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Fun/challenging hike for northern Illinois standards. Turned it into about a 5 mile trek by following a few rabbit trails. Backs up to a ski hill so there's some incline. If you live in northern Illinois and are looking for a spot to train for more strenuous hikes elsewhere this is a good spot for it

Beautiful Early Spring Hike. Trails were muddy or icy, but gorgeous. Air was brisk. Perfect day with wife, son and dog.

16 days ago

Unmarked trails but if you stick to the outside you will be fine on the loop. Recommend going to the top of the “mountain” great views!
Brought my pup and ran into a few other people with dogs. Very friendly.

Great trail with challenging hills!

Go in clockwise direction. The other direction means you climb 203 ft. at the end and it’s steep.
No trails are marked so keep to the map on All Trails if you want to do the loop. Otherwise, enjoy all the rabbit trails! There are many. It was a great winter walk. Can’t wait to see it in the Spring.

Roamed these beautiful trails for hours with my dog today. Cant wait to come back with our horses. What a perfect setup for trail riding.

5 months ago

Short easy loop hike, it's shaded all the way, very well maintained with signs and no bugs at all.

This is definitely hard, the trails inside the forest are super overgrown. Don't know if they come through and trim it all at the end of summer. The elevation changes are awesome! Definitely happy I wore pants instead of shorts. I'm covered with little sticker pods! I'm short and majority of the paths I tried in the inside were overgrown almost taller than me. I don't think I found the "summit". The path on the outside had a lot of butterflies and was mowed. Also glad I started off with the inside trail. I would do this again and explore more when it's cooler than 90 degrees though

6 months ago

We had the trail to ourselves most of the time. There was very little traffic. Overall I'd say the trail was marked very clearly and leveled making it an easy walk, even with an active Vizsla on leash. I loved the inconspicuous entrance (between residential properties). The short drive to the parking area was also different and exciting. Great hike if your looking for something relatively easy and quick.

Fairly easy in terms of skill level with a few decent inclines to mix it up. We ended the trail early because I couldn't handle my legs and arms getting scratched by the vegetation. Definitely not maintained in the summer. There are a lot of tall plants and grass that are growing over the narrow path so wear long clothing. My husband is 6'4 and hovered over most of the taller plants so his arms were fine. I'm 5'3 and was more susceptible to being scratched and whacked in the face by a few of the taller ones.

Swampy with major bugs, avoidable very early in the morning.
A section needs a wooden walkway like another area that takes a big chunk out of the loop bypassing.

The actual dog park is in here and pretty good.
I prefer entrances close to the parking lot.
No water so bring your own.

7 months ago

The trail system is for horses and skiing, so it's very wide, flat, long and easy. The price to pay is a decided lack of views. The orange trail closed sign is still there and for a good reason: the northeast portion of the loop is not mowed. Had to turn back after bush whacking in deep grasses and soggy ground. The highlight is the half mile boardwalk just north of the campground, with some nice segments where one can see the Token creek.

8 months ago

Always a fun climb up the little cliff covered with blanket of pine needles with a view out over the lake.

We were the only people on the trail so that was quite nice. It was a nice walk and we saw the cutest baby frog by the swamp pond.

8 months ago

We went with hike it baby Madison group, there is 2 parking lots , we used the one for the horses, since the other one was super packed in the Am. We went during the week.the trail is all shaded not bugs at all, we stopped by the natural springs and continued on a shaded trailed covered with all spring flowers.i will advance you have a map with you it was very helpful, I will definitely do this hike again.

9 months ago

Very nice area with capability to do a longer loop or some shorter ones if you like. There are horseback trails which are shared and then some hiker-only trails which horses aren't allowed on. The nice thing about these trails is they're slightly more strenuous and have more changes in elevation than a lot of the other parks I've been to here. Dogs should be on leash here. Some of the trails were a little hard to follow/figure out which were for horses and which not. Very pretty overall!

9 months ago

I only hiked the northern half -- This is a system of long, well maintained trails. Very wide, no obstacles, with long flat sections interspersed with moderate grades. Good for an exercise, but decidedly uninteresting scenery-wise. Most of the trails have no view; there are a couple places with heavily filtered view toward west or east. The highlight seems to be a pavilion / cabin / shelter complex in the middle. There is a nice open meadow to the east of the complex, though it also offers rather limited views. Most of the trails are open to horses (though I didn't encounter any), some dropped fresh signatures along the way. There is a historical marker about Black Hawk at the northern tip of the trail. Not far away is a system of mounds -- though it is quite difficult to make out the elongated mounds. Also note that AllTrails' black trail lines do not accurately reflect the actual trail at places -- see my recordings for a comparison. This can be occasionally puzzling if you rely on AllTrails map for navigation.

10 months ago

I thought this trail will be open in march but it's may now I see this huge orange sign trail closed, so disappointed

The trail is a gated access road that is used for logging and land maintenance. Therefore, it is a parallel trail, convenient for walking side-by-side. It is gently undulating with good views of the forest due to the selective harvesting of the trees.

10 months ago

Spent last weekend there. Awesome trail conditions even with the rain.

Nice trail but too short.

Pretty simple I feel like a lot of it was closed off?! However

This place is amazing. I can only imagine how it looks in the summer and I am sure the leaves are spectacular in the fall.

I would've given it 5 stars if the trails were marked. There are too many off-shoots from the main trail, a map would be helpful.

11 months ago

This was a very peaceful trail that was indeed lightly trafficked when I was there. It roams through prairies with Donald Lake also there. There were several very open spaces that confused me, but everything was very well laid out in terms of organization.
There were a handful of people running on the trails, which I think would have been just as good as walking given this is a very level trail. There were also a number of horses out on the trail, and this is mostly a good trail for them or a large family given the wide breadth that people can take on this light trail.
Overall, this was not my favorite Madison hike to go to alone, but I could imagine with a group this would be a fun one to chat while walking or perhaps for a trail run.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Easy trail, flat terrain and well maintained. It's nice and varied because you walk through the woods and along the beach. We go fairly frequently because it's one of the few dog beaches in the area and it's never been very crowded.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tabor Woods is 27 acres of land that has never been altered by man. The trees were never cut, and the land was never farmed. When visitors walk through the woods they are possibly crossing paths with the spirits of the Potawatomie, who used these woods to travel from Green Bay to the Chicago area during the 1700s and 1800s. The facts are verified by the presence of their methods of tree marking and the discovery of spearheads the tribes used. The woods are also home to a variety of plant life and animals, including some plant life on the endangered species list.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I don't think I was on the trail mentioned here as it's November and the trail was closed (there was a large dangerous branch over the boardwalk) but we wondered onto some other trails and really enjoyed our walk. I had 3 kids with me and the hike was easy.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Absolutely stunning hike. I loved the views and while it did have challenging portions that were very steep, it is well worth the effort!

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Loved the falls. Very scenic and peaceful hike.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

No path markers so if you just want to see the top of gander "mountain", follow the map on here. Otherwise, it's a path through the Forrest that just gets you in circles.

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