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Hartman Creek might be a zoo in the summer but you’ll be alone on the Ice Age Trail

trail running
11 hours ago

Highly recommend if you’re into trail running because it offers good elevation gain! If you park on Hwy 54 you can run the Ice Age Trail to 2nd Ave then do the small loop section and head back, it’s 20 miles round trip. It’s brutal but fun!

11 hours ago

Very fun little walk. Very buggy. But awesome plants and wildlife. Some carnivorous plants (pitcher plants) and butterflies. Good for kids but it’s not super well groomed.

Moderate loop with a couple of steep sections featuring a fantastic blufftop Mississippi River view. CCC-built shelter sits at vista. Part of the trail looks like it was built by the CCC. Bugs are an issue here, but they are not as bad as they are at some other parks in the region. Overall, Wisconsin is not really known for its hiking, but this is one of the best hikes in Wisconsin.

19 hours ago

Trail is kept nice. Comfortable on the feet, soft ground.

20 hours ago

Beautiful trail! A little bit of everything along the way. Like others, I wouldn't say this hike was difficult but be cautious of roots and rocks and pay attention to footing in some areas. Very enjoyable.

We took the Clark Lake spur to see pink lady slippers in mud-June. Gorgeous trails. We were all alone. Green trail return to Nature Center.

Awesome app! Would not be able to find best trailheads without it. It really got our family out into nature

I did this trail yesterday but cut in on the Upland Trail loop and stayed inside of hwy 113 it was about 10+ miles. I'm glad I started at park headquarters and did the bluffs first. it took me 4 hours or so. just an fyi parts of it are on park roads

It's an amazing place with tons of different trails with different levels of difficulty. My favorite place to go by far.

I grew up in this area, and it was one of my favorite, easy and accessible trails to enjoy. They have a smaller paved circle right in front of the trails for small, short and wheel chair accessible trail. Then a beautiful hill you can go up to see a wonderful view. Lots of cool trails, and not that difficult. The Inside part of the building is cool too.

A pretty hike with beautiful views and a magnificent number of wildflowers. The fields of prickly pear cactus were unique. The view at the end was scenic. The biggest downside was to remember to bring bug spray. Views would be best in spring and fall before leaves come in.

nice place doing it tomorrow

Not impressed at all. Trail is not being maintained at all. Got down towards the bottom and couldn’t find the trail. Had to turn around because the mosquitoes were insane. I saw a turkey though which was cool.

Awesome leg workout and beautiful scenery.

Not a difficult hike at all. The trails are easy to navigate and well kept. Not a lot of bugs. Very pretty walk for sure.

Beaver Trail around the lake to Little Manitou Falls is a gem

So many bugs including gnats so thick I could barely breathe. Also filled with mosquitoes and horse flies. Many parts of the trail are overgrown with very tall grass. Very muddy in areas. I won't be back.

3 days ago

Beautiful natural springs and nice trails. Great for walking with some views of Lake Wingra.

Nice for running or biking. Very clear and straight path. Clusters of bugs because of stagnant water from creek so not great for walks/hiking.

If you go early in the morning on a weekday, it's very empty and peaceful. The later you go in the day, the more heavy traffic you will see. The waterfall is worth the walk. Beware of snakes, especially if you have little ones walking with you.

Lots of wildflowers here on June 12. Well mowed. No insect pests. Lots more great trails on park map. No shade here but other trails have full shade.

nice little trail

5 days ago

We did not do the whole 10.7 miles (we had a cranky 4 year old with us who was not happy to ride on her dad's back), but we probably did about 2-3 miles of the loop total. What we did was really nice, with some great views of the lake. The trail was well-marked, too.

Had an excellent mid-morning hike here. Did this as an approximately 3.5 mile loop instead of an out-and-back by taking the Turkey Vulture trail (a bit steep, but the path is wide, shaded, and well-maintained) up to and around the quarry, then took Homestead trail (shaded, but not as wide) back down.

The views are impressive, and the trails were pleasant (if a bit buggy). The couple of times I’ve been, there have been a few people using these trails, but not many.

To get to the trailhead, take Highway 51 to exit 190 for North Mountain Road/County Road NN. Head west on NN for about 1.5 miles, then turn left onto Grouse Lane. This road dead ends at the trailhead. Parking is informal along the shoulder, and there’s no one to check whether or not you’ve got a state park pass.

Nice, nearly flat loop on grassy trail featuring overlook of St. Croix River. Trail alternates between forest and prairie. Prairie portion offers good bird watching. Lots of bugs in the forest during the warmer months.

mountain biking
7 days ago

Great trail for biking. you need to plan on 1.5 hours going hard. Great workout.. will keep your heart rate in the red zone for 75% of the time.

Great trail, moderate to easy but wear good shoes so you can climb on the rocks easily

I with multiple aspen stands, mature white birch, a large cedar grove winding to the lake, a truly enormous diversity of plants, I can’t think of another, more interesting spot on the lake. I understand why it’s often crowded.

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