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trail running
12 days ago

I utilize this trail to bike from Onalaska to Trempealeau. However, it’s not a very exciting trail—it’s long, flat, and in the summer months there are so many mosquitos. Also, the miles are not marked from the trailhead, which makes it difficult to track progress for running. On the other hand, the trail goes by the river and the marshy lands alongside the train track, so the scenery is nice as long as you load up on bug spray (otherwise you’ll not be paying attention to any of the views).

I won’t knock the trail, though. It’s a good connection to places in between Onalaska and Trempealeau, such as Brice’s Prairie, which has nice road biking. It’s great for family biking because it’s wide and it’s a good place to get a run in. Also, the visitor’s center in downtown Onalaska was just remodeled and it is really nice.