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An amazing day hike. Did it counter clockwise and I’m so glad I did. The final ascent up to the divide was steep and narrow, and the descent down to Lake Solitude seemed like never ending switchback on talus. Saw a black bear and two moose. A beautiful day.

That's a great day hike!

15 days ago

we hiked this the first of July and got snowed out near the top. creek was running super high and made it difficult to cross.

so far, this is my favorite hike in the tetons. We did this over 2 days.....camped at upper paintbrush. Everything about this hike was amazing. I have a fear of heights and there were a few scary spots but not too bad....only one ice/snow patch that you had to walk across. The views are incredible, and we did this when there was still a fair amount of smoke, so the tetons weren't super visible, but still amazing.

I did this hike 8 years ago today while hiking to lake Holly. A ranger asked me if I was doing the loop.. and I said I wasn’t planning on it... but why not. I will never forget this hike. It took me 8ish hours when I was in the best shape of my life. I ran out of water for the last 6 miles down cascade canyon and was hallucinating. I also lost my cell phone and it was returned to the ranger station (thank you couple). Amazing views of the Tetons coming down cascade canyon. I saw less than 10 people.

1 month ago

I hiked the Alaska Basin Trail in the 1st week of August and the wildflowers were in full bloom, a really gorgeous variety of colors and shapes. Instead of doing the loop I went north on the Teton Crest Trail to the junction with the Cascade Canyon Trail for really spectacular panoramic views of the Tetons. For the return to camp I tried to go down the 3.3-mile trail shown on Alltrails as connecting that junction with a point at the 1-mile mark on the Alaska Basin Trail. I learned the hard way that any trail that may have been there decades ago is no longer maintained or used after the 1st 500' of elevation drop from the high point. This trail should be removed from Alltrails to save others from making the same mistake I made.

What a hike. It is hard but worth it. The divide is awesome. A little sketch at times.

Wow, what a hike! I completed this hike in just under 9 hours. Starts and ends with gorgeous lake views. Had to cross two snow fields at the beginning of August! Would not have been possible without my hiking poles. I was exhausted by the time I reached the saddle (highest point), slowed down the way back. Incredible wildflowers just below Lake Solitude. The hike of a lifetime!

Magnificent views. The flowers were spectacular just below the Shelf.

1 month ago

We completed the loop this weekend going clockwise. We had a party of 9 (6 adults and 3 kids--11, 9, and 5yo). Going up the canyon, there were frequent stream crossings, but not too difficult. The trail went up at a steady, but moderate clip until just before the basin, when our legs were tired and the switchbacks were a little more difficult. The basin lakes were unbelievable and great for soaking your feet after a good hike. There were alot of other backpackers in the basin (2 dozen?), but there were plenty of secluded sites, so we didn't feel crowded. We didn't encounter any wildlife, other than a few chirping marmots.

On the second day, we came across a couple of small patches of snow on the trail, but neither was difficult or dangerous to cross. Likewise, descending the Devil's Stairs was an intimidating endeavor with an energetic 5yo, but not too bad.

The trail description says 15 miles, but our recorded track came up to 18.5 (we did some walking around the lakes so maybe that makes up part of the difference). All in all, this was a challenging, but enjoyable two-day trip for our group.

Quite possibly the best hike of my life!! Gasping and giddy with amazement and joy the entire route. Gorgeous views throughout. Lightly traveled...saw only 5 people the entire hike. Hiked this in mid-July. Some snow...piles are a must. Crampons nice to have. No ice axe necessary. Enjoy!!!

Just finished this hike (4 days and 3 nights) and it was amazing!!! Hard is a great description of the trail but it's beautiful country. Make sure to have good shoes and be prepared to get your feet wet.

climbed this yesterday and had a blast. snow was present at 9000ft and continued until the lake a miles or so later. Could not find the trail at that point and just went up

Did It one day, no ice axe or crampons needed, but I’ll still say you need them so there’s no one on the trail again for the next group.

2 months ago

A lot of snow and stream crossings but we made the whole loop. 11 hrs. and 17 miles.
Having the All Trails Pro with the down loaded map made it a whole lot easier to stay on the trail through the snow. I don't think we would have made it without it. The streams was the hardest part some were 2.5 ft deep, swift and cold to say the least. Very fun and
challenging hike.

2 months ago

We did this hike on 9/17/17 and in reverse of what is shown (Up Cascade Canyon and down Paintbrush Canyon). This hike is epic and definitely worth doing if in the Grand Tetons. There were some sections of snow especially at the higher elevations which required some caution crossing, but nothing too dangerous. This is a must do hike and can be done in a day.

2 months ago

Rating is for the experience, not the scenery. Ran into the same things as Ili Perez a few days ago. Still a ton of water and a lot of snow in the Tetons. Took the "regular" AB trail, not the Devil's Stairs. Things started getting more challenging at Mile 4, with a stream crossing where it's very hard not to get soaked. Between Miles 4-5, several downed trees and slushy snowfield crossings over the path. Finally, at Mile 5.2 (8600 feet) there was an extra crossing of a really fast-moving stream (I'm guessing a temporary one) just to get to the landmark log crossing over the rampaging main creek. By that point it was 50-50 bare ground and snow patches up to waist deep. Called it a day. Many July 4 hikers will find it a tough challenge to get to Alaska Basin this year. I'll try it again in a month.

2 months ago

Just finished this trail. Couldn't do the loop since there was snow still at the top and we lost the trail twice but we went 12 miles in. However We saw beautiful sights, moose, bear, and deer. Definitely recommend

2 months ago

I hiked this trail to the Teton Crest Trail then up to The Wall back down and up and over Hurricane Pass and then down Cascade Canyon to Jenny's Lake. A great day's hike!

This map shows a trail up the back side of Table Mountain taking off at Hurricane Pass. Has anyone hiked that trail? Or is it more finding your way across that ridge?

If you are going to make this much effort go to Table Rock. This is just as hard without the view of the Tetons at the end.

I did this hike in June of 2016 with my wife and son. My family and I thought this was one of the most beautiful hikes we have ever been on with awe inspiring scenery and views. Unfortunately, we were forced to turn back at the top due to too much snow. We were unable to get to Mirror lake. We will definitely hike this trail again.

My wife and I did this hike in 3 days for our first backcountry camping trip. While we did a copious amount of planning and research for the Yellowstone portion of our trip later that week, we most assuredly did not for Grand Teton, and took whatever walk-in permit the park had available. Needless to say, we were not prepared for how demanding this hike would be.

We started our journey from String Lake and made our way up Paintbrush Divide, where we found an incredible campsite on a ledge overlooking Leigh Lake to spend our first night.

All was well, until on day 2 I was hit with a bout of altitude sickness. Moving a few feet per minute, it was the most miserable 4 miles of hiking I've ever experienced—rounding every corner and seeing more incline was a constant blow to my psyche. Once we reached the top, however, it was all worth it, as the views were breathtaking. As soon as we started heading down the backside into Cascade Canyon, I immediately felt like myself again. We stopped at the pristine Lake Solitude to fill up and made our way down the trail a bit to set up camp for the night.

Day 3 was a slow descent back towards Jenny Lake, where we were ecstatic to see the first signs of the parking lot, barely able to contain our excitement at the thought of taking off our hiking boots and dropping our packs.

TL;DR This was an absolutely stunning hike—we just weren't prepared for the physical toll it would take.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

What an awesome hike very beautiful I would say it's just as good as cascade Canyon if not better start the trail early it can be a long day .

Sunday, September 03, 2017

One of the most beautiful trails I have hiked. There is a river aside the trail nearly the entire way up, the the sounds you get to hike are unbeatable. There are a few small water crossings, log bridges and views to kill. When you get to the top be sure to hike the extra .4 M to mirror lake, it won't disappoint.

My new favorite hike in the Teton range.

This roughly 20 mile loop will take you into some magnificent high mountain basins strewn with lakes and streams. Some of the most gorgeous scenery in the region can be found on these trails.

The first three miles is a gentle slope up through the South Leigh Creek canyon. At roughly four miles in, you'll encounter a rather long set of switchbacks, from which you begin to see the Grand Teton. These switchbacks carry you up the mountainside to a large open meadow (in which we saw several day beds). The trail then takes you to the far end of this meadow, at which point you head up the ridge before dropping into Granite Basin.

The trail only takes you by one of the lakes in Granite Basin. However, it's a great place to stop and take in the scenery, and to filter some water. As lovely as this lake is, it only gets better from here.

After the lake, you'll ascend up another ridge into a large plateau that sits right around 9500 feet. Several streams and lakes dot this plateau, and you'll also have some views of the Grand Teton again.

From here, the trail drops down into the Green Lakes basin. You can either go directly toward Green Lake, or take the side trail that passes by the other lakes as well (highly recommended). I would recommend filtering some water at these lakes, as it will be several miles before you hit another water source.

After passing the lakes, you climb up to the East shoulder of the mountain, and then switchback up to the ridge. The top of the ridge presents good views of the valley below.

After following along the ridge for a way, the trail switchbacks down into Tin Cup Creek. Once you reach the tin cup trail, you turn back uphill for a short distance and cross the South fork of Tin Cup Creek. This is the last good water source, so filter from the stream if you are running low.

The last portion of the route heads up the Beaver Trail and then down Beaver Creek to South Leigh Creek. This trail is not heavily used, and it's possible to lose the trail as you cross over the ridge. Plan on bringing a GPS with tail maps (it helps a lot!).

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nice long hike

This was an intense but truly awesome hike. I was among a group of 10 friends and we hiked the whole route on the same day (July 19, 2017). The amount of snow the Tetons got this past winter (approx. 65 total feet), made it a bit hairy on the last slope as you approach the saddle which is the highest part of the hike. Once over the top, you can look down and see Lake Solitude, which was surprisingly still frozen! You can also see Table mountain, and of course The Grand! Because of snow on the way down, we had to climb down a boulder field at one point, but once you make it down into the canyon the views of the Tetons are beautiful and it's pretty much a nice gradual grade out. Look for moose when you start seeing the tall weeds next to the river. If you are short on water there are lots of places to fill up. We began filling up on the back side of the saddle as we descended into the canyon. Water was clear and ice cold! Trekking poles are a must in my opinion, and bring bear spray as our group spotted one in the forest on the way up. And don't forget trail etiquette: hikers on the way up have the right of way. Just politely stand off to the side and allow them to pass.

Lots of adventure will be heading your way on this trail, from bears and moose, to sketchy snow crossings and boulders tumbling down at you on the Solitude Lake side of paintbrush divide....expect the unexpected! and get it done!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Did this as a day hike in 10 hours. Wear shoes that are good for snow or have an ice ax. Views were spectacular. Saw one bear, another couple said they saw two bears in paintbrush canyon that I met at lake solitude. Great as an overnight or one long day.

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