4 days ago

Steep initial climb, mostly in the shade. Path was rocky but doable in sneakers. View from chimney rock was spectacular and multiple beautiful microclimes along the way. Bonus: few bugs

8 days ago

Three words: muddy, rocky, uneventful. Did the whole loop and added 3 miles. There are a few nice areas, the ones next to the creeks, but other than that it is a slow slog over super rocky terrain and deep mud that would make a rodeo on a rainy day pale in comparison. Tempted to give it 2 stars but the creeks and the vegetation are nice.

Great trail - definitely challenging with a steep climb for the first hour or so, but then it levels out to a nice stroll along the ridge line. Wish the trail was a little wider in some spots as I am terrified of snakes and definitely saw one just a few inches from the trail. Couldn’t figure out how to get on top of chimney rock without trying to heave me whole body up a 5ft rock (I am only about 5ft tall) so that was a bummer. But still an incredible view at the top!!

Beautiful day on this trail! Lots of time spent in the open so definitely wear sunblock. Once I came to Dobbin Grade Trail, had to cross a creek. There were some rocks lined up that I used to get across but feet still got wet. After crossing the creek, I started heading up the hill but since I was recording, the AllTrails app alerted me that I was off the trail actually. Was able to adjust. The Dobbin Grade Trail had a LOT of marshy wet areas. Trying to get around them isn’t always possible. Some rocks and branches help in some areas, but you have to get creative in other instances. Some you just simply can’t avoid. I went in ankle deep a few times and just accepted the fact that my feet were going to be wet. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the trail and time in the “tundra-like” wilderness. This was my first time here and will definitely be coming back for more trails. Passed lots of backpackers that had been there over the weekend. Plenty of spots to stop and camp along the way.

Great little hike! No fee for entrance into the Monogahela National Forest so all of the trails near there are no cost and lots of fun. This was not too crowded and we went over Memorial Day weekend. It started to fill up with more hikers on our way back down (started the hike around 11AM) and we saw some folks backpacking in for the night. The views are worth the first couple of miles of uphill hiking. Great bouldering and cliff surfing if you're into that kind of thing!

I have many times over the years hiked this trail (I am 72 now) and this time was no less difficult or rewarding. The day was very cloudy as the one photo will show and the distant view of Chimney Top is minus the scrub pine that once grew there ages ago. Except for two pieces of underwear along the trail (see photo of bra on stump and copperhead snake at the beginning) this trail still remains one grand piece of primordial ground for getting back to Godhead.

Steep hike, very rocky. The first 1.5 is pretty challenging. A couple other great rock formations along the way once you get to the ridge. Some of the most amazing views!

Awesome views of the ridge and valley at the top! Trails were in good shape.

1 month ago

Nice easy trail for beginners who are looking for something above a day hike. Plenty of serene areas to stop. Didn’t have an issue finding a good spot to stay.

Up, up, up, up !!! But worth it !! Traveled today with a 7y/o ! He made it ! Yay More than a 1.4 climb of steep climbing.

Great trail! The regular part is well marked with blazes, but not sure how official the offshoot is to the summit of Chimney Top. The second (more eastern) loop to it is better marked than the more western part, so be careful when following those offshoots. The elevation was difficult but the views were breathtaking.

Did this section of the trail as part of a larger backpacking trip in October. Easily one of my favorite trails. Beautiful views and the silence on top of the ridge is amazing!

A wonderful hike no complaints and yes about 4 miles in the hiking trail that follows the creek (about a mile) is not what I would call mud but it's spongy and some spots saturated with water that you'll have to figure a way to get around it however from the start of the trail it was icy which I would imagine being muddy if it wasn't icy. So bring an extra pair of shoes as socks and enjoy the hike.

this place was amazing. My wife and I hiked this today Nov 11th. it was spectacular, it felt like we were in another world. It is a very muddy trail as mentioned, It may be worse in the spring and summer Idk. But all i can say is a place like Dolly Sods demands a little respect if you plan on hiking this in sneakers or those little keen hiking shoes you're probably not gona have a good time. A good pair of water proof boots will save your life here. We got muddy as hell but our feet stayed dry through all the creek crossings and bogs. Take good gear and dont forget your camera this hike is amazing.

Quite the climb in the beginning, but totally worth it. Amazing views!!

Views you can't see anywhere else. It's a long hike to the top but it is worth it.

This place is amazing! It’s so diverse and offers so much unique beauty that isn’t just blatantly visually stunning. Beat rocks is a great place the sunrise. The trail offered a wide variety of vegetation. My favorite spot is just down from the board walk at red creek. The Trail really opens up at the raven ridge Intersection making you feel like you’re a thousand miles from nowhere. As others have stated and whined about, yes the dobbins grade trail portion of the loop is muddy... but this is nature and it’s dolly Sods “wilderness”. I guess people expect nature to stop being nature for their convenience. I found navigating the muddy areas pretty fun and not as horrible as everyone has made it out to be. I completed the loop and didn’t double back.

A Bucket List hike. I agree with previous reviews. The Landis Trail is all uphill and steep in places. I would recommend at least three bottles of water for each person. Once you reach the top, Landis intersects with North Fork Mountain Trail. The hike from here is easier. Definitely take each spur going to the awesome views. Please note these rock outcroppings are extremely dangerous. If you have little hikers with you, you must hang on to them at all times. When I hiked, there was a tall cairn marking the rough unmarked spur to Chimney Top. This last push is again steep. When you reach the top, the trail splits left and right. Definitely check out both. However, the right split leads to the only access to the top of Chimney Top. This access is not easy. It requires pulling on a small tree with careful foot placement and a good amount of strength. You will need to evaluate whether or not you have the ability to manage this very short but challenging climb. I'm 56 but in good shape. I decided to give it a try. Very glad I did. The view from the top is breathtaking. Of course, as with all rock outcroppings, extreme care is required. It is extremely dangerous.

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