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2 days ago

I loved the path this trail took around the lake. The viewpoints were beautiful. The cool air was refreshing. The trail was beautiful.
Unfortunately, the path is being paved over so it can be hard on the knees and ankles. Also, the trail does not allow overnight campers so allow time and energy to do it in one day. Also there were $41 in camp and park entrance fees. In addition to all that, the trail and campsite were crowded with loud families. I expected this loop to feel more like a backpacking trip and less like a family vacation tourist trap.

I suppose I should have researched more.

Mostly unimprived trail with plenty of terrain.

Good hike. Lots of trails branching off the main ones. Worn paths with quite a few overgrown areas. As long as you stay on the path that looks the most worn and widest, you'll be able to complete it accurately. Took us just over an hour to do. We tracked this as just under 4 miles.

Flat through the woods. Best in fall, there are some wetlands so bugs can be an issue in summer. Lunch at Trempeleau hotel is a treat.

13 days ago

Great fun trail! Definitely coming back.

Love walking the bike trails. Quiet and peaceful!

mountain biking
15 days ago

Very beautiful trail. Beware, if you ask the staff where the trail begins you will have to pay $10 and sign a waiver.

17 days ago

Lovely trails. Would be helpful to have more signage!

Beautiful for miles.

20 days ago

I have done this hike twice and both times it was amazing! The rocky steps on the East Bluff are a little tricky to go up, but it is definitely doable for the average person. I can’t wait to come back!

Nice steep hills. Outer loop of the trail is not maintained. I’m 5’8 and the weeds were taller than me. Easy trail for a warm up

mountain biking
23 days ago

this trail has a wide range of features it includes berms, roots, some opportunitys at small jumps, wood features and technical rock sections the only thing missing is a decent drop.

A great hike you can enjoy getting lost on. It’s easy to find your way back and it’s got some good scenery. Especially for a flat Wisconsin area, it’s a fun trek.

24 days ago

I found that the mileage was slightly off. Don’t like the cracked and bubbled asphalt on West Bluff because you have to watch every step. Watch the slick quartz on the Balanced Rock trail but it is gorgeous!

25 days ago

Nice hike on a hot and humid morning, the wild life was a bonus, 2 deer walked across the trail right in front of me, and didn’t even care that I was there, the geese and their Babies were a different story though

25 days ago

Very nice trail. Very well maintained and marked. The hike was very buggy however because of all the rain this summer, so bring your insect repellent!

One of my favorite places to hike in the area. I try to do the blue loop at least once a year.

Gorgeous trail- best in fall and winter!

Nice hike and a great view! Well worth it.

A family friendly trail! Not meant to be a real challenge. Some rewarding views. Walking along the lake is pleasant. Worth the visit! Just wish the tower was accessible

on Rockport Park

trail running
29 days ago

In addition to what Joe said. Off the main trails are many single-tracks. They often intersect the main trails in several places. If you go out, be mindful of the orange loop. The orange loop trail intersects in several locations and you can get lost.

29 days ago

A great backpack only state park. I checked out all the sites and hiked most of the trails. Great scenery and a constant sound of the waves on the shore. All sites are remote from each other. If you love backpacking or just hiking, this is a great way to spend the weekend or the day. Reserve early.

Good trails - fast - great easy loop to warm up on and then a nice progression to the advanced trail. It was a little confusing to follow the signs as a newcomer to the trail but once I knew what to look for I had no problems. There are a few two way paths but that too wasn’t a problem since it wasn’t too busy and those riders I did see were friendly. I’m looking forward to riding this often.

Orange Loop Trail is 4.95 miles. Distance indicated above for this trail is incorrect. Nice easy/moderate path.


Kids Loop 0.35 mi/0.56 km — Easy
Blue Loop 12 mi/19.31 km — Hard-Most Difficult
Brown Loop 1.25 mi/2.01 km — Easy
Green Loop 7.07 mi/11.38 — Hard-More Difficult
Orange Loop 4.95 mi/7.97 km — Moderate-Hard
Rainy Dew Pass 4.66/7.5 km — Hard
White Loop 3.05 mi/4.82 km — Moderate

a real nice hike, lots of good viewpoints overlooking the lake. and at both ends if your feet get tired you can cool them off in the lake.

30 days ago

Excellent trail, beautiful scenery

30 days ago

This is a nice park for dog walking and mt biking. It isn’t really long enough to be considered hiking in my opinion. Dogs are unofficially allowed off leash if they are well behaved, so don’t go if you don’t want to encounter them. The park has been cleaned up and is in nice condition. If mosquitos are out, they will be thicker here than many other locations because of shade, wind shelter and lingering puddles after it rains.

1 month ago

Able to stench this into a 4.5 mile walk with an occasional walker. Much of it is paved, nice when you get off of the pavement and into some woods. Some nice views of Lake Michigan.

1 month ago

The marked trail is actually a mountain bike trail. Nice enough, very circuitous, east to miss a turn as I did. Entertaining ski “slope”. Toboggan Run too.

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