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20 hours ago

The trail can be a bit wet but well worth the effort. The camp site is at an old logging camp. Swimming is good. Bass, Crappies, and Bluegills are eager to bite. Birding is great and the possibility of good wildlife viewing is there also. This area is in the Porcupine Wilderness area. I spent 7 days in there and at a different lake every day. There is a resident Wolf Pack there also. With luck you may be serenaded in the night.

Skiing here is awesome, and there are some fun short loops with a thrill! Hiking is great especially if you’re looking for long views of the town of Berry.

Skiing here is awesome with backcountry skis. Hiking is fun too but often surrounded by vegetation. Only a few peeks out over the lower Wisconsin Riverway

Great place to go when you have a little time to kill...

on Nordic Trail

5 days ago

Nordic trail loops offer many options for length and difficulty, up to 9.2 miles...all options are well marked and very scenic. Best enjoyed during off peak times as it is quite heavily used on weekends. These trails are NOT OPEN to hikers when snow covered.

8 days ago

A very pleasant surprise. I was not expecting the hills and wildlife. Enjoy my pics of the whitetail deer. Didn’t spook and I was able to have a nice relaxing moment in their presence. This is a great trail for clearing your mind and just enjoying the Midwest outdoors.

Oops. Ment to hit four stars. A very pretty hike in fall with lots of wildfoul and colorful foliage.

A nice short walk with kids. Nice but not overwhelming variety of scenery.

Love this trail . Its a very peaceful place to go take a walk. I also found it to be a great place to snowshoe.

Quiet, serene, picturesque, abundant trails.

This is the Parnell tower trail and only about a 3 mile trail

Beautiful trail with a bit more challenge than most of the trails in Wisconsin. Decent distance as well. This is a similar hike, in difficulty and terrain, to the Devil’s Lake to Parfrey’s Glen hikes, which is one of my favorites. The only downside is that many use the trail with their dogs and ignore the signage requiring pets be on-leash.

15 days ago

This is a great hike if you want something a little more challenging. If you go left when you start the trail, you will have an awesome incline to hike when you finish, totally worth it!

One of my favorite trails!!

No a bad trail but the lack of respect from pet owners in terrible. Dog feces everywhere.

perfect for a family hike with kids of all ages.

Great hike, views of Kickapoo River, spectacular observation point overlooking river valley.

very clean, dog friendly, and even when there's a ton of people you don't see most of them.

28 days ago

You can see what spectacular mansions were built in the days long ago. The path has some tricky parts but can still be fun. Stops in Lake Geneva, Williams Bay and Fontana along the way can add to the small town feel of long ago.

Pets are NOT ALLOWED! So before you waste your time driving there know that.

The woods were great. A muddy trip it was March though. We did encounter three off leash large dogs that charged us on our walk. So that was awful for myself and my leashed dogs. I would hike it again but because there were many people walking unleashed dogs on the trail I'll leave mine home next time.

went here a couple of weeks ago, love it ! Easy and fun

1 month ago

Some gorgeous views of prairie and streams. Beautiful during the winter months.

Short but fun.

1 month ago

nice walking

nature trips
1 month ago

Somewhat hard to follow the trail since there are so many forks, but I think all of the trails end up at the same place. It was beautiful! Definitely will go again

1 month ago

Quick and scenic, Cave Point is free and has some of the best views of shallow cliffs along Lake Michigan. Constant wave action causes fractures and dissolution textures in this Silurian Dolomite. In winter, the cliffs have many icicles.

Easy trail between Devils staircase and a beautiful creek as you head toward JSOL. A cool fully shaded hike in summer.

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