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Middleton Junction, Wisconsin Map
1 month ago

the park is very beautiful, but the trails are very poorly marked. if they were better marked, it would be a great hike.

beautiful area, poor direction from few signs.

5 months ago

The parking lot was just about empty when I pulled in on one of the first nice days of late winter/early spring. I was excited about that, but it should have been my first clue. I loaded up a trail map, knowing other reviews had said the trails are poorly marked. “How bad could it be?” I thought. Well I wasn’t expecting everything to be covered in a thick layer of melting snow and ice (there was almost no snow left anywhere else in town). I looked down at my gym shoes but figured I’d give it a try. I walk up to one trailhead and see “no walking on trails!” Well that’s a first. Went up to another and it says “wrong way.” Okay... clearly a trail system for xc skis. No worries - it’s a big park and I’m sure I’ll find something. Finally came to a point where I found the original trail I was trying to find (at its halfway point, where it crosses). Beautiful trail but covered in a slippery, icy mess; nearly fell off the hill a few times. Made it down thinking the rest of the trail would be okay, but it led me back to that original point of “no walking.” I tried circumnavigating the rest of the front part of the park but could not find anything worth walking on. Part of the problem was the icy/melting conditions that I was not expecting, but a huge factor was the very confusing layout. I’d try again on a dry, warm day, but today I’m disappointed.

Nice trails; not marked terribly well. I ended up on the frisbee golf course, which was sub-optimal. If it wasn’t so close to my house I wouldn’t go back, but it’s good enough to revisit, when considering the proximity.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Interesting trail with a variety of terrains and ecosystems. Muddy and mossy when wet. Trails can be confusing at times but the park is small enough that one cannot get lost. Frequent filtered views of houses and roads just beyond the trail remind people that this park is within a busy city.

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