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One of many great trails to ride on in and around Madison!!

on Fox River Trail

4 days ago

Great for biking or walking

i agree with directions here. it led me to a street with few parking spots. i travel in an rv so i found a nearby business ..closed on sat so it worked. u did a few miles till i saw signs for the Lake Loop..so i did that. Beautiful city. I rode my Me-Mover ...ended up doing 18 miles

Good trail for a casual bike ride, run, or walk. Pretty flat. Also turns into the trestle trail in menasha.

trail running
10 days ago

I utilize this trail to bike from Onalaska to Trempealeau. However, it’s not a very exciting trail—it’s long, flat, and in the summer months there are so many mosquitos. Also, the miles are not marked from the trailhead, which makes it difficult to track progress for running. On the other hand, the trail goes by the river and the marshy lands alongside the train track, so the scenery is nice as long as you load up on bug spray (otherwise you’ll not be paying attention to any of the views).

I won’t knock the trail, though. It’s a good connection to places in between Onalaska and Trempealeau, such as Brice’s Prairie, which has nice road biking. It’s great for family biking because it’s wide and it’s a good place to get a run in. Also, the visitor’s center in downtown Onalaska was just remodeled and it is really nice.

Beautiful hike on packed gravel trail along a Red Cedar River. About a mile in from the trail head is a large rock wall with water dripping down, nicknamed by locals “The Wall of Tears”

road biking
1 month ago

I love this trail. I start at the old depot in Oostburg and it's a short half mile ride south on the street to where the trail connects. I have ridden 13 miles south toward Port Washington so far and it's relatively flat with easy grades. There is about a half mile of road at Cedar Grove and one residential street crossing, and a downtown street crossing in Belgium. I would also note that Belgium has a bike repair station right on the trail with a decently equipped set of tools. This section of trail is very beautiful and I have seen a good bit of wildlife. I always do round trips when I ride unless the trail is a circle.

mountain biking
1 month ago

hopefully it is 5 stars this is my first time on this trail

2 months ago

I was out yesterday. It’s about 3 miles from just north of Ripon (Co. E & Locust) to Vines & Rushes. The fair amount of traffic on E which parallels the trail along this stretch was a bit distracting but it was good to get out and move. Only saw 4 other people.

Very nice trail loop with our two pups today. There is a port-o-potty on one end of the trail- I appreciated that option. I did not see any dog poop as someone else mentioned but I did see lots of birds. Lots of beautiful sounds and a really clean path. Not a lot of shady spots, but not a big deal. I’ll visit again soon enough and maybe bring my bike!

My husband used to work for the Railroad and was excited to show me, an avid hiker who lived in Oregon, this beautiful trail that once was used for the Railroad. It is a beautiful trail that anyone can use especially if you can’t go on most trails due to a disability.

No a bad trail but the lack of respect from pet owners in terrible. Dog feces everywhere.

The challenge for this trail is more about time than anything else. It's an easy, level walk - a well-maintained surface. I'm tempted to mark it as wheelchair accessible. But it isn't paved. Took my Yorkie mix puppy Nellie Bly one mile out and back. That's all I wanted to push her little legs at 6 months. But she's fit and ready and, as long as I keep her out of the burdock on the trailside, the trail begs us to go farther - and this little dog and I will comply!

Great loop trail within the city. Ducks, geese, lots of re-winged blackbirds. Southern section is nice as well.

One of best hiking, biking, walking trails in area.

It's not truly a hike as it's a paved path and there isn't really any alteration in the altitude. I only walked down a few miles but in those miles I wasn't very impressed. I parked in an education center and just started walking along the road, not really knowing if I was on the trail or not. It wasn't far and I found where the trail head was marked. It was nice at first; there is a little bridge to cross over and then there is a set of railroad tracks and then the trail veers to the left but if you look straight ahead there are tiny little...boxes? Made out of pvc pipes and plastic...I would have loved to go poke around but I was a little chicken since I'm not familiar with this area and I was alone lol. I think there was a sign back between the five structures but it wasn't facing the correct way. I continued on my journey and came to an underpass that was tagged with all kinds of nonsense. I crossed over two pretty large streets (although there weren't many cars passing when I was there). There is a spot where it says bikers and inline skaters should stop and pay $5 but I didn't see anybody actually stop to make the payment. The trail runs behind some apartments and some houses. I guess I might be a little disappointed because I was hoping I was further out from the city (I probably should have looked at a map lol) and that it would be more of a rural trail. I did get passed by probably 10 bikers and 5 other walkers/runners.

This trail is a beautiful paved trail in town and is only about 2miles around.

good trail to walk with friends

Easily accessible asphalt trail along the Fox River. A fee is required to bike, skateboard, or rollerblade, but not to walk. There are some historical plaques, pretty homes and gardens, but mostly natural. My favorite part is that there are many places to eat or have a beer on the way! I recommend Riviera Bar and Grill about 3 miles south of downtown. Fun day.

this is a horrid trail. runs along highway, very noisy. Areas filled with sand instead of gravel which cause you to nearly fall and not always noticeable in the gravel till you're on top of it. poorly maintained. Dont think any funds from trail fees to ride the trail are going toward its maintenance. find another trail in this fantastic biking area of southeastern wi instead.

11 months ago

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's paved...at least the section I ran. But it's decent and right off the highway so it's super convenient to the interstate travelers

Monday, May 22, 2017

Unsure why this is leveled at moderate and 37.7 miles. This trail is not far from my house and I use it for running often. It is a paved trail with few changes in elevation and round trip is closer to 2.5 miles. There has been an extension on the south side of Washington Ave that I haven't run yet which starts near Case High. All in all, this trail is a nice trek for being in a city. The stream & ponds bring lots of birds and waterfowl. I've run across a few grass snakes (non-venomous) and the usual squirrels & rabbits. This trail is heavily trafficked, being nestled in the middle of several neighborhoods and is used by walkers, runners & bikers.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Rail to trail nothing special from what I experience

road biking
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Used a hybrid bike but no option for that. I travel up to de Pere for work. I stay at a hotel in downtown de pere and I can grab my bike and head down town. Fantastic for commute or recreation.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Great trail, but be sure you pay for access. they were issuing tickets on the day I hiked.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We have ridden almost every Rail Trail in the state but oddly enough never did this one until this August. It's a nice trail with lots of wildlife (we had cranes a few feet in front of us at times) and the North parking lot in Sturgeon bay is well more than average marked. There is enough loose gravel that road bikes would not be appropriate here...cross or mountain bikes would be best. A criticism we had was that there wasn't a single sign in the lot indicating where the trail started. it looked like it might start to the right, which we tried, and it led us right into Sturgeon bay and petered out. One sign in the parking lot pointing to the left would have made a load of difference.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Beautiful easy trail!

road biking
Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nice flat, easy ride, perfect for people who prefer trails that do not involve riding on roadways.

Great place to ride. Road biking east of Dousman. Hybrid west of Dousman. I wish more was paved but it's still wonderful to have at all.

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