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in 8 months

This hike has a pretty moderate incline and as a medium level hiker it wasn't too much of a challenge. I thought because of the mileage it might be a bit of a process for me but surprisingly it went smoothly. There are so many beautiful places to take breaks along the trail. There are many creeks, small waterfalls and beautiful trees and greenery along the trail. Honestly, this hike is so worth it. When you finally get to the top its just incredible. The color of Colchuck is hypnotizing. It is a tranquil teal blue and the ice caps and glaciers nearby on Asgard are pretty cool to check out as well. It is such a great place for photographs. An amazing hike for anyone in my opinion!

Awesome hike today on this trail. Had to do a little blazing to get around some leftover water but no problems. We LOVE this trail and plan to camp near the Rapids sooner than later. We looked at the other camp spots today and they do not compare to the small area near the Rapids. We unfortunately saw no wildlife except for the gazillion rabbits pulling in to park at 6am. Please hit this trail and enjoy, beautiful scenery and Gods work is phenominal.

23 minutes ago

After a bit of rainfall, it was absolutely stunning. Definitely got some great pictures near the little waterfall. At the start of the trail, there was a box with hiking sticks that we made good use of. I recommend taking waterproof shoes if you go around a wet season because the trails were at some points flooded and quite muddy. We got a little lost along the way but the map really helped keep us on the right trail. We went early so we got the place to ourselves; it gets a little busy around 10 and 11am. I would totally come again to check out the other trails around this one too!

I absolutely love this trail. It’s well marked and maintained. There are no bathrooms or trash cans so prepare.

so beautiful and lots of trails. Two camp sites and a river view. One of my favorites.

Easy hike with a great waterfall at the end! Great all times of the year

I went with my friend and dog and this was definitely a hike! It’s pretty long, it took us about 6 hours total with a good amount of rest stops and picture taking, especially at the waterfall. I would recommend bringing as much water as you can, it gets tiring and can get hot. I went right after the few days of rain and the waterfall was gushing with water. It was beautiful and worth the hike. I would recommend wearing hiking boots.

Vanhook Falls trail along Pounder Branch is one of the most incredible and scenic trails in the state. This trail allows the hiker to see numerous waterfalls and walk a mostly level and easy to moderate trail. Vanhook Falls is a beautiful destination at around two and a half miles but beautiful cascades and waterfalls are abundant. I have taken this trip a half dozen times in the past couple of years and I never grow tired of the beauty. For a great display of water go in the winter or spring or after a good summer rain.

Decent hike if you’re looking for something close to Portland. First 2 miles are in a nice old growth forest with some massive Doug Fir. After the initial climb out of Panther Creek the hike eases and is a really nice grade. Hike only offers a couple view points. Worth doing.

no shade
1 hour ago

Toddler alert: be prepared to carry your toddler and pass them up and down rocks near the top of the trail but totally doable with two adults.

mountain biking
1 hour ago

This is a an awesome trail!!! Period!!! This is an adventure every time I get on this trail. Fun never stops, and the challenges change with every outing...

Chasing waterfalls! Great views, awesome sounds and some wet feet! Aside from it being very busy, it is a must hike!

1 hour ago

Went on this hike today and it was beautiful! A little tough getting up the mountain but the views were worth it! We also ended up taking a different path that veered off of the hex mountain trail which ended up being a mile shorter which was perfect. Great hike!

1 hour ago

Beautiful, dog-friendly trail with nice waterfalls and creek. Great hike last Saturday with friends and a puppy. It wA training the day before so the trails were wet but nice to see full waterfalls. Will do it again in Spring.

2 hours ago

This place was totally and completely out of my way, but it was so worth it once I got here. The entire hike is stunning. Very few people hiking here in the winter so it felt like I had the place to myself!

Great hike I did back in August, my favorite in the Highwoods thus far. It’s a good length, not overly strenuous but still a workout, and has great views. Worth taking the detour to Windy Mountain peak. Good views down into Choteau and Cascade counties.

Amazing, luckily I was there while the park is closed so not many people there. :)

trail running
2 hours ago

I tracked the run with Strava and it had me at 6.3 miles with 1746 feet of elevation gain. Not sure if the Strava App got confused or the All Trails app is wrong. Signs say it’s 3.4 to the top from the trail head.

I got it done in 73 minutes, and I’m not very fast. It’s mainly mellow switch backs all the way up, with a couple little flats in between.

There’s Two cool little bridges going over a creek that was very active due to recent rains. Awesome views between the trees that only get better as you go. Obviously the views are spectacular at the top. Some of those awesome rock stacker people have been playing there as well. Keep an eye out for their work.

Don’t be intimidated by this run. You got this!

Wonderful hike! Breathtaking views even if you don’t make it all the way to the top. There are a few spots where you have to climb up boulders, but I do it with my 1.5 year old on my back so it’s not too bad. They look scarier than they are. If it’s been super rainy within a few days it may be muddy but last couple weeks has been perfect trail conditions. Happy hiking!

great cardio workout with Awesome views.

2 hours ago

My wife and I started at 7am on Sliding Sands trail and turned left onto this one at the bottom of the crater. Either park at the end of the trail and hitchhike up or park at the top and get a ride back up to your vehicle at the end of the hike. Either way you'll get a ride.

2.5 L of water was JUST enough for us to share...could have used more.

With the descent from the start of Sliding Sands the total was 22km. The climb out of the crater was hard but not steep due to switchbacks and wife that wasn't impressed...I can't imagine someone riding a horse for this trail but there are signs.

Highlight of the things we did in Maui...

Great trail to walk or ski any time of year. We love how you can go from maples and birch tree-lined woods to spruce and pine tree-lined forest on the same trail. Every season has a different look on this trail and they are all spectacular! Mostly flat and very well marked

3 hours ago

Great day hike from Denver! Used microspikes and that was perfect. Lots of beautiful views! Definitely more of a moderate trail in the winter.

3 hours ago

Challenging climb but worth it!

3 hours ago

Trail was very nice and long. some hills and very nice views. also if you're tired, there are some trails that loop around a couple of the big hills.

however, my car got broken into (window smashed) and things stolen, so be careful...

there's parking for ~10 or so cars right outside the start of the trail. saw only a few people in 2 hours.

5 star trail and would do again if not for shitty people...

The hiking is so serene! Great views, uncrowded, very peaceful. The elevation gain is about 300 ft, and it makes for a good workout. The trails are decently marked. The staff is friendly. Also, its dog friendly (on leash).

**Don't go with a dog that sometimes gets carsick**
The road down is no joke. I ended up having to turn around and didn't get to do the hike because my dog got sick when we were still 8mi from the trailhead bc of all the turns.
What I saw of the area is rad, though--I definitely plan to go back and actually do the hike (without that dog).

Good hike but we added a few extra miles on it by going down to Stewartville and hike back on the ridge trail. Great views from the top to the east and west. 12 miles total.

off trail
3 hours ago

This is a great spot to get out and stretch your legs when driving the Apache Trail. Parked just before the bridge and climbed over some rocks to get to a shallow cave on the right. You then can climb down to the creek below. Be careful on the gravel when climbing down, it’s easy to slide on. There’s no trail at the bottom. We followed the water and crossed back and forth to both sides. The creek was relatively low so we were able to jump from rock to rock. It was a relaxing walk. There is a lot of branches and broken trees that have collected from past flooding. The climb back up is short, but steep and gets the heart rate going!

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