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12 days ago

A nice little trail with beautiful views. It was very muddy, though, and based on the reviews of others, we decided to turn around about halfway and hike back the way we came so as to avoid the part on the road.

Hiked the entire trail in three days. Cass to Marlinton, Marlinton to Rorer, Rorer to Caldwell. Tracked over 80 miles with GPS. Picked up a few geocaches along the way. Very nice trail, would do it again!

3 months ago

Easy trail to walk or bike. Beautiful river views. Walked only a 4-mile section but want to return and do more.

Fun trail to go on, Ì went 11/5/17, about 4 hours round trip. Basically walking up a hill half way then down the hill half way. Easy marked trail with blue diamonds (and yellow rectangles) on the trees. You’ll come to the top on the hill where it forks, left will take you on the Allegheny Trail, and right take you to the High Falls (there are signs). Once you come to the railroad tracks make a right and follow the tracks down stream around a few bends until you come to a train stop and you’re there. Ì suggest reading Scott C’s post down below on how to find it because ì had trouble finding the trail head myself.

Trail wasn’t as well kept as I would have liked.

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5 months ago

beautiful ride

6 months ago

Great view and there's a cool damn with a pond. Nice wide trail. We really enjoyed it except for walking along the road. Next time we will for just go out and back instead of the loop to avoid the time spent waking along the road. Otherwise a great hike we will for sure do again.

6 months ago

I Love this hike. Myself and a couple of friends hiked it last week which was mid to late August and the weather was perfect. Not to hot not to cold, just perfect for a good day hike. The train was there when we got there and the view of the falls was an absolute treasure

Great trail! Went backpacking and slept the night by the falls. Swimming hole under the falls was great!

I stayed on the River Trail not realizing I was supposed to turn onto the Canyon Rim Trail which takes you to the Heritage Point. Still, this was a fantastic hike. I saw one other person the entire time I was on the trail. There is ample parking near the trail head.

7 months ago

Did the full loop and took about 2.5 hours. Lots of tall grass at top covering trail, but it was well marked.

Took the dogs for a walk on this trail back in 2013 and they loved it all though they was wore out when we got done. Most definitely want to take plenty of water if it's in the heat of Summer.

8 months ago

Hike was great, medium difficulty due to plenty of trip/slip hazards. The water in the river was a good chilled temperature. No one here seemed to mention that there are snakes at the falls, so that was quite the surprise. The group I hiked with was getting ready to swim just below the falls and we happened to spot a snake, and then another and another, etc. I still swam but the rest didn't so that was quite disappointing. Turned out to just be common watersnakes.

Not sure I would say it's easy. There are some decent uphill ascents. Not strenuous but more than a stroll. Nice forest scenery. Bugs weren't bad either. Definitely worth doing again in a different season.

We wound up making a modified loop and coming back on one of the park roads as we hadn't packed enough water to do the full 7.5 miles.

The state park is great.

Was a good hike for the distance but there is a small section on the road. Vehicles traveling on the road are not cautious of the walkers. It is an unmarked windy trail. Over all good hike

Wasn't sure about the trail conditions because of the Storm the night before. Trails were dry, very rocky but the many switchbacks made this a Great Trip. The Cliffs were crowded with Day Hikers and also a group of Boy Scout were earning their Merit Badges. Look for the Blue Blaze to the Cliffs because the sign is Missing. Look for the split in the trail with a North & South bound sign. Turn there and a few trees back will have a small Blue Blaze.

9 months ago

I take my motorcycle and park at bates lot on top of mountain..and hike 5 or more miles..on blue trail straight up mountain..their is a out house on top..and a place to eat tables and covered area.Very nice..mountain view ..or u can make shorted by coming down the orange part at the top of mountain..But i go the longer route..takes me 3 hours..and i love that park..U know when u are done the ups..

9 months ago

I completed the Ziler Loop Trail today. It was a nice hike - about a 4 mile loop. Strenuous hike up the Ziler Trail. No real views up at the top, but it was a nice quiet walk. I only saw one other couple on the trail. Before leaving the park, I made my way up to the Cacapon Mountain Overlook. Beautiful views! I highly suggest making the drive up before you leave.

11 months ago

Nice walk, very slight grade

Started in Parkersburg. Only walked approximately 2 miles. Nice easy level trail. Perfect for walkers and joggers.

11 months ago

This trail is really great for just about any kind of outdoors adventure. I prefer hiking, running, or biking for this trail. It's relatively easy as far as difficulty goes, although some parts of the trail may be more difficult for some people. There is so much wildlife along this trail!! You'll run into many birds, animals, and other lil creatures - especially in the warmer months. There are plenty of things to look at around you on this trail. The beginning of the trail, nearest Parkersburg, is really nice in my opinion. There's a huge field where you can see the sun set across the Little Kanawha river although it is close to the highway but the sound of the vehicles isn't distracting from the sounds of surrounding nature. Would recommend 9/10

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11 months ago


11 months ago

no sleep till brooklyn

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I had the whole trail to myself this morning. Very peaceful and wonderful views. Want to come back and run all 77mi

Friday, December 30, 2016

Great trail. 2:30 hike for 5.6 miles. this is the ziler trail straight up and making a left and taking the ziler loop trail back down. if you do the entire ziler loop i believe its 12 mi or so.

Friday, December 30, 2016

I had been planning to hike this trail until I found this at www.nps.gov. Just want to share with other users: "Glen Jean, West Virginia, September 11, 2014—Portions of the Rend Trail, formerly known as the Thurmond Minden Trail, will be closed effective immediately due to safety concerns. Federal highway engineers recently completed inspections on trail bridges throughout the park and discovered structural damage to one of the bridges on this popular hiking and biking trail. The damage occurred on the second bridge from the Minden side, 1.27 miles in from the Minden trailhead or 1.96 miles in from the Thurmond trailhead. The cribbing supporting the bridge has rotted and is no longer structurally stable. Engineers have stated that this bridge is no longer safe and can fail at any time."

Sunday, December 11, 2016

It needs a few more blazes as we had to stop and scan a few times. But this trail was beautiful and well worth the sweat. We were the only ones on the trail today. The oasis of the train stop was great! If you walk along the tracks, be wary of the train during excursion season- the trail gets pretty close.

Monday, December 05, 2016

After doing a loop to reach the overlook to Harpers Ferry, we decided to drive to the Weverton Cliffs (9 mins) and do a short hike. It was continuously uphill but it was quite easy. There are so many leaves on the pathway during fall that you can easily slip. The cliffs are really nice and worth the trip if you have extra time after finishing a hike nearby.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

I fully agree with what is said on this trail description; I did it hiking and it is also a very enjoyable experience. The scenery is beautiful, and yes, the wooden bridges and some remains of the tracks add to the scenery. One can imagine how it looked like a century ago!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Beautiful but flat hike along the river for most of the time. The steep, invigorating hike up to Weverton cliff was great and the view was awesome.

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