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Wyoming Map
4 days ago

Great hike in the snow. We were on snowshoes which made it easy to veer off trail and explore. Other people were on XC skies, a few back country skiers and even a couple hiking in just boots. Met lots of happy dogs so it’s beat to be a k9 lover. You could actually make this a loop trail if you want to ford the river and hit the Teton Rd. The road heads west right back to the trailhead/parking lot.

This trail is moderate. I wasn't really dressed appropriate for it, I wore sneakers and heavy clothing. There were a lot of beautiful scenery and we saw some wild animals. It was an enjoyable hike.

6 days ago

not so much the views, but floors, fauna, trees great

Sweeping meadow views, mud pots, forest lakes, canyons &waterfalls- great hike to get a taste of Yellowstone and avoid parking headache at Artists Point.

nice easy hike

this is an amazing hike
went a little too early in the summer I reccomend late summer to avoid dangerous snow covered rocks

Really enjoyed this short relatively flat hike after the previous days 18miler RT to Static Divide. great views and nice folk on the trail. cant fo wrong with this one at all

Just hiked today. Pretty trail with some moderate hills. There's still some snow on the trail and the creek is iced over. The waterfall was not much to see at the moment. All ice and the water flow seems low but it was a fun hike out. I have a terrible ankle so crampons were helpful in a few places just for security. There was one spot around point 7 where I didn't think it was very clear which way to go but just stick with the trail closest to the creek.

Nice trail, definitely on the easy side of moderate. A small bit of snow and ice in the shady areas that was a little tricky, but nothing you'd need spikes for. The waterfall and creek that it feeds into were all frozen solid, but it was still an interesting little hike. Good one to return to in the spring or summer.

amazing hike!! body view from the top.... windy as all get out. keep ahold of your hats lol

Awesome trail. Lots of fun. Bring recovery gear as the mud can be deceptively deep.

Backpacked this area extensively over the years. Been to every lake multiple times with the exception of Thompson Lake only twice and Sea Lion Lake only once. Trails are usually easy to follow, well signed.

over grown
18 days ago

Did this hike with group of 5 July of 2018. Good hike and challenging first couple miles because it’s all uphill. Trail says it’s 7.6 miles to the lake but my phone tracked more around 10 miles. Unsure whether it was accurate but it definitely felt longer than 7 miles. It’s super easy to miss the OE1 campground so right when you hit the lake keep your eyes open. You will need a back country pass to stay overnight so go to the visitor centers ranger station. Will cost you like 3 dollars to camp.

Beautiful rock formations. Lots of snow on the ground some it deep. Had chickadee, ravens, and hairy woodpecker. Couldn’t drive to the trailhead cause the road had too much snow, walked to trailhead

pretty but dry.
bring water for your pooch.

Stunning hike with incredible fishing. Jordan Lake had the best fishing out of all of the lakes. Pinto lake was the least scenic of the group, but everything else was amazing. I would highly recommend hiking to Pine Island lake. It is absolutely pristine, plus there is a great rock for jumping into the lake. My five kids (ages 8-17) all made the hike, although the youngest struggled at times.

Surprisingly fantastic trails with good snow, and the wonderful snow-covered trees kept me out of the wind. The trails were easy to follow, with many random trails leading off all over the place to go explore. I could spend the rest of the winter hiking these trails and not take the same route twice. I can’t wait to go back.

27 days ago

So beautiful and fun. Markers were clear and easy to follow. Easy trail for beginners

29 days ago

Very peaceful and relaxing trail to hike. I would recommend snow shoes if hiking at this time of the year because the snow is very highly piled up. My boyfriend fell at one point through the snow and it almost submerged his entire leg. :P
If you enjoy lots of snow and the forest then this will be a fun hike during this time of year ^__^

This was an enjoyable hike suitable for children as well as adults. The clear mountain streams were gorgeous, and we also found a spot where there were beavers in a lake (slightly off trail). Very beautiful!

bridge out
1 month ago

1 month ago

1 month ago

Did this a couple of years back. Amazing hike with amazing views at the top. Not an easy hike so very rewarding once completed.

1 month ago

This was rough. We did this hike in July and it was a brutal climb. Even worse was the terror of coming down. Bring trekking poles, though, and you'll have a better time of it. Outstanding views of Jackson though.

Very beautiful lake on top. Saw small bear early in AM when we got to the lake. Early AM the wildlife is very abundant.

1 month ago

Did this hike a little too close to dusk. Passed plenty of people who said they had not seen much in the way of wildlife, but our experience was much different. We saw a herd of elk running through a nearby meadow and a badger scuttling across the trail right in front of us. We did not make it to the ponds, however, because we came across a brown bear about 2.5 miles in. It was on the trail 25 yards ahead of us before we ever saw it, and we did not have bear spray. We immediately hiked up the ridge to distance ourselves, and luckily the ol' bear continued on its way without giving us a second thought. We turned around and went back out the way we came. Fantastic scenery and wildlife, but be smarter than I was!
(1) Do not start a hike at dusk. (2) Carry bear spray. (3) Hike in a group of three or more. (4) Follow any other guidelines provided by park personnel.

This hike is on the easier end of moderate. Some snow on most of the trail, so although spikes aren’t necessarily needed, they are highly recommended. There were a couple falls between myself and a fellow hiker due to slippery snow and mud areas. Gorgeous hike though! Creek/river is still frozen, but in some areas you could hear the water still rushing underneath the ice. That was neat. You can also (very carefully!) walk on the frozen water up to where the waterfall would normally be

Such an awesome hike. Did it in two days one night, but spreading it out over another night would have been nice. Started in a Thursday morning and was back Friday evening. Saw other people out but we’re alone on the peak for most of the time we were up there. Starts out forested then opens into valleys with awesome views of the surrounding mountains, then over the pass and up to an epic peak.

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