Photos of Woodrow Trails


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I’d say 3.5 stars overall. The best parts of the trail are hiking through tunnels or colonnades of conifers and the peace and quiet. On the other side, there are lots of dead falls to scramble over and dozens of mud patches 4-8” deep to navigate. From the east trailhead it is a long descent to the first tributary crossing around 2.5 miles. Within the next mile or so are two large campsites squeezed in tight between the trail and the river with various stone hearths and “tables”. At approx. mile 5, and about 1/3 mile from the North Fork river crossing, the trail has collapsed above the river, forcing a hill scramble which was daunting in backpacks. We looked for a north trending trail to connect with the North-South Trail (shown in the topo layer of All Trails as being east of Cashcamp drainage) but it was undetectable and a 1.3 mile bushwhack uphill to the ridgeline. Since it was getting late, we backtracked to one of the campsites for the night. Barred Owls were calling in this area. Heading back to the car in the morning it was a steady, sloshy climb in sleet but we had a good time for an overnighter. The cold weather weakened our batteries for our devices, so advise multiple replacements this late in season. Cheers!