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March 2018 Hike. Not much color because of the season, but a very nice hike. Lots to see with some history, lots of springs, and relatively flat easy hike.

26 days ago

My kid likes to play in the fluffy white sand at overhang where the waterfall is located. We go about once a year. Saw a rat snake last time, that was cool.

1 month ago

Easy fun hike!

this trail is usually completely under water and impassable without tall waterproof boots, Lots of tree limbs down as well so bike can be tricky.

Love this area for weekly walks.

Great spot for photography.

2 months ago

A beautiful Wisconsin hike. Great views! Worth a 3-4 hour drive to get to!

Besides the construction out there right now, I love these trails. The only downside is not being able to bring our dog. I get why though.

Great hike! A good workout and a nice reward at the painted sand cave.

Beautiful place for kids, beautiful waterfall! Peaceful place for hiking!

4 months ago

This used to be a great trial system, but with them clear cutting sections and redoing the area, they've taken a lot of the draw away.

4 months ago

This used to be a great trial system, but with them clear cutting sections and redoing the area, they've taken a lot of the draw away.

4 months ago

This trail in Pikes Peak offers some of the best views of the Mississippi in Northeast Iowa. It's a very wooded covered trail that incorporates about 1/2 a mile of wooden steps up to a large rock and small waterfall called Bridal Veil Falls at the start of the hike. If you have bad knees or cannot climb stairs I would not do this trail. The rest of trail is beautiful and offers amazing quite views of the river and Indian Burial Mounds. On several occasions we have seen many deer and wildlife here.

4 months ago

Real pretty colors in fall, definitely a busy place.

4 months ago

We just finished the Wingra Woods portion of the trail with the kids. Pretty easy walking, great scenery, and we even saw some turkeys. I could see the mosquitoes being bad in the summer, but it’s perfect in the fall.

Green Loops is nice and well maintained. Arrived at around 9am on a Saturday and didn't encounter anyone on the trail until we arrived at the beginning of the observation loop. I'd say it is a nice relaxing loop with a couple of easy hills to keep the blood pumping. although the green loop is lightly traffic you never got the feeling you were out on your own since portions of it are lined with camp grounds.

trail running
4 months ago

This is an unusual run in that you spend several miles down in the engineered Honey Creek depression. This is a concrete spillway of sorts that I guess is the path of Honey Creek. It's a bit steep getting down and up but nothing too difficult. A few road crossings as well. Something different, give it a go.

Pretty loop with two very small trickling waterfalls and shallow sandstone caves. I preferred the sugar maple trail at wylusing

5 months ago

Hard uphill start but the rest is sloped down. Lovely loop through hilly woods with a nice trickling waterfall and shallow sandstone cave. Very beautiful.

Beautiful little hike. Family friendly. Nice open fields, forest and wetlands. Saw plenty of critters, including a few deer. Many sounds of nature as the sun fell low to the horizon.

Nice little walk and nice view of the lake.

Really nice--really long easy trail head for hikers with limitations. Once beyond this point, be prepared to rock hop through the actual glen.

Great trail. Come early in the morning to watch the sunrise on the bay or the fall colors if you can. Traffic on the trail is much lighter then as well.

The trail has a lot of transitions in the walkway surface. With packed earth, gravel, paved, and mulch trail surfaces through out.

The eastern part of the trail is the most serene and offers diverse natural plants and terrain. If you move quietly the wildlife will be plentiful.

Kind of fun to see Lambeau cottage as well.

Beautiful views, well-maintained trails, and great examples of multiple different plant communities.

There are some really mellow trails through the field and forest but if you want a challenge, you can climb up and down the cliffs. It can be sketchy because the ground very crumbly, lots of clay there, but it's a fun challenge. There is clay on the beach at the foot of the cliffs and it is appears to be exactly the same type you would receive when taking a beginner pottery class. You can stop down there and make some art while you take a break from climbing.

Fantastic spot! The dunes are incredible, the view of Lake Michigan is serene! It was quiet, not a lot of people. I can't believe this gorgeous spot is in Wisconsin! It is a must visit!

Great trail! Very well maintained with beautiful views. Highly recommend.


Very easy. Different options every time.

7 months ago

Nice easy trail with some great nature viewing.

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