12 hours ago

Absolutely stunning hike. It's not an easy hike, but it's also not a super difficult hike (like if you wanted to summit Long's Peak). Don't forget sunscreen everywhere as it's easy to get burned up there if they sun is out. There was a good section right before the last stretch where we had to traverse across a somewhat steep snow field. While it was a little nerve racking, it wasn't hard at all. I am sure this will be gone by June. Made the hike kinda fun actually. Bring plenty of bars/water of course as it's nearly 8 miles round trip. What I love about this hike over some other hikes you can do in RMNP is the beauty and majestic views are really drawn out for along section of the hike. The last quarter - third of the hike is going down along a valley towards the lake where you have a constant view of the wall of rock leading up to Long's Peak. Definitely a win if you want to enjoy Long's Peak without having to scale the summit.