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If you are going to make this much effort go to Table Rock. This is just as hard without the view of the Tetons at the end.

Breathtaking hike. Saw several moose and 2 bears. Be sure to dedicate an entire day to this hike, took us 8 hours.

I did this hike in June of 2016 with my wife and son. My family and I thought this was one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever been on with awe inspiring scenery and views. Unfortunately, we were forced to turn back at the top due to too much snow. We were unable to get to Mirror lake. We will definitely hike this trail again.

3 months ago

Unbelievable. Best trail we were able to hike during our 10 day trip. Absolutely incredible views.

Arrived at Jenny Lake right at 8am to take the ferry, saved several hours of daylight to avoid the loop trail around the lake. I would say almost a necessity to knock out the whole hike in a single day.

Saw about 5 moose along the way.

Must do if you are in the Tetons and are looking to hike.

7 months ago

Definitely worth the trek! The final stretch up from Cascade Canyon is definitely snowy right now but the gorgeous lake makes slightly soggy shoes more than worth it :)

My wife and I did this hike in 3 days for our first backcountry camping trip. While we did a copious amount of planning and research for the Yellowstone portion of our trip later that week, we most assuredly did not for Grand Teton, and took whatever walk-in permit the park had available. Needless to say, we were not prepared for how demanding this hike would be.

We started our journey from String Lake and made our way up Paintbrush Divide, where we found an incredible campsite on a ledge overlooking Leigh Lake to spend our first night.

All was well, until on day 2 I was hit with a bout of altitude sickness. Moving a few feet per minute, it was the most miserable 4 miles of hiking I've ever experienced—rounding every corner and seeing more incline was a constant blow to my psyche. Once we reached the top, however, it was all worth it, as the views were breathtaking. As soon as we started heading down the backside into Cascade Canyon, I immediately felt like myself again. We stopped at the pristine Lake Solitude to fill up and made our way down the trail a bit to set up camp for the night.

Day 3 was a slow descent back towards Jenny Lake, where we were ecstatic to see the first signs of the parking lot, barely able to contain our excitement at the thought of taking off our hiking boots and dropping our packs.

TL;DR This was an absolutely stunning hike—we just weren't prepared for the physical toll it would take.

8 months ago

What an awesome hike very beautiful I would say it's just as good as cascade Canyon if not better start the trail early it can be a long day .

8 months ago

One of the most beautiful trails I have hiked. There is a river aside the trail nearly the entire way up, the the sounds you get to hike are unbeatable. There are a few small water crossings, log bridges and views to kill. When you get to the top be sure to hike the extra .4 M to mirror lake, it won't disappoint.

My new favorite hike in the Teton range.

This roughly 20 mile loop will take you into some magnificent high mountain basins strewn with lakes and streams. Some of the most gorgeous scenery in the region can be found on these trails.

The first three miles is a gentle slope up through the South Leigh Creek canyon. At roughly four miles in, you'll encounter a rather long set of switchbacks, from which you begin to see the Grand Teton. These switchbacks carry you up the mountainside to a large open meadow (in which we saw several day beds). The trail then takes you to the far end of this meadow, at which point you head up the ridge before dropping into Granite Basin.

The trail only takes you by one of the lakes in Granite Basin. However, it's a great place to stop and take in the scenery, and to filter some water. As lovely as this lake is, it only gets better from here.

After the lake, you'll ascend up another ridge into a large plateau that sits right around 9500 feet. Several streams and lakes dot this plateau, and you'll also have some views of the Grand Teton again.

From here, the trail drops down into the Green Lakes basin. You can either go directly toward Green Lake, or take the side trail that passes by the other lakes as well (highly recommended). I would recommend filtering some water at these lakes, as it will be several miles before you hit another water source.

After passing the lakes, you climb up to the East shoulder of the mountain, and then switchback up to the ridge. The top of the ridge presents good views of the valley below.

After following along the ridge for a way, the trail switchbacks down into Tin Cup Creek. Once you reach the tin cup trail, you turn back uphill for a short distance and cross the South fork of Tin Cup Creek. This is the last good water source, so filter from the stream if you are running low.

The last portion of the route heads up the Beaver Trail and then down Beaver Creek to South Leigh Creek. This trail is not heavily used, and it's possible to lose the trail as you cross over the ridge. Plan on bringing a GPS with tail maps (it helps a lot!).

8 months ago

Nice long hike

9 months ago

Lake solitude is beautiful!! Worth the trek

This was an intense but truly awesome hike. I was among a group of 10 friends and we hiked the whole route on the same day (July 19, 2017). The amount of snow the Tetons got this past winter (approx. 65 total feet), made it a bit hairy on the last slope as you approach the saddle which is the highest part of the hike. Once over the top, you can look down and see Lake Solitude, which was surprisingly still frozen! You can also see Table mountain, and of course The Grand! Because of snow on the way down, we had to climb down a boulder field at one point, but once you make it down into the canyon the views of the Tetons are beautiful and it's pretty much a nice gradual grade out. Look for moose when you start seeing the tall weeds next to the river. If you are short on water there are lots of places to fill up. We began filling up on the back side of the saddle as we descended into the canyon. Water was clear and ice cold! Trekking poles are a must in my opinion, and bring bear spray as our group spotted one in the forest on the way up. And don't forget trail etiquette: hikers on the way up have the right of way. Just politely stand off to the side and allow them to pass.

Lots of adventure will be heading your way on this trail, from bears and moose, to sketchy snow crossings and boulders tumbling down at you on the Solitude Lake side of paintbrush divide....expect the unexpected! and get it done!

Did this as a day hike in 10 hours. Wear shoes that are good for snow or have an ice ax. Views were spectacular. Saw one bear, another couple said they saw two bears in paintbrush canyon that I met at lake solitude. Great as an overnight or one long day.

Did a 3 day trip with an overnight at Upper Paintbrush and Alaska Basin, definitely the best hike we did in the US. It's long, about 35 miles and heavy, especially steep trail and heavy (smokey) air conditions but it was all worth it. You can start at string lake but we took a boat to the beginning of cascade canyon and a boat back.

9 months ago

this trail has everything you ever need: wildflowers, meadows, creeks, forests, peaks, waterfalls, wildlife (3 moose, pikas, beavers, marmots, a deer), topped off with a beautiful lake. it was definitely hard, especially towards the end, but well worth it. we took the 7:30 shuttle ferry and the trail didn't feel overly crowded all day.

9 months ago

We recently went to the Grand Tetons and this was our main hike for the trip. We did around 15 miles since we took the ferry across Jenny lake. I'll start with a little of our hiking history. My wife and I hike around our home in the Appalachian mountains. Most of the trails are around 5 miles max unless you do the appalachian trail or the tanawha trail. So we aren't exactly in the best of hiking shape, but we're fair. We did 9 miles in the Rocky Mountains before this. But we decided to do the cascade canyon trail since it would be around 9 miles. But after hiking to the trail fork and eating lunch we decided to try it. This was definitely a little too much for us but we powered through and we're so glad we did! This trail is gorgeous the entire way, we saw 3 moose, and amazing views. The lake at the top was still frozen over in late July! This trail is the best way to see a lot that the Grand Tetons has to offer and if you only have limited time to see it all, this is the trail to take if you are able. The cascade canyon trail is very smooth and an easy gain. Lake solitude is more intense with more of a gain and harder terrain but the views and end goal make it worth it. Best trail we've ever been on!

That shit was hard. We really needed crampons and ice axes at top of paintbrush but hey, we didn't fall off and lived to tell the tale

9 months ago

This is the best views you can find. Very few people for being a national park. A photographers dream.

10 months ago

Originally we had decided to hike up Cascade Canyon and stop at the junction and not go up to Solitude Lake. However, the 4.5 miles up to the intersection is pretty smooth despite the net 2K gain in elevation. Along the way we saw Moose and Elk. We decided to take the trail towards Solitude and we were going to turn at some point. However, the scenery kept getting better and better. We kept going and the trail still had some significant snow patches as we got closer to Solitude (that added some fun, although poles were a must especially on the way down). The lake Solitude bowl was still snowed out and the Lake partially frozen. Overall this 14-mile round trip was probably one of my best hikes ever at any park and I would recommend it as a must if your in the Tetons.

One of my favorite hikes to this day! Completed last August. Started about 8:30 AM and finished around 4:30 PM with a lunch break at Lake Solitude. The incline is slow and steady and only becomes noticeable as you are approaching paintbrush divide (from either direction). There was an afternoon storm, so come prepared with a pack-able rain jacket/pants. We were the only ones not soaked. It only added to the adventure. Everything about this hike is incredible. Would do it again in a heart beat.

I did this on June 30th 2017 and in the lower Paintbrush canyon campsite the snow begins and the trail was not to find until after lake solitude. It was super icy on the pass and an ice axe would be helpful. started at 07:30 on string lake, 11:30 at iced Holy Lake, 13:30 at Paintbrush divide, 14:30 at icy Lake solide and 17:15 back at string lake Parking area. Was a very hard 10hrs and dangerous trail because of the icy conditions. Bring crampons and at least sticks to be on the safe side. The awesome view is worth it.

on Lake Solitude Trail

10 months ago

Best hike ever. Lake was frozen and we had to hike through some snow but worth it all the way!

10 months ago

Beautiful trail in late June. We continued up to Devil's Stairs for panoramic views of the basin and surrounding mountains. Some snow at the top of the stairs, but completely navigable. Lovely wildflowers, waterfalls, creeks, and easy terrain for the feet. Go early to avoid weather as afternoon thunderstorms can pop up quickly.

If you want the awe and wonder of the Teton Mountains completely surrounding you, this is the perfect hike. NOT easy, especially in June. Expect to see bears, moose, marmots, and other wild creatures, but if you are prepared with bear spray and are willing to hike through the snow (lots of it) with your trekking poles and good shoes with waterproofing, you'll be good to go. Great views and workout. The frozen lake was just starting to thaw. We took the Jenny Lake shuttle rather than adding the extra 3 miles. We had a picnic lunch on a boulder facing the lake before starting back down the mountain. Felt like cross country skiing on the way down at this time of year. One of our favorite hikes of all time.

10 months ago

Amazing hike. Not heavily trafficked once you pass inspiration point. Saw moose, bear, marmots and more. Spectacular views everywhere. Also after the first 2 miles there is just a steady incline. About 1.5 miles after the split the trail disappears into snow. On June 27th it was incredibly difficult to navigate without proper gear to stabilize footing. We did not make it to the Lake we turned back about a mile short according to GPS. We were told by another couple that the Lake was completely frozen over however.

Amazing, extended views of the entire valley, and in wet years, the best wildflowers in the park. Also pass directly by Buck Mountain and Static Peak. Scramble up static peak for a view of the cathedral group. Not as heavily trafficked as Cascade Canyon. Finish with a dip in Phelps Lake.

This trail was recommended by the park rangers for the snowy conditions at end of May. (first I wanted a two night backpack of the Grand Teton loop).
And it was pretty amazing, did winter camping at Holy Lake, practiced with crampons and ice axe (safety) and learned that the best way up on snow is straight. At the divide, used the route to get up the unnamed mountain on the RHS - well worth it, glorious views including a front seat for viewingGrand Teton.
Going straight down Paintbrush divide - required braking with an ice axe for ~200ft elevation but quickened the slow snow route by a lot.
After that, pretty straighforward down. I also very liked a point in Cascade canyon where the river gets wide and you can have an island for yourself.
Was much more crowded in the Cascade canyon side, there was also a moose.

Day1: Jenny Lake trailhead 3pm. Winter camping at Holy Lake campground @8pm (permit required).
Day2: 7am starting, 10am reaching the divide (much slower going up in slow with a backpack), enjoying views, 12am going down and getting back about 3pm.
It's doable in a day with snow, but would reserve at least 12h for it.

11 months ago

Was just up here yesterday, June 17th. Pretty clear up to the forks, the creek was extremely high. Saw tons of marmots the whole hike. A little bit past the fork.. tons of snow. Pretty well packed, couldn't see the trail much. Relied on gps and a set of foot prints and looking at the lay of the land. Won't be coming back up till the snows melted late summer but it was so worth it!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Did this hike in early September. Views in the canyon were absolutely amazing. One of the most beautiful hikes I've done. Temperature/conditions varied quite a bit along the way, so recommend bringing layers.

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