this winter.

1 month ago

7/7/18 - This is a breathtaking hike. We started at the String Lake Trailhead making the hike somewhere around 16-18 miles round trip. Mile markers showed inconsistent mileage. We started around 11 AM and finished around 7 PM. We saw marmots but no larger wildlife although we saw fresh bear scat on the trail. Carry bear spray. The last 1.5 miles of the trail have snow patches covering the trail. We crossed them without poles or crampons with no issues. The lake is beautiful and full of melting ice. We watched a man swim to an island in the lake as the “crowd” (15 people) cheered for him as he swam through the icy water. The whole hike is peppered with gorgeous views but be careful looking up while walking - you’ll likely trip over a rock.

Super great trail! I went in early July and there were a TON of wild flowers in bloom and the view from the ridge beneath Green Mountain is beautiful. It’s pretty much a constant and steady climb for the first 4+ miles until you reach the ridge but it’s nothing too steep. Definitely worth the trip!

Took the Face Trail today. Great hike!

1 month ago

7/5/18 - absolutely amazing! Everything about the hike was beautiful, with views beginning in a denser forest, open up to the canyon, back into the forest and following the creek the entire time. The last 2.5 from the fork up to lake solitude were challenging with several snow crossings. The last ascent was completely snow covered and the lake is just starting to melt - it was absolutely worth it and doable with the right boots and poles.

Wildlife count - countless marmots, 7 moose including a calf, and one young grizzly at the top of the lake. Absolutely need bear spray and stay in a group. The grizzly at the top got within 100 yds of a group of people. There were several other hikers who mentioned 2 other black bears at points on cascade canyon and the stretch to lake solitude.

1 month ago

My 18 year old brother and I summited Table Mountain for Independence Day. Both decently experienced hikers, we decided to travel up The Face and back down through Huckleberry. There were 3-4 snow patches on the way up, each had firm footing but I recommend poles for walking sticks. Huckleberry has large Glacier remains from this years avalanches in a few locations. It was a bit disconcerting to hike across a glacier with a 200 yard drop to the rocky bottom, but we made it across just fine. Also, there are two large creek crossings. One lady we talked to actually had a near drowning incident falling in the glacier melt... I would not recommend traversing Huckleberry until the snow melts, unless you are experienced and up for a challenge. The face is in good condition, but has a tough beginning incline.

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