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3 months ago

Firstly, it’s not easy in and out. The first .5 mile or so from trail head is easy but as you approach the hill/mountain you’ll be surprised at how the description says, “easy in and out.” There are switch backs both up and down the mountain and a pass between the two peaks/hilltops. Heavy stone and root systems everywhere which was a bit interesting when it was wet. The way down the other side was pretty steep so expect a substantial climb back out. Once you crest the hill and make your way down you’ll see a set of train tracks. There is a blaze and a path directly across the tracks but please just make the right and follow the tracks about another .5-.75 miles to a small little train stopping area. You’ll continue to see blazes down the tracks. The train stop area is the falls. If you are making a few days of this expect a lot of visitor traffic. There is a scenic train system that regularly stops for site seeing. Not many camping areas tbh. If you are looking for wood for camp fires, expect laurel and it didn’t burn well either, and everything is picked clean. Very pretty falls and great rapids which make for some good white noise camping. Don’t bring a horse. It is not safe for that. I don’t know who put that.

mountain biking
3 months ago

It’s a hard climb full of switchbacks to the top. The top is a huge rock overlooking the park (not that great of a view) then you ride down a steep section back the the switchbacks and just ride them down

mountain biking
3 months ago

It’s pretty fun but there is a lot of climbing either direction you choose to go. There are one or two little features that are fun to session and you can go stupid fast on the downhills

Nice trail, well kept.

This hike is just okay, until you get 95% of the way to the end...then it gets incredible. The view from Long Point is world class. I hiked out here to climb. Its illegal to cliff jump, but if you can find your way down to the water to swim, SCUBA dive, or just hang out you'll love it. There is LTE cell phone reception out here (I have Sprint) and your smartphone will capture photos that are well worth the nearly 8 miles of casual walking. I can't wait to return here again in 2019. If you are interested in rock climbing, look over the edge all around long point and you'll see bolts and chains for sport routes.

Definitely do not cliff jump if you are not familiar with the landing as there are some shallow areas, and depending on the US ARMY Patrol's location, you could get hit with a heavy fine.

GREAT views!! Very quiet once you get away from the parking lot. Way overcrowded at the parking lot at Bear Rocks. People parking in the grass alongside the road, not picking up their trash and dog crap. So much for a wilderness area. Won't be long til its permit only. Otherwise, even though VERY wet and muddy, it was great hiking! Wear some shoes with ankle support. Most of the trail is very uneven and rocky. Two stream crossings on this route. Neither very hard. First one you need to step rock to rock to avoid shin deep water. Take something to help balance if you have it.

3 months ago

This trail is well traveled. They have been working on this trail and Improvements are in the final completion stage. It has a great view of the New River Gorge and Bridge at the end on a big rock outcropping.

Nice quick day hike, the Stone Fort portion is significantly less crowded than the Overlook trail. Pretty wooded scenery all around, and a decent uphill climb to get to the ridge. There are several historical stops along the way. Bring plenty of water/electrolytes if it's warm. Near the stone fort and the armory the trail does get overgrown with vegetation but we had no problem with staying on the trail. The Overlook portion offers stunning views of Harpers Ferry. That portion of the trail is quite crowded. Overall certain parts of the trail are uneven and/or rocky, but I wore running shoes, not hiking shoes, and I had no problem. Hiking specific footwear would be better in rainy weather or for those needing the extra support. Any healthy dog (or human) can do this trail, however this ain't your granddad's trail. Took us around 3 hours and that was a very leisurely pace.

TL;DR Worth the climb if you want to get a decent day hike in, more moderate than difficult, many historic stops along the way.

Very fun. Took the blue trail, tough climb at the beginning which is why Abe Lincoln didn’t get to see the guns at the top. Some great views but the trail is overgrown in places. Use the app to find your way of off course. The overlook is breathtaking. Took the goat trail down from there. Fun but challenging. Great day.

Nice walk that’s scenic and pleasant. A gem on the edge of Thomas

Fun terrain and gorgeous view at the end. It’s a moderate trail, it would be a little tricky for little ones.

This trail needs maintained.

Definitely worth it but it is difficult. For someone who doesn’t hike a lot, it will take a while to do the climb in and out of the overlook trail. The views of Harpers Ferry from the overlook are spectacular. The green and red trails are well marked

3 months ago

Poor markers, I would rate this moderate. The first mile is really steep and then it’s pretty flat and easy. Still a great hike!

3 months ago

Great trail have done it before but today the bridge is gone that crosses the creek! The force of the flooding this summer must have pushed it away.

Fun hike. Ran into a few deers on the way.

Woke up early and hiked this trail (absolutely recommend) as the sun came up. Better view than Coopers in my opinion, definitely worth the hike. Power lines take away from the scenery but I think they look somewhat unique with the setting.

the trailhead is basically at the intersection of Tobaggan Hill Trail and Moundbuilder Loop in the Woods Resort. There is a parking lot next to the gravel road which leads up to a fence with the trail head (and sign for Wintercamp trail) to the left. As previously mentioned, the first part of trail is straight up to the ridgeline.

(address of trailhead)
758 Toboggan Hill Trail, Hedgesville, WV 25427

3 months ago

easy and varied hiking (elevation) out to rock formation with views of trees and hills

This trail starts from the archery area with about half a mile of an uphill trek. Once at the top, I hiked a bit just to discover a tree down, making the trail impassible. I had to turn around and come back down the crazy hill.

3 months ago

Beautiful trail

3 months ago

Decent trail. Tight in spots and not very picturesque. You're basically running through dense forest. Lots of rocks and low areas on the trail to watch for of after a rain.

If you're biking, there are branches and logs across the trail in a few spots. Beware!

3 months ago

We ride this trail frequently. It's a well maintained trail (minus one downed tree that'sbeen there for a year). There are some good climbs to rev up your heart rate! It takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour on the bike.

Nice and quiet. Didn't see to many other hikers.

Good trail with lots to see. Tons of mushrooms !

The mushrooms were amazing. Great short day hike.

Wonderful day hike. Got to see some interesting ruins of forgotten coal times.

Amazing workout! Feel the burn! I’m glad it was raining cause I was pouring sweat, couldnt tell what was rain and what wasn’t! Oh watch out for the chickens when you drive in!

4 months ago

Wow. This is a beautiful trail. Did the full out and back and it was a treat. Following the Glade Creek the full way provide ample opportunity to go swimming or to sit back and listen to the water. What a great hike!

I cant find the trail!! When you click directions it takes you to a golf course/residential area. Can someone please provide directions?

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