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Huttonsville, West Virginia Map
10 months ago

This is a easy service road trail with an amazing view at the end. There is a shelter house and a overlook area, and signs along the way! We took our 5 year old Shitzu, and she did great with some water breaks along the way..., since it was a hot October day. When the gate is open, you can drive most of the way to the scenic overlook, and hike the trails off of the service road, if you want to hike more in the woods.

11 months ago

followed the directions that it gave me. found out from a local that some landowner had slashed a woman's tire for parking by the trail head. so we had to park on the other side and walk the tracks the entire way. other than that it was a beautiful place to spend a couple days.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Short 3.4 mile trail that runs along the top of burner mountain. Follows an old four-wheeler path that is easy to follow. A very nice stroll trough the woods. Lots of leaves changing colors in mid October. Keep an eye out for wildlife though. Did see various piles of animal droppings including a bear.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Great, highly recommend hiking in to camp, then spend a day on the falls swimming. moderate hike in switchbacking up a the classic west virginia landscape.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

This is a good hike. If you park at Glady and follow the trail to High Falls you are going to walk about twelve miles round trip. 3 mile flat on rail to trails and the rest is over the hill and a mile or so on tracks. Great hike and you can camp to if you would like.. Lot of terrain is rocky!

Monday, August 18, 2014

To be clear, the overview and description on this hike do not match up with directions in the "drive" button above. If you do follow these directions to the West Fork Rail Trail parking lot, you will experience a nasty shock when you set out on the hike and find that it's actually 12.6 miles roundtrip to get to High Falls back.

After parking at the West Fork Trailhead in Glady, the path on the West Fork Rail Trail is 3.2 miles. Since this is a converted railbed, there is no concern of getting lost here. You'll then come to the High Falls Trail turnoff. Be on the lookout as the path is marked with a small upright post and the trail can be quite overgrown. Turn right, and the High Falls Trail then leads into the forest, which is pretty well marked with yellow and blue markers. Eventually, the High Falls and Allegheny Trails split. Be sure to keep following the Blue markers for the High Falls Trail. Around where the two trails split, you'll begin descending again and eventually meet the railroad tracks. This is where we decided to turn around because we were losing daylight and we severely underestimated the distance. Looking at the map though, if you turn right, and walk along the tracks, you'll eventually reach the falls.

Good luck!


Sunday, April 27, 2014

Great trail for locals if you know what you are looking at.is also shared by several antennas for the airport and cell towers, but it doesn't effect the view at all. Also explore rich mountain, a civil war battlefield, which you need to walk thru to get to the top of Rich Mt. anyhow. Nice picnic spot, watch for storms, nowhere to go if a sudden storm comes, and definitely bring a camera.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I spend a week every April walking the tracks from Cheat Bridge, ( near the top of Cheat Mt.) to Bemis, a small hunting, fishing town about 35-45 miles away. I solo camp this and mostly see people fishing no more than a few miles down stream before I have it all to myself. The RR tracks take some getting used to walking on, but in most places there is a trail next to the tracks. Plenty of beautiful campsites to choose from next to the river, just remember to keep rising water in mind in the spring as this river will rise FAST. Cheat Falls is worth the trip no matter how you get there, and everyone you meet there always seem to be extremely friendly, at least that's my experience.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Camped there several times but on one night a tourist train stopped right there! Nice people, didn't stay long. Easy trail to get there and we made a nice one night loop. Hardly run into anyone along the trail and loved that old train tunnel made back in the early 1900s. Love to go back again!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

its a great trail and the water falls great its a blast to jump from and play on. ive never seen another person on this trail while im on it

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Just to clear up the first 2 reviews are 2 totally different ways to get to High Falls. The first one talking about entering the woods from the field is going over mnt. On the trail. The 2nd is the mellow longer walk down the old railroad grade. The first way over the mnt is the way I like. Great work out and faster this way over the trail. It's my 2nd home we love it out there.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

There are places right in the first few miles of the trail, right when you really enter the woods from the fields, where the trail is a little hard to follow. It isn't bad as long as you are paying attention. Once you get to the falls, there are swimming holes abound if you are feeling sweaty and brave. I am not sure if I buy the 5 miles for a loop, I think it is more like 7-8 miles for the loop, which is also the length it is given in my guidebook and cheat mountain map. We didn't see many people until we were at the falls and one of the train tours stopped there. Soon there were dozens of people swarming around. Kinda surreal after being in the woods hiking for a couple hours.

Friday, May 20, 2011

This trail is really part of the "West Fork Trail" and according to the helpful link below, it is mile 22 and beyond. Don't let the description above scear you off! Mostly nice trail and only a slight grade down and back up to get out.
The wife , my Brother and myself saw the link online and we walked in instead of biked. This is an old train bed trail that is mostly easy walking. There is no drinkable water so pack some or bring a filter which is what we did. Plenty of streams and ponds along the trail. Nice veiws along the way with deer and wild turkeys abound. Stay on the trail until you reach the national forrest bearing tree. The trail is skirted with no trespassing signs but you are allowed to walk or bike the trail.
At one point and once inside the National Forrest the trail splits and you can go either trail down to the live train tracks running along Shavers Fork. Take the left trail to avoid a long trek on the train tracks. There are parts of the trail that are grown up a bit but if you pay attention there is no fear of getting lost. Just before the trail ends at the tracks the trail (old RR Bed) has been washed out. There is a nice clear pond to the left and we chose to cross the wash out on the left or uphill side of the wash out. Another short walk down the trail and you should already be seeing glimpses of the tracks and river from the trail. At the tracks turn left and follow them to HIGH FALL's. You cant miss the small shelter and out houses on the right built for the train passangers. There is a nice trail leading to an overlook of the falls. We camped on the river about 200 yrds down stream of the falls. Bring your pole, the trout were awsome with the morel mushrooms we found along the way.
The link below provides a much better description of this part of the trail.

1 month ago

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

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