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Good trails - fast - great easy loop to warm up on and then a nice progression to the advanced trail. It was a little confusing to follow the signs as a newcomer to the trail but once I knew what to look for I had no problems. There are a few two way paths but that too wasn’t a problem since it wasn’t too busy and those riders I did see were friendly. I’m looking forward to riding this often.

This trail is short but challenging. Very cool rock formations.

Orange Loop Trail is 4.95 miles. Distance indicated above for this trail is incorrect. Nice easy/moderate path.


Kids Loop 0.35 mi/0.56 km — Easy
Blue Loop 12 mi/19.31 km — Hard-Most Difficult
Brown Loop 1.25 mi/2.01 km — Easy
Green Loop 7.07 mi/11.38 — Hard-More Difficult
Orange Loop 4.95 mi/7.97 km — Moderate-Hard
Rainy Dew Pass 4.66/7.5 km — Hard
White Loop 3.05 mi/4.82 km — Moderate

a real nice hike, lots of good viewpoints overlooking the lake. and at both ends if your feet get tired you can cool them off in the lake.

3 days ago

Excellent trail, beautiful scenery

3 days ago

Lovely well maintained trail to the magical Lost Creek Falls. Pretty easy overall, a bit steep for the last 1/4 miles to/from the falls. I live nearby and hike it probably 4/5 times per month.

This is a nice park for dog walking and mt biking. It isn’t really long enough to be considered hiking in my opinion. Dogs are unofficially allowed off leash if they are well behaved, so don’t go if you don’t want to encounter them. The park has been cleaned up and is in nice condition. If mosquitos are out, they will be thicker here than many other locations because of shade, wind shelter and lingering puddles after it rains.

Very easy and quick walk 40 minutes round trip. Go early. The beach gets packed with boaters.

3 days ago

Able to stench this into a 4.5 mile walk with an occasional walker. Much of it is paved, nice when you get off of the pavement and into some woods. Some nice views of Lake Michigan.

3 days ago

The marked trail is actually a mountain bike trail. Nice enough, very circuitous, east to miss a turn as I did. Entertaining ski “slope”. Toboggan Run too.

Very nice set of trails, the first time I really needed to wear hiking boots this trip. With a little shortage of time I was able to get 4.29 miles in. Lots of options.

Interesting set of trails, conflicting blazes, they tried to go modern, but the original blazes worked the best. The map on AllTrails starts and ends on a highway entrance ramp, not helpful at all. The trails are more like forest roads, very wide and close mowed. Enjoyed the walk anyway.

“Trails” are more like forest roads. Very well marked, but the green is more like 3.16 miles, not 4. Always find one way trails in Wisconsin curious.

We followed the 5.5 mile Thordarson loop trail that circled the shoreline around the whole island. Clear and easy to follow trail of moderate difficulty. Just a few ups & downs where we had to be careful with the footings. Be sure to check out the sandy shallow beach and shoreline on the Southeastern side of the island.

Great hike, excellent activity, great view of the lake once at the top. Be ready for some heavy duty climb to the top!! Take water and snacks.

5 days ago

Started at the Franklin Nature trail and went clockwise. Beginning was very beautiful following a ridge and then descending to skirt the lake. Got extra water at the campground between Luna and White Deer Lake. Saw fish, frogs, butterflies and dragonflies. Was initially planning to camp near Harriet Lake but changed to Pat Shay Lake on the advice of a camper I met. Turned out the trail was flooded out where it passes Harriet Lake to the South so I had to backtrack to the road and take that to the dispersed camping east of Harriet Lake. Wasn't a great spot, it's among cabins. Attempted to get back on the trail in the morning but mosquitoes were too thick and I took paved roads back to the car.

Great hike. Beautiful scenery and trail is very well maintained.



loved this climb. gorgeous rocks create an engineering marvel of stairs. be prepared and be safe. it's a busy trail and courtesy makes it enjoyable.

Started this trail from Enee Point. It’s a nice hike, with some steeper inclines. As you climb closer to the top, it’s pretty clear why it’s named Pine Cliff trail, as dry pine needles cover the ground, which added a nice picturesque feature. To reach the peak, you will need to scale some rocks, but that just adds to the adventure! The view of the lake from the top can be a bit covered with greenery, but if you position yourself just right, you can see some very blue water down at the bottom.

Continued to Lost Canyon Trail from Stephen’s falls. There were some beautiful rock formations with regular encounters with small creeks throughout. Trail is well marked. I definitely recommend bug spray! There were some steep inclines, but worth it!

Stephen’s Falls is markedly advertised from the main road through the park. It’s a very short hike down to the waterfall, though there are some steep areas. Beautiful scenery. Who doesn’t love a waterfall? You can connect to the Lost Canyon Trail for additional hiking.

It was a nice morning for a hike.

Nice easy hike. Beautiful scenery.

Flat, easy trail with no technical or difficult sections. It’s good for walking/hiking and for easy running. Close to where I live so a nice break from asphalt trails.

Felt like more of a walk than a hike. Either super sunny or all shade and bugs. Some steep hills which is a good challenge but since it’s all graded felt more like a walk than a hike. The falls were great to see though but PACKED with people swimming and lounging. I’d suggest a weekday.

inaccurate title so giving it 3 star. Map depicts a loop combining *part* of east bluff trail and east bluff WOODS trail. check park map carefully. Be prepared, this area has paved areas and strenuous rock stair ascents.

Not a long or particularly adventurous hike, but the unique scenery makes it worth while.

Beautiful but a little noisy along the road

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