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1 day ago

40+ years ago, finding the trail faint from non-use, I blue-blazed it from the top of Shavers Mountain to the falls (the trail going down to the West Fork was, at the time, called the Beulah Siding Trail). And, shame on me, I havent been back since--though I've often wanted to. Maybe somebody could invite me?

Beautiful! Well-maintained. Mostly stairs and boardwalks. Three lovely falls!

One of my favorites in the area! The ruins and history are incredible.

The first part of the hike is a steep walk weaving down the mountain, where you pass a small, pretty waterfall. It levels off before you come to the stairs. There’s plenty to see at this level, like an old mine entrance.

Take the 800 steps to the bottom. There’s lots of cool stuff and structures on either side of the stairs.

The “trail” ends at the bottom, but plenty of people go right at the bottom and explore off the path. If you walk far enough, you can find the ruins of the coke ovens. It’s also possible to get all the way down to the active train tracks and cross to get down to the river, where it’s fun to watch the rafters pass.

LEAVE THE PATH AT YOUR OWN RISK! There are a lot of hidden threats. There are holes, spikes, metal, and more in the area. The old railroad tracks have decayed in a way that’s left a lot of gaps. The active tracks are ACTIVE, and the gravel makes it easy to get stuck. The current of the river is strong.

Please remember to leave no trace. This includes biodegradable items. I keep seeing more and more garbage at the end of this trail.

This hike is only 0.2 miles long, however, connects to a longer trail (maybe a mile long) that went along the stream. It was a pretty hike but many trees were down. At one point we had to climb down into the stream to get around the tree blocking the path.

Good hike if you are looking for something to get miles in. You can drive in on the dirt road and save yourself approx 2 miles at the beginning and end of just walking on a dirt road. Lots of gravel so you may want to protect your dogs feet if they are sensitive. Probably best to go when the leaves are off so you can see more...be prepared for not a lot of water. The map makes it look like the river is right beside the trail but its not...couple falls that come down off the mountain that are good sources but theres only two or three.

what a beautiful little park tucked back into the hills. nice park for kiddos to play at or have a picnic and moderately challenging hiking/biking trails. definitely worth the detour during our cross country road trip!

We took this with friends and loved every minute of it. It was harder than we expected especially with a 6 year old, and longer than it stated, but it was a great hike. Beautiful day and the waterfall was fantastic! We are excited to come and camp out for one night saw several great sites along the way.

10 days ago

this was my second time to the mines but first time down the stairs and back to the top. extremely hard trail,but so worth. everyone was great and felt like old friends. we stopped quite a bit to rest and other hikers were very understanding. Southern WV has the greatest people. I encourage others to take the challenge and do this trail. just give e yourself a full day and bring lots of water.

Went on the hike yesterday morning, and the temperature was perfect. We took the North Mont Chateau trail and veered off into some other trails, and at the end clocked in at about 11.5 miles (with 175 floors climbed)! The hike is marked well and has some great views. Walking in between some of the massive rocks, seeing the Iron Furnace and seeing the mini-beach at Cheat Lake were some of the biggest highlights. The overlook of Coopers Rock is amazing but was extremely crowded. If you come during early morning, you may have a better experience. Overall great hike, definitely worth the 5 hours for me. Check out some of my photos. Sitting down afterwards was great haha

Lots of downed trees, recent rain make for a muddy hike. Lots of wildlife to see and hear. Well worth the hike. I will return in the fall.

13 days ago

This is more of a short easy walk than a hike. Regardless, the waterfall is very beautiful. I would post pictures but it have been well covered by others previous to me. I read in the West Virginia visitor's guide that these falls are the most photographed place in all of West Virginia. Although the falls were out of the way from any large cities (thankfully), the entire park was clean and it is definitely worth visiting when in West Virginia.

13 days ago

This is a must see for any WV visitor. As mentioned in other reviews, I would call this a short, but moderate hike due to the stairs leading down to the falls. Hike this after some major rainfall for an unbelievable, powerful, waterfall experience. Note that there is handicap access from the other side of the park. The view is a little farther away, but still spectacular.

Nice hike. I don't know how people can think this is 'mostly flat.' Check out the elevation map. There's a great long climb for the first half (starting at parking lot by the falls and going clockwise). The trail itself is wide and you can really see the forest. The trail is rocky in places, so beware of ankle turners. There is another set of falls on this hike -- once you get a mile or so in, there's an unmarked trail the splits off down to the left. This goes to private property, but I was told by ranger that the people don't mind you going down to look at the falls here, which are taller than the ones in the main area. Just don't leave trash, swim, etc.
Also, This loop (at around the 1 or 2 o'clock position) cuts through the park ranger's back yard and onto the main road -- that last mile is down that main road. Next time I'm either going to avoid that and use Wild Turkey Trail, or go on the road for just a little bit then take Red Fox trail to Deer trail.
all in all a great 2 hour hike,though.

The trail does not exist at the geo-referenced trailhead. It is all fenced off and overgrown there. Instead, you can join part of the trail below the nature center. It nice enough for that part of the trail, but a bit muddy. I did that part several times to get the mileage I wanted. There is one part that is unsafe for people without proper shoes due to vertical climb with mud. Pretty forest and nicely shaded with a few spur trails coming off it. Just don’t try to start trail at trailhead.

on High Falls Trail

21 days ago

I loved it. Crossing the West Fork Trail and up the meadow into the woods... couple of good camping sites before you cross the ridge. Couple more at the bottom by the river, and one real nice one by the falls.

24 days ago

A new surprise around almost every bend. Never got boring or old. Didn’t have enough time to do the whole thing but we will be back!

Beautiful falls! Fairly easy just lots of stairs.

Absolutly Beautiful falls, State park is kept in excellant condition.

This is worth the stop. Although i would not review it as easy because of the incline and steps.

With everyones different skill level i would definately call it moderate.

Great hike! Follow Forest Service Route 80; don’t be deterred by narrow gravel road. Keep driving until you hit last day-parking lot. No cars past this point. Short 0.3 mile walk to Dolly Sods wilderness and trailhead.

Most of the trail is well-marked by signs. But, need to be vigilant in a few places, or you’ll miss the turn-offs. Look for stick- or rock-obstructions on ground to indicate correct path (that is, don’t go down the paths that the rocks or sticks block off).

Ground was wet and muddy. Wear waterproof, hightop hiking boots or be prepared to get your shoes soaked.

Fairly easy grade—no crazy hard climbs or descents. Long parts of the trail are covered by small- to medium-size rocks. The soles of my feet are hurting right now, but I wore running shoes and not hiking boots today.

Interesting ecosystem. Biggest wetland in West Virginia. Lots of neat trees, plants, and bugs. Not desolate—we came across 3 groups of people (2 groups of day-hikers like us and 1 group of back-packers). We did the 11 miles in about 4 hours, averaging 22-minute miles.

28 days ago

Beautiful waterfall! Worth the quick stop. Just 0.3 miles down, almost all stairs.

I had a day off and decided to hike this trail, since all the reviews said the trail was marked and easily followed I knew it would be a great hike. Unfortunately, it's not marked all that great and I ended up taking wrong turn that resulted in 1.5 miles out and back to get back onto the trail turning my 5 mile hike into 8.
I used the app the rest of the trail until i happened upon the end of it which wasn't well marked at all and eventually I just followed the road. Everything was beautiful, and had this been at my peak fitness a couple years ago I wouldn't have felt like I was going to die. I'd recommend using the app to guide you if you're going to follow this trail as it is actually a loop around several connecting trails. If you do that, you'll likely have a much better experience than I. Happy Trails!

Find and of interest especially if you come from I 64

Ok. Not much of an actual hike, mostly stairs and boardwalks. It is still a nice walk and beautiful waterfalls, I just wouldn’t really call it a hike.

It’s a beautiful trail down into Kaymoor. We went in the dead of heat and still stayed cool on the trail. The way up is tough, but there are plenty of chances for intermission. Don’t let your lack of cardio keep you from enjoying the trail. Don’t rush it! Take your time and enjoy it and reading about the history on the way down.

Very intense but such a cool hike.

Beautiful views and well maintained trail. For all levels!

1 month ago

Nice trail that has lots of scenery and waterfalls. Campsites are plentiful and very nice. Only negative I saw was it seemed a lot of people that hike there let their dogs run loose. I had mine with me on a leash and had some sketchy moments when multiple dogs would crowd around her. Thankfully she did well and didn’t get aggressive ...with the wrong dog it could easily end up being a bad situation. If you can’t control your dog with voice commands they need to be on a leash. But other than that it was a great day to be out in the WV hills.

Super easy and a nice quick local walk for me!

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite trails but it was blocked by fallen trees

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