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Oak Hill, West Virginia Map

It's an ok trail with some good views of the river. one can enjoy a picnic, but going up the hill is no joy. the trail ends at one point, but we tried to go further to check the cliff which one person had posted, but we gave up after about 20 min of walk. there is hardly any visible trail and thick vegetation makes it hard.

I really enjoyed this trail but my God we’re the spiders bad yesterday! About every ten feet was a new web waiting to smack me in the face.

I found myself a nice big rock to lay on with an amazing view about a mile and a half in, but be careful if you decide to go to the rocks as I saw a rather large copperhead (picture posted) between some of the rocks. Next time I will have to hike with my fishing pole as there was plenty of fishing access points along the length of the trail.

On the final incline the trail became a real battle as most people don’t seem to go that far up. Which is a shame because it is very beautiful up there. There were a few large downed trees, and the trail was mostly overgrown at this point and became hard to follow and the spiders became progressively worse.

On the way out the spiders wasted no time in yet again conveniently placing their webs in my face.

I will do this trail again in the fall as I feel it would be the best time to get some of the views offered by this trail with the leaves not obstructing some of the scenery.

I did not hear any growling, but I do believe I found a few bear prints on the trail (picture posted).

3 months ago

Very easy trail, nice and wide. Good for bringing your family on. Some cool bridges and rock scenery.

5 months ago

Nice wide trail making hiking with pets a breeze! Pretty view following the river!

on Stone Cliff Trail

6 months ago

We went on a whim along this trail with our dog. It’s a very interesting walk down then back up to about 300 ft around a bend in the river. There were several nice waterfalls/streams to cross by stepping on rocks, the waterfalls trickle down from way up on the hill. We went further than the posted trail, around the bend looking for what might be a “stone cliff”, but we only found large boulders that had fallen down on to the trail. Another person mentioned a growel from the woods, we also heard it too past where the trail was supposed to end. We guessed it to be a large wildcat of some kind, but we did not see it. We decided to turn around and go back shortly after the noise. We then get on here to post a review and read another person’s post with a similar story. We recommend not going alone if you’re going to past the lower trail and up the final incline.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Hiked this trail with a friend. Around the 2.4-mile mark, the trail becomes less traveled and starts to pull away from the river as it enters the river bend. My friend and I heard a growling-like sound coming from the hillside above us, and when it repeated a couple seconds later, we decided it was time to turn around and head back. We didn't see where it was coming from but listening to audio clips online later, we think it may have been a bobcat. Be careful if you hike this trail, especially if you go by yourself.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Nice trail. We hiked/biked it. Beautiful views of the river, and several small trails leading to the water. Slight downhill grade following the river. Coke ovens were awesome !

on Stone Cliff Trail

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Very close hike by the water, lots of opportunities to eat lunch by the river. Very muddy, trail becomes impassable around 2.8 miles not sure if there is more.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Biked this with my son about 15 years ago ... lovely stretch.

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