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Tall grass. Lots of sunny areas. Go left at the loop as it is sharper hill that way.

Simple hike with nice views at the end

started off as the only people on the trail, pretty eerie. but as we decended, we crossed paths with a handful of other hikers! a lot of bushwhacking to the summit, would recommend long pants if you want to avoid scratches! such a beautiful view, great place for photo ops!

Took about 3 hours total out and back. Amazing views at the top. It's uphill for almost a solid 3 miles, the trail up to chimney top is marked by rock stacks along the trail. The trail is well marked the whole way and is even clear on the side trail to chimney top. The side trail is very very steep so be prepared. This trail is definitely difficult but totally worth it the the views.

3 days ago

Hiked this trail Friday, August 3. I had never been on the Snake Hill Trail before and had heard talk of it being in rough shape following the logging that took place a few years back. For this reason, I downloaded the AllTrails app and followed the map.

The trail itself is an easy walk, no real uphill climbs. For the most part, the trail is flat with muddy areas or grass. I did not come across any jagged rocks sticking up like the Ravens Rock trail.
There are two parking areas to the trail. Either one you park at, if you follow the loop, you will end up walking on the road back to the other parking area, to which there are blind turns on Rohr Road/Snake Hill and some traffic travels fast so be cautious with that. I tried to follow the path back to my car but made a wrong turn on the trail and ended up following the loop instead.

I did not make it out to what I think should be an overlook. We followed the map to the left corner and ended up on a big rock but trees blocked the view. I assume the overlook is across the way from there. Again, it was my first time on the trail and using the app and map so I think it was all user error.

The only other item I'll note that others have mentioned is the possibility of rattlesnakes or copperheads being on or around the trail. There are signs posted at the trail head warning of snakes and I have heard of people coming across them. We did not encounter any while walking this past weekend.

Will definitely walk this trail again. Very peaceful and beautiful

I'm sentimental about this trail - I hiked it as a kid many times. That, coupled with the natural beauty make it worth anyone's while to take a walk on it.

This was a pleasant hike. A lot of stream crossings, and use of (very) old fire roads with a lack of erosion control makes for some rugged terrain in spots. Didn’t see anyone else on the trail, which was quite nice.

A quick hike leads to an amazing 360 degree overlook from an old fire tower. The hike itself isn’t too interesting and gets quite steep in some spots. However, the payoff is definitely worth it. I’d highly recommend this for a sunset hike!

Awesome trail, beautiful view at the end!

Been a favorite for over a decade. Hidden gem! The trail is a loop, mostly easy going. A couple hundred yards in is a bridge over a small creek. Past the bridge, turn left or right. Either way- stay on the main trail and you'll end up where you started. My daughter, four years old, and I both love this one - beautiful!

15 days ago

It’s a short, easy hike with a few muddy spots. We visited early afternoon on a Saturday so parking was tight. Expect to possibly to park along the road or hike back from the Nordic (snow/ski) parking lot (a mile or so away).

I’m not sure who said this trail was well marked, but it certainly is not especially on the Barboursville end. Maybe I’ll try again in the winter time or on the other side, but this essentially seemed like walking through the vines behind someone’s house and the trail, if there is one, it is really hard to follow.

trail running
16 days ago

The trail was hard but very nice. It was well maintained and well marked at least for the Kanawha Trace Race.

20 days ago

This is a nice trail that leads to some great views of Cheat Lake and the Cheat River Canyon.

Pros: Great views, varied scenery (alternates between thick forests and open meadows), loop trail, not too difficult or long

Cons: Part of the hike is along Snake Hill Road which has no shoulders, no blazes or signs to follow (use the AllTrails app to navigate instead), another part of the hike is along a gravel road

Even with the cons, it is still a nice hike with great views. Definitely recommended if you want a nice hike not far from Morgantown with fewer people than Coopers Rock.

Very easy hike. Great for kids. Lots of cool things to see.

An easy trail though parts are usually very muddy, at least in spring. Views are stunning at the overlook.

great ttrail for a day hike

22 days ago

Good trail with nice views. About halfway through it turns into a gravel road that leads to the main road. That is the only downside

Great trail for running & biking!

28 days ago

Definitely need AllTrails to find your way on this unmarked trail. Watch for snakes if you try to take the small trail that bypasses the road; i had to double back to the road to avoid a snake.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Very fun bike ride with a gorgeous view at the end!

I really enjoyed this trip. Coming from eastern North Carolina and meeting a friend from Ohio and his nephew into the Dolly Sods wilderness area was a great trip. I expected the weather to be warmer and more humid. But it turned out to be very pleasant. Bugs were not a problem too. The trail was somewhat rocky and in some parts muddy. But all in all we were not hampered or slowed down. We did not get to see any wild life. So I was a little disappointed. There were lots of blue berries and wild flowers.

The trail was relatively well marked. There were a couple spots that we had to question whether we were pushing forward in the correct direction. We also were hiking this trail through a huge rain storm so it was fairly flooded in areas.

The effort you expend on this hike is well rewarded with not just one, but two separate spectacular overlooks. Majority of the hike is through the woods and the lower part consists of some relatively simple switchbacks, but becomes strenuous - and rock laden - as you progress. (Trekking poles will prove very helpful) The first overlook is a little over 2 miles in and is a great spot to take a break and have a snack. Keep going along the ridge and ultimately you'll need to really work for the summit, as the last third of a mile or so is very steep.

The payoff at Chimney Rock is definitely worth it - and you'll be rewarded with an absolutely amazing summit! Take some time and soak it in! As an added bonus, the day I was there I got to watch a pair of peregrine falcons searching for prey in the forest below.

A highly recommended hike!

(Remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as the sun rips though the forest for a good chunk of the hike)

Good hike if you are looking for something to get miles in. You can drive in on the dirt road and save yourself approx 2 miles at the beginning and end of just walking on a dirt road. Lots of gravel so you may want to protect your dogs feet if they are sensitive. Probably best to go when the leaves are off so you can see more...be prepared for not a lot of water. The map makes it look like the river is right beside the trail but its not...couple falls that come down off the mountain that are good sources but theres only two or three.

Nice walk through the WV forest. Wide trail for most part. Took our Lab and Boxer, they loved it.

1 month ago

This is a nice hike, not to difficult with a great view at the end which is a great place to sit for a while and enjoy a drink and maybe have a bite to eat. I would do this trail again.

1 month ago

Traveled this trail last week, and it was a hit or miss for bogs. Many times we had to 'feel our way' with trekking poles to prevent from getting sucked in. It will slow your pace, so plan accordingly. Beautiful area and I can't wait to get back.

Short, easy hike to a spectacular view

We set out to hike this to the spruce knob summit but were discouraged by the overgrown beginning of the trail. This was early July and the growth was as tall as me and we stepped in a huge mud puddle right past the gate. The map we were given at the spruce knob lake campground had the only trailhead at the summit going down. If you are willing to do some serious bushwhacking I’m sure it’s worth it. If we had come earlier in the season or closer to fall I’m sure it would be fine but mid summer it was like no one had hiked this trail in years!

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