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Riverton, West Virginia Map

Nice and flat out to Judy Springs from the trailhead. Plenty of camping options along the way.

Did his hike yesterday, was absolutely beautiful. You go through areas of nothing but pine, that smell amazing. On the way down to Judy springs, it is all downhill, and back of course is all up. Where you start (Spruce Knob) is known has the highest point in WV. So it is a workout for sure, but once you get to Judy springs it is sooo worth it! Nice big waterfall you can jump into, very deep beer where it falls, I jumped right towards the middle of the whole and seemed about 13 or so feet deep. Lots of nice places to camp as well. Highly recommend the trip with friends!

1 month ago

This trail was amazing although very rocky in places. There are some great camp sites and it is very well traveled.

High Meadows trail was nice but I wasn't nearly as impressed with the meadows as the ones coming up the Judy Springs Trail. Lumberjack was very muddy and it took us way more time than it should have. Both trails were also lined with stinging nettles.

1 month ago

Hiked from the parking lot at the top of Spruce Knob to Seneca Creek, and it was well worth the hike up the next day. Camp sites can be found all along the creek and I didn't see one bad one. About .2 miles before Judy Springs is the "prettiest camp site in WV" unfortunately we couldn't make camp there as we had to hunker down for a storm but the site featured a waterfall as well as a mill stone table. This is easily one of my favorite trails in WV.

I walked the 1st part of the trail from the Trailhead to Tom Lick bypass then to Seneca trail. The Allegheny was easy to follow but not very interesting. I constantly had to make decisions of where to step because it was so muddy. I enjoyed the Tom Lick trail.

be careful of the creek crossings they can get a little tough depending on how much rain they have had but if you hike all the way to the big falls its beautiful down in there

The trail was relatively well marked. There were a couple spots that we had to question whether we were pushing forward in the correct direction. We also were hiking this trail through a huge rain storm so it was fairly flooded in areas.

2 months ago

Did the whole trail with some friends, made for a great backpacking trip with fairly easy trails. Some steep climbs here and there but they were always worth it. The views are breathtaking. Defiantly gonna go back to run it sometime.

on Spruce Knob Loop

2 months ago

It's a beautiful hike that essentially takes in a circle around the summit. It's not strenous or challenging at all, it's more meant for someone that drove up to the summit to look around and see some more views. I think it took my wife and I 15-20 min with stopping to take pictures. Overall nice views, but if you're looking for a hike it's a little short.

We set out to hike this to the spruce knob summit but were discouraged by the overgrown beginning of the trail. This was early July and the growth was as tall as me and we stepped in a huge mud puddle right past the gate. The map we were given at the spruce knob lake campground had the only trailhead at the summit going down. If you are willing to do some serious bushwhacking I’m sure it’s worth it. If we had come earlier in the season or closer to fall I’m sure it would be fine but mid summer it was like no one had hiked this trail in years!

The native bleeding heart are in bloom right now and gorgeous along the trail! Not too hard just long & a bit hard to follow like others have said.

Started at the North Terminus on Smoke Hole Rd and hiked to chimney tops. Would love to come back and hike the full trail. Great views and well-marked, well-maintained trails (at least the section we did). There were Carens (spelling?) marking where to get off the trail and head up to chimney tops.

trails were poorly marked, down trees, swamp like mud, poison ivy everywhere, over grown in spots, i would not go on this trail unless it has been dry in the area for a consideranle amouny of time

3 months ago

Nice trail that has lots of scenery and waterfalls. Campsites are plentiful and very nice. Only negative I saw was it seemed a lot of people that hike there let their dogs run loose. I had mine with me on a leash and had some sketchy moments when multiple dogs would crowd around her. Thankfully she did well and didn’t get aggressive ...with the wrong dog it could easily end up being a bad situation. If you can’t control your dog with voice commands they need to be on a leash. But other than that it was a great day to be out in the WV hills.

Steep climb - breathtaking views

Trail was pretty nice and not too steep, very gradual incline. It did get confusing because we followed map on here and it’s not marked well. If coming down the mountain like I was about 4 miles in there is a 90 degree turn and a small path leading the opposite direction, take that one. The trail less followed is the way to go and it was very grown up on this part of trail. The first half I really enjoyed though. All in all I enjoyed it and great views at the top.

3 months ago

Moderately hard trail with a good amount of elevation changes. Spectacular views from the overlooks. Spring at half way point.

Hiked this trail May 28, 2018. Trail head is not marked but it is easy enough to find at the Forest Service Road 274 junction. Trail has some unique features and is quite enjoyable. Water was prevalent so be prepared for very soggy ground in places. There are no markings on first part of trail that follows an old fire trail. Finding the turn off of the fire trail is difficult. There is orange flagging and a small rock stack but it is easy to miss. The turn is approximately 100 - 125 yards beyond where a large culvert pipe (about four feet in diameter) has been washed out. Turn left up the embankment past a line of large boulders. From that point the trail gets narrow but eventually blue placards become common. There are some fantastic views off the north side of the ridge if you take very short aside trails. Saw some great wildlife as well as some exceptional plant varieties. Enjoy

I would consider this hike easier than Seneca Rocks Trail any day. We did this with a 4 year old & she hiked the whole way by herself. Gorgeous views!

Went May18-19. Overnight.
Lots of rain week prior and the night of, creeks were high and fast making crossing challenging, especially at night. Camped above main falls. Beautiful hike out despite wet feet for 10 miles. (there and back)

Beautiful in the winter.
Went Dec. 31st solo for an over night. Temps in the teens, singles over night, foot of snow, creek and falls almost completely frozen. Amazing nook to camp under right next the main falls.
Be careful, cell service is zero. Cold weather is breathtaking, but dangerous.

The south terminus trail head is at a radio tower. There’s only room for 2 cars to park along the road. Don’t block the tower service entrance. Once on the trail, it’s gentle up to the ridge and while on the ridge. There are dozens of scenic overlooks. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the views afforded by this hike. It’s a challenging hike but not too difficult.

Did this a while back in September and forgot to review. Great hike and relatively easy gradient to the summit. The total hike took around 5.5 hours to complete. The views from the summit tower looked amazing and you were able to see all the various colors of the trees in the distance as it was the beginning of fall. Trail is well marked and very easy to follow and a rewarding way to summit West Virginia’s highpoint.

It was snowing up there it was cold but a good hike.

Just did an hour out-and-back at the southern terminus along 33. Parking was not fun- just a narrow strip along the road with ambiguous no-trespassing signs. Coming in from the north/west side (out of Germany Valley) requires a hairpin u-turn on a blind corner. However, once on the trail assuming you haven’t been run over it’s awesome. Big cliffs of Tuscarora quartzite and views of Germany Valley the whole way to Spruce Knob. Bring a good camera! Also read up on the local geology-makes the landscape even more amazing.

Great level trail. Great camping. Lots of water falls

absolutely breathtaking

backpacked down from top of spruce knobs the camped 2 nights on river hiked the trails beautiful scenery, waterfalls and campsites. hiked up and out hard hike but worth it

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