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22 days ago

Challenging trail, good exercise

2 months ago

This challenging trail intrigued me. 820 is a LOT of stairs. I had some doubts whether my knees or hips or feet or whatever would present a problem. ( I’m not no young gun anymore ) But I was not going to let that stop me. I HAD to do it. It was nowhere as bad as I thought it would be. I just broke the trip back up in to chunks ( i counted ) and took mini breaks. It was neat seeing the abandoned mining operations and and interesting facts regarding the history of the haulage ops. I have to give a LOT of credit to the West Virginians who used this trail. back in the day. They were some real badasses for sure.

P.S. I was VERY glad for every bit of training I did with the kettlebell and stairmaster prior to this hike!

November 18, 2018

This was a nice walk, it would be good for bringing kids or dogs. It was a bit rocky and muddy in some places, so I’m glad i wore hiking boots instead of my thin-soled walking shoes. I didn’t think the trailhead was hard to find, Google Maps led me straight to the small gravel lot at the trailhead, and the beginning and the end of the loop was marked on both sides of the road. The entrance on the parking side of the road is closer to the Devil’s Tea Table. Once you’re on the loop, the trail intersects with a few others, but they’re labeled too, so it’s not hard to stay on course. After completing the loop, I also walked the Cascade Trail since its trailhead was also by the parking pad, which led me downhill to the creek. Very pretty and peaceful and would recommend as a side excursion.

Very pretty area, good for a quick hike. Raven’s Rock was my favorite trail (That’s where everyone gets those cool pictures)

2 months ago

The number one thing coming from this is to pack water and be prepared to sweat. The walk down was pretty with one spot giving a nice view of the gorge, as you head down you’ll meet the mine which was very interesting. Continuing heading down the 821 1/2 steps (half a step was missing at the beginning so watch out) you’ll be met with the beautiful dilapidated mine site. Now you’ll be met with the toughest obstacle, going all the way up. It’s rough but worth it for the workout burn. Taking this again sometime later.

3 months ago

Loved the 80 step staircase! Would love to see it in the winter with no leaves blocking the view. I logged 3.4 miles roundtrip hike that including adventuring around the Tipple and also down to the Coke Ovens. The trail was wet and muddy but not hazardous. All of the mine structures were very nice to see and learn about. To me, climbing the stairs back to the slate track level - powder house was easier than the rest of the climb on the trail to the parking lot.

Nice trail, well kept.

Amazing workout! Feel the burn! I’m glad it was raining cause I was pouring sweat, couldnt tell what was rain and what wasn’t! Oh watch out for the chickens when you drive in!

there are a lot of sections on this trail. we did the miners section which had about 830 steps and around a mile long hike to get to these steps. going down one can see the remains of the mines and the mining town.
was very interesting and a good workout.

4 months ago

Beautiful trail. One of my favorites in the New River.

Go to one miler for the family. My 3 year old easily keeps up and can climb up to the top of the rock formation. Not blazed but the path is really clear.

Really enjoyed this trail with my two year old and my husband.

5 months ago

My family and I enjoyed this trail. However, it is difficult in terms of physical exertion (coming back out). I counted 822 steps on the way out (there are different numbers floating around tho). There are also a few other sets on the trail that would add to that number. If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy yourself at the bottom. If not, you may not care as much. We LOVED the nostalgia of walking where miners did almost 100 years ago. At the bottom of the trail, if you take a right, you can see the old coke stove ruins. They are very neat. To the left at the bottom of the trail, you can see the old power house, tipple, and processing plant. Before you start the steps down (after coming out of the woods), you can see the entrance to the old mines on the left. I would recommend this trail to anyone that likes history who is in decent shape. As mentioned above, coming back out is very demanding. Happy hiking!

5 months ago

A bit of a disappointment. There really isn't much to see at the bottom of the steps. At the bottom of the steps are two collapsed buildings and a short metal structure. There are no trail markings indicating where to go. However, if you go to the right and follow the path (carefully) it will lead down to a row of coke ovens over a football field long. If you haven't seen coke ovens before, they are pretty cool. You can view them up close. There are also some signs explaining the area on the way down. Other than that, there's not much to see. I did encounter several people using the trail for fitness/exercise. One guy preparing for an iron man event. Yea, this trail is that tough. At the top of the steps is a carving in the railing indicating 813 steps. However, there are even more steps before you get to those. Plus, a decently steep trail that leads down to all of this. Is the trail worth doing? If you are in decent shape, yes. If for no other reason, do this trail for the bragging rights.

5 months ago

Very enjoyable out-and-back. The sites are worth the effort. We visited in July however, the shade of the canopy kept the hiking cool. I reviewed the history of the area after the fact however, I recommend that you do so in advance of your hike. It will make more sense. I can only assume that a spring or fall hike would allow you to see more of the sites artifacts when the ground cover is not as plush.

Great hike. Definitely watch for rattlesnakes in the open part of the clay run trail

6 months ago

One of my favorites in the area! The ruins and history are incredible.

The first part of the hike is a steep walk weaving down the mountain, where you pass a small, pretty waterfall. It levels off before you come to the stairs. There’s plenty to see at this level, like an old mine entrance.

Take the 800 steps to the bottom. There’s lots of cool stuff and structures on either side of the stairs.

The “trail” ends at the bottom, but plenty of people go right at the bottom and explore off the path. If you walk far enough, you can find the ruins of the coke ovens. It’s also possible to get all the way down to the active train tracks and cross to get down to the river, where it’s fun to watch the rafters pass.

LEAVE THE PATH AT YOUR OWN RISK! There are a lot of hidden threats. There are holes, spikes, metal, and more in the area. The old railroad tracks have decayed in a way that’s left a lot of gaps. The active tracks are ACTIVE, and the gravel makes it easy to get stuck. The current of the river is strong.

Please remember to leave no trace. This includes biodegradable items. I keep seeing more and more garbage at the end of this trail.

6 months ago

this was my second time to the mines but first time down the stairs and back to the top. extremely hard trail,but so worth. everyone was great and felt like old friends. we stopped quite a bit to rest and other hikers were very understanding. Southern WV has the greatest people. I encourage others to take the challenge and do this trail. just give e yourself a full day and bring lots of water.

Went on the hike yesterday morning, and the temperature was perfect. We took the North Mont Chateau trail and veered off into some other trails, and at the end clocked in at about 11.5 miles (with 175 floors climbed)! The hike is marked well and has some great views. Walking in between some of the massive rocks, seeing the Iron Furnace and seeing the mini-beach at Cheat Lake were some of the biggest highlights. The overlook of Coopers Rock is amazing but was extremely crowded. If you come during early morning, you may have a better experience. Overall great hike, definitely worth the 5 hours for me. Check out some of my photos. Sitting down afterwards was great haha

I saw a bear at clay furnace.

I had a day off and decided to hike this trail, since all the reviews said the trail was marked and easily followed I knew it would be a great hike. Unfortunately, it's not marked all that great and I ended up taking wrong turn that resulted in 1.5 miles out and back to get back onto the trail turning my 5 mile hike into 8.
I used the app the rest of the trail until i happened upon the end of it which wasn't well marked at all and eventually I just followed the road. Everything was beautiful, and had this been at my peak fitness a couple years ago I wouldn't have felt like I was going to die. I'd recommend using the app to guide you if you're going to follow this trail as it is actually a loop around several connecting trails. If you do that, you'll likely have a much better experience than I. Happy Trails!

It’s a beautiful trail down into Kaymoor. We went in the dead of heat and still stayed cool on the trail. The way up is tough, but there are plenty of chances for intermission. Don’t let your lack of cardio keep you from enjoying the trail. Don’t rush it! Take your time and enjoy it and reading about the history on the way down.

Very intense but such a cool hike.

Super easy and a nice quick local walk for me!

Really nice little hike! It rained earlier in the day, so some parts were a bit swampy, but the trail was fairly even and was well marked. We went in the evening, and got to see a couple frogs.

7 months ago

Was a hard trail very steep going down to the mine and then you had 800 steps to the bottom , we turn around then and went back up, would like to do it again and go all the way to the bottom just need to start early in the day for this one need time for taking a lot of breaks going back up

7 months ago

✅off my bucket list! Everyone on this trail was so nice.

Trail starts great down through huge boulders. Declines down into a valley with a beautiful creek and the clay furnace. The second half of the trail is pretty open without a lot of great scenery.

Great hike all down and state back up !

on Kaymoor Trail

9 months ago

One of the most remarkable hikes I've ever been on. Don't be discouraged by the stairs.. the ruins at the bottom are amazing and so interesting to see. The buildings were abandoned in the 60s and are now inaccessible to go inside. The top of the trail is incredibly steep at times but it's so worth it. I can't wait to do this again, I love WV!

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