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Charleston, West Virginia Map
12 days ago

Great for those starting, have health issues, older folks or you children or just a easy stroll through the woods.

Great for those starting, have health issues, older folks or you children or just a easy stroll through the woods.

12 days ago

It was a great hike but there was a lot of trees had to climb over not good for kids

CCC Snipe trail, Mossy Rock, Middle Ridge Trail, Teaberry Rock trail, Davis Creek Trail. This was a 6 mile loop hike and we started at Snipe trail with a steep climb. We then followed Mossy Rock to Middle Ridge Trail. This trail was a easy hike and very enjoyable to look around with breath taking views. Be careful to watch for the markers leading Middle ridge, it's easy to follow the road and not the hiking trail. Once on Teaberry, it's a steep climb back down, but enjoyable. Make sure to follow markers because there are trail leading off in different directions close to the bottom. Once we got to the bottom we stopped and allowed our dog to walk the creek and she enjoyed this play time. Continue up the creek onto Davis Creek trail and follow it back to the parking lot and beginning of Snipe trail. If reverse this hike, it will give you similar results. Overall, this was a great hike today !!

26 days ago

Great hike but no waterfall

I absolutely love this trail! I come to Kanawha State Forest often and this is a stop every time. It is definitely not an easy hike, so be warned. I would say moderate to difficult, as most of it is straight up a steep hill. It does make a nice loop, which is great for people like me who hate backtracking on hikes.

If you are coming to this trail for the overlook, I recommend beginning at the first entrance to the trail (not the one at the bow range). To find it, enter the forest by the main road. Go just past the turn-off to the pool and park in the small, unmarked gravel lot on the left. A sign across the road marks the entrance to Overlook trail. From there, it is a short 15 minute hike (about half a mile) straight up to the overlook. The rock at the top provides a great spot for photos, a quick picnic, or just resting after the climb. For a casual hiker looking for a quick hike with a rewarding view at the end, this is the best way to go - as long as you are in shape.

From there, your options are to go back down the way you came, or to continue along the rest of the trail (about a mile). In summer, I do not recommend continuing this way for the casual hiker, as the underbrush is quite heavy along a lot of the trail (this means briers and poison ivy). This half of the trail is not as difficult, but I do find the overgrowth unpleasant. This half of the trail is not as heavily traveled which probably contributes to this. However, it is a nice hike in other seasons, and when you come out the other end, it is a very short walk along the main road to get back to your car.

Was a great trial, however, I'm only giving it a 4 star because once you get to the top and start down the other side it was not properly marked.

You start on Davis Creek trail and split off on white hollow trail. It is not called Kanawha state forest trail. The sign leading to White Hollow trail was blazed orange, but the blazes through the trail were blue ! Once you are to the top you must walk down a gravel road a piece and reconnect with white hollow trail. Once you go down the trail and make it to the look out rock is where the blazes become confusing. There are lighter blue markers leading to the right wrap around the rock, but the trail actually goes over the hill and to the left. Once you make it to the bottom, you will need to either go back the way you came or walk down the main road a piece and reconnect with Davis Creek trail.

This trail is very challenging in places and easy in others. Overall this was a great hike !!!

Not so much hard as it was steep. only woods view. Several downed tree tops.

An easy, peaceful, hike.

Nice quick hike. It's a walk in the woods with a pretty steep ascent at the beginning providing some good cardio.