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1 day ago

Absolutely beautiful views

Go to one miler for the family. My 3 year old easily keeps up and can climb up to the top of the rock formation. Not blazed but the path is really clear.

I really enjoyed this trail but my God we’re the spiders bad yesterday! About every ten feet was a new web waiting to smack me in the face.

I found myself a nice big rock to lay on with an amazing view about a mile and a half in, but be careful if you decide to go to the rocks as I saw a rather large copperhead (picture posted) between some of the rocks. Next time I will have to hike with my fishing pole as there was plenty of fishing access points along the length of the trail.

On the final incline the trail became a real battle as most people don’t seem to go that far up. Which is a shame because it is very beautiful up there. There were a few large downed trees, and the trail was mostly overgrown at this point and became hard to follow and the spiders became progressively worse.

On the way out the spiders wasted no time in yet again conveniently placing their webs in my face.

I will do this trail again in the fall as I feel it would be the best time to get some of the views offered by this trail with the leaves not obstructing some of the scenery.

I did not hear any growling, but I do believe I found a few bear prints on the trail (picture posted).

Awesome trail with ladder access to climb down and explore other trails! Sights are incredible! Check it out!

Did this hike to Pipestem State Park. By the time you are about 8 miles in you are ready to be at Pipestem. Though I have never done it down and back, I did hike this hike about 4 times this year. Definitely easier to walk from Pipestem to Blueston. It's all downhill. Will surely try to do a down and back.

4 days ago

Parked at Harpers Ferry instead of trail head which adds about another mile each way. Park can be accessed earlier than stated opening time and boxes are used to pay entrance fees. From Harpers Ferry, you cross the bridge from West Virginia into Maryland with lots of opportunities to see trains emerging from the tunnel and passing by you. Overlook for harpers ferry second to none but can get crowded on weekends. If you do the full Maryland Heights loop, counter clockwise is less strenuous in terms of ascending to the top. Well populated trail with lots of friendly dogs.

This was a pleasant hike. A lot of stream crossings, and use of (very) old fire roads with a lack of erosion control makes for some rugged terrain in spots. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail, which was quite nice.

Fucking amazing excuse my langue but by far the best one I’ve ever done

road biking
7 days ago

Rode 26 miles of the trail over the weekend and have to say it was probably the worst trail that I have ridden.

We road from the northern trail head in Cass on Saturday, and then headed south from Marlinton on Sunday. There was one location of less than a quarter mile where it seemed to have been maintained - more for hiking than for biking as it was a combination of so much gravel that it was like biking on sand then in the same stretch there were large stones better for keeping a pickup from sinking than for biking.

Much of the trail was a pair of tire grooves spaced about the width of a pickup truck, with weeds growing in between. There was little evidence that trail - the riding surface - had been maintained in a few years. In a couple of areas the trail was barely visible through the freshly mowed lawns.

And, it's a state park? So, are we to assume that there is an annual maintenance budget??

Maybe the sections of the trail further south are better for biking.

8 days ago

I love this trail. It’s my favorite in the area. It’s well maintained. The views of the Gorge are wonderful. We’ve had a lot of rain so it’s pretty sloppy right now though.

8 days ago

Amazing views and an easy trail. Well worth it. If you’re feeling adventurous there are ladders bolted into the rock face you climb down. Highly recommend.

Very tiring. Most of this hike is in the woods on a side of a mountain, but when you do get glimpses down, it is worth it.

As others have said, this loop offers a diverse selection of terrain. The trail is evenly split between forest and open fields, which is exactly what we had hoped for. We opted to stretch this hike into three days/two nights, which was easy as there were plenty of campsites to choose from along the way. We had hiked after a period of much rain for the area so the ground was thoroughly wet in some parts, but dry in most. The muddier areas were not too challenging to pass through. We did however struggle to find good firewood due to the wet conditions.

Unfortunately we were not able to reach Lions Head as the trail is unmarked and even with direction of a written trail guide we still were not able to find it. (We bumped into a couple on the trail who mentioned they were able to reach it without problems, so perhaps we just didn't look hard enough!)

Overall we enjoyed our hike, it was not too strenuous and our division of 9/6/6 miles made for a leisurely weekend.

Really enjoyed this trail with my two year old and my husband.

Such beautiful views! It was a pretty easy hike with really cool ladder climbs. Totally worth your time, you won't be disappointed.

11 days ago

This was one of the better trails I explored in the area. There are many optional trails to return to the lake. On a Saturday, this trail was lightly trafficked, probably because the trailhead is difficult to find. Start at the Nature Center, which features live turtles, a snake, and taxidermy exhibit and go to the left of the lake until you cross a short bridge. Also, take a map to determine which trail to take.

Awesome trail, beautiful view at the end!

12 days ago

Lets start with the positives- the cliffs were beautiful and the trail is truly right along the side of it show casing some beautiful rock features. I brought my sister(17) and grandma(62) both of which have limited outdoor experience and enjoyed the views.
Now for the negatives- this is the poorest maintained trail I have ever ran across. The trail is so overgrown on all sides that it is hard to see anything- causing a very close encounter with our leg less friends. The trail itself is mostly eroded away and any attempts at stopping that have caused more hazards(rebar with caution tape).

Overall, I would love to see such an awesome trail maintained. The area is beautiful and the rock wall is unique for the area. In my opinion, the elevation change and shabby trail maintenance made this an intermediate trail.

Easy 2 mile walk with a couple nice over looks.

on Pase Point Trail

12 days ago

I highly recommend it! The ending view is like Lindy which is more popular, but this one has fewer people. For our Saturday summer hike, we only passed another couple. Park at the lake and hike back the Dibbon House Trail. It is well marked too! We saw three hawks soaring the canyon.

12 days ago

It’s a short, easy hike with a few muddy spots. We visited early afternoon on a Saturday so parking was tight. Expect to possibly to park along the road or hike back from the Nordic (snow/ski) parking lot (a mile or so away).

12 days ago

My family and I enjoyed this trail. However, it is difficult in terms of physical exertion (coming back out). I counted 822 steps on the way out (there are different numbers floating around tho). There are also a few other sets on the trail that would add to that number. If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy yourself at the bottom. If not, you may not care as much. We LOVED the nostalgia of walking where miners did almost 100 years ago. At the bottom of the trail, if you take a right, you can see the old coke stove ruins. They are very neat. To the left at the bottom of the trail, you can see the old power house, tipple, and processing plant. Before you start the steps down (after coming out of the woods), you can see the entrance to the old mines on the left. I would recommend this trail to anyone that likes history who is in decent shape. As mentioned above, coming back out is very demanding. Happy hiking!

12 days ago

A bit of a disappointment. There really isn't much to see at the bottom of the steps. At the bottom of the steps are two collapsed buildings and a short metal structure. There are no trail markings indicating where to go. However, if you go to the right and follow the path (carefully) it will lead down to a row of coke ovens over a football field long. If you haven't seen coke ovens before, they are pretty cool. You can view them up close. There are also some signs explaining the area on the way down. Other than that, there's not much to see. I did encounter several people using the trail for fitness/exercise. One guy preparing for an iron man event. Yea, this trail is that tough. At the top of the steps is a carving in the railing indicating 813 steps. However, there are even more steps before you get to those. Plus, a decently steep trail that leads down to all of this. Is the trail worth doing? If you are in decent shape, yes. If for no other reason, do this trail for the bragging rights.

12 days ago

This trail was amazing although very rocky in places. There are some great camp sites and it is very well traveled.

12 days ago

Hiked from the parking lot at the top of Spruce Knob to Seneca Creek, and it was well worth the hike up the next day. Camp sites can be found all along the creek and I didn't see one bad one. About .2 miles before Judy Springs is the "prettiest camp site in WV" unfortunately we couldn't make camp there as we had to hunker down for a storm but the site featured a waterfall as well as a mill stone table. This is easily one of my favorite trails in WV.

I did this about a month ago. It’s a hard hike but the views are worth it. Bring lots of water! We almost ran out.

A pleasant, easy walk but parts of the trail is full of large rocks since it was a bed for a stream. Nice views of the water and the forest.

my go too hike because it's, beautiful, a great work out and I can get an ice cream in town when I'm done. This is not for people who are out of shape. on Sunday a woman had be be rescued because she couldn't make it. It is very busy and you will see a lot of people who should reconsider hiking this. please bring water and consider leaving the pups at home.

Breath taking views!

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