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My wife and I hiked this trail in early December. There were a few inches of snow on the ground, but The trail was easy to hike up and the snow was beautiful. Much of the trail crisscrosses a stream and the sound of the water flowing down the cascades is magical and very soothing. The ice had formed delicate and phantasmal structures around the edges of rocks in the stream creating a continuous gallery of surreal figures and crystalline lace. Near the top of the trail where it crosses the stream several times it looked a little slippery and because the sun was beginning to set we decided to turn back. This is a beautiful trail anytime of year.

6 days ago

16 degrees Fahrenheit at 7.56am. Many great examples of kettles, moraines and eskers. Great views with leaves down and light snow covering the forest floor. Five fat tire bikers passed by on our four hour trek. May have to try this sport. Fantastic trek!

Stairs are now replaced with deck boards(metal) very nice from the old wood ones. Hiking or snowshoeing are open all year. I would NOT climb the stairs if covered with ice or snow. there is one flight of stairs that has over thirty stairs with no break. Ice or snowcovered stairs makes this flight very dangerous. Please remember safety is always first.

Very nice hike in November. Can see through the trees to farmland beyond. Would be a great snowshoe trek.

Beautiful Hemlocks along Star Lake lakeshore. Ice/wind sculptures along shoreline. Great trek!


25 days ago


29 days ago

Very pretty hike in the late summer. Wild flowers everywhere and only lightly used. It’s also part of the IAT trail segment and is very well maintained. You have to park outside of the park unless you walk in on connecting trails throughout the park but Devils Lake is known for being crowded. Parking outside of the park is an easy escape and not many people venture on this trail considering.

Well maintained, wide trail. I went in November so there wasn’t any activity. It would be great for trail running, walking your dog, or walking as a group but there wasn’t a whole lot to see. The trail splits and either goes towards the road or towards Stephens Falls. Their is a map but the marking gets a little confusing as the wood line is mowed and looks very similar to the correct trail. Nice walk nonetheless.

29 days ago

Love this walk. Steep inclines but you definitely get some great enjoyment out of it. Gorgeous rock formations and a nice stream that flows between the waterfall and other springs. Beautiful spot for pictures. Challenging and rewarding.

29 days ago

Nice trail with great views. It can get very crowded if you go at the wrong times but later in the day or toward the end of the season it lightens up and becomes more comfortable. The falls aren’t huge but they are beautiful and relaxing. Crowds aside. Nice, Easy hike.

29 days ago

One of my favorite trails at this park. It’s challenging with different steps and elevations and the pictures rock cave is very pretty too.

Very nice secluded trail. One of the better trails if you don’t want a crowd but still very well maintained. Very cool views. Elevation changes a little bit which can be challenging at the end.

29 days ago

Very beautiful walk. Easy enough for my 4 and 5 year old to do but long enough that you feel like you accomplished something. Beautiful springs and small falls along the way.

30 days ago

great night hike with my dog

1 month ago

Great early winter Trek. First measurable snowfall of the season. 1 to 2 inches. Blue trail. Beautiful!

great hike, the stairs offer a good challenge and the scenery on the way is amazing

Absolutely beautiful hike. Make sure you are prepared for the inclines/declines if you are planning on doing the full trail. It does get crowded by the lake views, and the rocks, especially the purple ones, are incredibly slippery, so prepare for that. Otherwise, absolutely beautiful trail with beautiful views with various landscapes.

Really nice fall hike with my dog. Go there on a weekday in the morning to have the place to yourself and let dog Off-leash. The falls were very nice.

Absolutely beautiful trail. It can get very busy in terms of other people in the area around the lake. There are two parking lots near it and many of them are just looping it. Be careful of the purple tinted rocks are there are pretty slick. The trail leading towards the lake is intimate and has great views that rival the lake section but without the traffic. Once you head away from the lake it’s much more solitary.

Love this trail. It’s easy enough if you don’t mind rocks, roots and some hills.

I would not rate this as “hard”, more like “moderate” to me. I went in the Fall. Very few people and gorgeous views.

beautiful day we trekked, plenty of pictures making sure of no sprained ankles.

29 degrees this morning. Great trek. 8+ mile loop. Oak leaf carpet on most of the trail.

Great hike around the peninsula with moderate changes in elevation throughout, views of Star lake spectacular

Nice trail. We did the white trail with our dogs. accidentally started off in the wrong direction but took a narrow linking trail to get on track. Be careful of holes and sticks hidden under the oak leaves. We will be back but please leave a garbage can in the parking lot for those of us who bag our dog poop. there was some poop on the trail, probably left by people who know there isn't a can.

Very Beautiful fall trail. Got lucky with weather! Only downside is it wasnt marked very well.

I hiked the red trail portion during the snow and wind on Saturday morning. The cloud cover hurt the views, but it was still an enjoyable hike. There are a couple intersections where it is difficult to determine which direction to go at first glance, but otherwise the paths are easy to follow.

Nice combo of woods, wetlands and farmland. Easy to maybe moderate. Is currently wet in a few spots courtesy of heavier than normal fall rain. Nice hike.

Walked it many times. Some ups but great.

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