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We took a shorter loop, starting at Bear Rocks, then going on Dobbin Grade, and back on Beaver Dam. This particular loop is not difficult though very wet in the spring and requires going off the trail at several points to get around the high water. This trail is probably better for bigger dogs though we did take our bichon out once, we had to carry him a lot through mud. Views are beautiful, especially in the spring when everything is a lush green with flowers blooming. Weather has always been cool, sunny, low humidity and just perfect. This loop is also not bad if you have a child in a carrier.

beautiful views on this trail

Very beautiful and serene. The campground is about two miles from the parking lot. It was the perfect place to camp as it was private and we didn’t have to drive back down the mountain to get to it. Beautiful views and lots of wild blueberries

Beautiful scenery and very desolate. For most of the hike I was completely alone. The trails are rocky but not too bad. Wear waterproof boots and bring extra socks. Dobbin Grade Trail is a muddy bog. You can easily be knee deep in mud if you’re not careful! Avoid if possible. Overall the views and experience were well worth it.

29 days ago

great trail and absolutely gorgeous view

We did Bear Rocks -> Raven Ridge - > Rocky Ridge - > Dobbin Grade - > Beaver Dam - >back to raven ridge and re-traced Bear Rocks

The section of this trail was moderate with lots of ferns, berries, and meadows. Sweeping views and some good camping spots.

I def recommend continuing on to Rocky ridge from this loop for some even more unique views and cool rocks that have been shaped by the wind.

The effort you expend on this hike is well rewarded with not just one, but two separate spectacular overlooks. Majority of the hike is through the woods and the lower part consists of some relatively simple switchbacks, but becomes strenuous - and rock laden - as you progress. (Trekking poles will prove very helpful) The first overlook is a little over 2 miles in and is a great spot to take a break and have a snack. Keep going along the ridge and ultimately you'll need to really work for the summit, as the last third of a mile or so is very steep.

The payoff at Chimney Rock is definitely worth it - and you'll be rewarded with an absolutely amazing summit! Take some time and soak it in! As an added bonus, the day I was there I got to watch a pair of peregrine falcons searching for prey in the forest below.

A highly recommended hike!

(Remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as the sun rips though the forest for a good chunk of the hike)

Amazing weather and a last minute decision to do this hike proved to be worth much more than the effort and I’ll definitely do it again. Nice ascent and great quality trail. The views at the top and along with way are insanely beautiful! The hike down is a little boring but made interesting by doing it as a trail run.

We decided to do this trail on the 4th... unfortunately we got a little later start than we wanted and ended up catching the heat wave in the middle of the day. We loved the hike but in our opinion their are much better hikes around the area. Overall I’d rate it a very strenuous hike, try to do it on a cooler day and you won’t be disappointed. Almost Heaven never disappoints! After the trail, make the trip to Hellbenders in Davis, WV... I promise it’ll be worth it.

hike down the hill is nice. Then left at the crossroads... tons of water, and spongy places, mucky and muddy. Went after rain which was not a great choice. Other side of the creek was beautiful. Go expecting to get wet and take extra shoes/clothes.

Stunning views from top and awesome hike! Trail head off of Smoke Hole Road. Small pull-off/parking area off the side of the road. Trail head marked by kiosk. Very steep 1.4 mile climb on Landis Trail to North Fork Mountain Trail. Follow North Fork Mountain Trail along the ridge line to Chimney Top. Trail very well-marked and maintained. Hiked on Thursday afternoon on the summer solstice and had the entire trail and summit to ourselves. Most of trail is shaded, but exposed on some sections and on the top of rocks. Very buggy. Much of the trail was rocky, so firm soles are helpful for this hike. Entire hike took about 3 hours. First 1-mile up was a slow 45 minutes, but made up lots of time coming back down the hill.

1 month ago

Fantastic view from top and great hike! Forest Road 214 is blocked off at the bottom due to washed out gravel road. Have to park at gated area and proceed on foot on gravel road for 0.8 miles. Trail head is marked by small sign 507 to the right of road. Then, proceed 1 mile up fairly moderate slope to top of North Fork Mountain Trail. (Note: Because the road is washed out and you can't drive past the gate, this hike is total of 3.6 miles out and back--need to add in the extra gravel road portion both ways.) Trail is well-marked and well-kept. Did not see anyone else on the trail the entire time, hiking on a Thursday.

Very difficult & I'm in pretty good shape! Awesome views, worth the pain!

Hiked in morning to catch the sunrise over the mountains was beautiful.... was definitely hard towards the peak for a pack a day smoker but still enjoyed the view at the end

beautiful place. allloooottt of water on the trails. pretty much hike Creek beds. trail markers are few and far between, lots of trails to circumvent the actual trail because of water. alot of random campsites already established with fire rings . overall had a great time. just wish for more trail markers or blaze marks.

Definitely hard on the legs but the view is so worth it!!! Pack a lunch to enjoy at the top ;) (just remember to leave it better than you found it)

This is by far the best view in the state of WV! The trail starts off right from the start with some crazy elevation gain. the spur trail leading up to Chimney Top is the steepest section but only about .3 miles. once you get there, if you want to get on top of the main chimney you have to do a little climbing up a 5 ft rock wall that it VERY easy for anyone that made it this far. Once you get to it you will not be disappointed. Looking out across you see a wonderful view of German Valley and looking back into the south you will see Virginia! Wonder 360° view and I will for sure backpack the whole trail in the near future!

I would rank the view from Chimney Top the best in the state, hands down. The trail is difficult and you work for the reward, but man, is it one hell of a reward. The trail itself was steep in places, rocky in others, and steep and rocky in some places alltogether, but I would hike this 10 more times given the chance and I don't think I would tire of the view.

Great and hard hike. We hiked this today, and got to the main overlook in about an hour and 15 minutes. Note: the bulk of the length of this trail is in the woods. The bulk of the elevation, though, is once you hit the ridge with the overlooks. Don't let the elevation rate on that map fool you. It most certainly isn't that gradual.

That said, of all the hikes I've done, I think the view from this hike is the most varied and special. While the 360° view is not completely unobstructed, I personally believe it is much better than Old Rag.

Hiked up to chimney top from the North slope 7-23-17. Spectacular view looking south west toward spruce knob. Took appoximately 2 hours to climb and only 1 hour to descend. Amazing how quiet it is at the top ridge.

Loved it was a great day so many different eco areas bogs, open plains, spruce forrest, oak forrest, rock sprees,creek filled hollers.....two thumbs and a smile on my face.....

Great trail for some serious elevation gain. If you continue along the trail at about the 6 mile mark you'll reach the high point of the North Fork Mountain Ridge. The views from here offer great views of the ridges and valleys. A 12 mile total out and back is nothing to sneeze at when the total elevation gain came in around 3,400'

Be prepared to get your feet wet. Trails pretty much consist of walking somewhat dried up creek beds. Nov conditions this weekend, icy the first day, wet and muddy the next day. Wasn’t prepared to get knee deep in mud! Trails were not well marked until they intersected, then there were wooden signs with distance between each trail. Nice and quiet trail, great for dogs. Lots of great camping sites along the way with fire pits made by others

This hike has one of the best 360 views i have had the pleasure of enjoying.. The hike is not extremely difficult but can be steep in certain areas. Worth every step. Take your time and enjoy the views!

We arrived at 8:30 AM on a Saturday, during the height of fall time, and did not spot a soul. We had an exhausting, yet peaceful hike up to the Chimney Tops. We were able to traverse rather easily up onto the right “chimney”, but really didn’t see a safe way to climb the other. From the chimneys, you get sweeping views all around; very pretty. Once you hit the ridge line, there’s endless spots to venture out and take in the views (it just depends how much brush you wanna whack through). I highly recommend continuing on past Chimney Tops for about another 1/2 mile or so until you reach the meadow with the camp site at it (you will pass a sign nailed to a tree dated 2008 regarding perguine falcon nesting, the meadow is about 5 or so more minutes past this sign). At this meadow, bushwhack/find the narrow overgrown paths that lead to the ridge line. The photo I recently uploaded is just one of several vantage points at this location, and is really perfect for pictures. I recommend getting a friend to snap your photo from 1 rock while you stand on the other...it really highlights the immensity of the mountains around you and is very beautiful. On the way back down, we passed a few smaller groups of people, and when we made it back to the car, there were about 7 or so cars there...but really nothing compared to other hikes in the area that get PACKED during Fall. It really blows me away that such a beautiful hike doesn’t receive the fanfare it deserves, but the more hikes that keep that sort of serenity, the better! :)

Very beautiful....especially this time of year. Reason for 4.....looked like the Hillary step—so many people

Excellent trail with plenty of views. There are some inclines and a stream. Plenty of spots to stop and camp as well!

you can easily miss the best view, and it's a doozy of a hike for WV but boy it's gorgeous and well worth it!

Was a decently hard trail very pretty, and is forgiving of those who just started hiking, and picking random trails, but compared to most trails a few miles down the road from this trail, I was not that impressed with the view, and also half of these photos we did not see anything that remotely looked half way near them.

Spectacular views that handsomely reward you for your effort. Not for the faint of heart or weak legged. From the chimney landmarks up is punishing, but the view will pay you back every tolling ache to get there. Take enough water as there is no access on this trail.

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