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Bruceton Mills, West Virginia Map

Beautiful trail! Perfect for showing people that are not avid hikers a taste of WV. One of my favorites in the winter!!!

Nice trail. Don't let the first hundred yards dissuade you because it's quite rocky. The trail is not groomed like many others, however it is tranquil past the split. At the far end of the trail(approx 3/4 mi), there are cariens. (rock stacks) continues to additional trails. These trails are not published on Altrails, but other local maps show them. All of these branch trails seem to stop I doubled back on 3 of these trails, and walked to the top of 5he hill on Interpertative trail, (gas line). I took one star away because a few downed trees blocked the trail,and the road noise from I-68 for the first couple of hundred yards

Beautiful trail

Beautiful trail!

Beautiful, well-maintained trail.

Hiked/walked this trail for the first time this weekend. It is beautiful!! Nice path, easy walk and it's easy to walk down to the rocks and creek. I did not walk the full loop. We turned right at the fork and walked along the creek. When the trail started to loop back around and away from the creek, it became very overgrown. There is a presence of poison ivy this way. My husband, being highly allergic to poison ivy, and I decided to turn around and go back the way we came. I was also concerned about ticks and we weren't dressed to walk through high grass and brush. Next time I will dress accordingly to walk through this section but overall a very beautiful and peaceful trail.

Been a favorite for over a decade. Hidden gem! The trail is a loop, mostly easy going. A couple hundred yards in is a bridge over a small creek. Past the bridge, turn left or right. Either way- stay on the main trail and you'll end up where you started. My daughter, four years old, and I both love this one - beautiful!

This is my favorite trail near our home. The chance to hike along a stream and take in the sounds of rushing water is very calming. I enjoy this trail year round.

Beautiful hike that’s pretty easy!! Can get a little icy in the winter.

Beautiful in the winter, can't wait to go back again this Summer and check it out!

Beautiful trail full of mature trees, ferns, and plenty of mossy boulders. Went recently this winter (2018) and it was almost even more breathtaking than in the summer. All the little waterfalls frozen over and small ice cycles hanging from everything. Great place to set up a hammock and cook a quick meal over a stove or read a book.

Went to the right when it split and the first half of trail was great. Beside the rushing water of creek and plenty of spots to let the dog play in water or just sit and listen to nature. The second half of the trail was a little overgrown and not quite as enjoyable. Opens up a little when it gets close to the initial split

Love this trail, take my dog almost every day. Maintained very well, watch the weather because the water levels rise a lot and moves very quickly after a storm.

This is my favorite trail in terms of beauty. Just breath taking.

The trail is short, but you can take a few routes to make it longer. Even better? Eat lunch or just enjoy life on the rocks. The water is incredible. The area breathtaking. Hemlock trail is also one of my favorites. If you want to get anyone interested in hiking - start here. If you want to show anyone how to find a quick appreciation of Mother Nature - again...start here. I did cross the path by the cairn and admired the hemlocks. There was a gorgeous black bear in the hemlock grove. Not sure who was more afraid of who :)

Quick little trip unless you want to work your eay towards Chestnut Ridge.

This trail provides a nice break if you've been driving I-68 a couple of hours. From the Coopers Rock exit, take Rt. 73 east to the bottom of the mountain. Just before the bridge, there is a small gravel parking lot with two signs, both difficult to see from the road. A third sign, a few feet into the trail, is overgrown with autumn olive. After navigating around a large rock, you come to a bridge with rotten-looking floor boards. We crossed this bridge without difficulty by staying over the supporting logs. At the junction we turned left and walked uphill gradually through a very nice hardwood forest. After about half a mile, we came to another junction. At 5:30 PM without a map, we thought it was best to turn right and walk downhill along the creek. We passed through an old stand of hemlocks. While I'm not sure if they are virgin timber, it was one of the oldest and healthiest hemlock groves I've seen in a while. At the bottom of the hill we thought we might be looking at a spot where hikers could ford the creek, possibly walking upstream to connect with the trail we didn't take. A few feet later, a sharp right turn took us back to approach trail. We walked about a mile overall. The loop was much better maintained than the approach. We wondered if this trail has had inappropriate use, if it's a "best kept secret," or if it's primarily a WVU classroom for forestry students. I'd love to find a map and see if this connects with any other trails.

We love this trail. It is easy, picturesque, cool, shady and accompanied by the happy noise of the stream for much of the way.

This is a nice easy trail for our family and leashed dog.

Hemlock Trail (aka Virgin Hemlock Trail) and Tyrone Trail loop. This was actually two trails to make a complete loop. These trails are located about 10 miles outside of Morgantown, WV at the Coopers Rock exit (opposite side of the interstate from the main overlook). The trail is right off the road and it does have a sign indicating its presence, but otherwise you probably would not see it driving by. These are small trails that total about 2.5 miles all together. It's a very easy trail to hike though you will have to step over some large boulders and fallen trees at some points. The trail is rated as easy and I would agree. Though this is supposed to be a white blazed trail, I did not see a single blaze. There were a few cairns (small stacks of rocks) but they were few and far between. The trail is easy to follow up until you cross a relatively substantial but still rickety bridge (small but more than just a few boards) over Laurel Run. Once you pass this bridge the trail comes to a T-intersection. The directions I had were unclear and without a blaze or decent map I spent at least 15 minutes trying to guess which way to go. Finally, I took a guess and decided to turn right which immediately cuts back to parallel another stream. Continue to follow this trail for a while until you come to a Y-intersection with a large cairn. Again, I just took a guess and took the trail to my left (which happened to work out) and that lead me back to the bridge. The entire hike only took about an hour but with more time I probably would've explored some of the other options in side trails. It, of course, is a beautiful hike. There's a lot of variation in vegetation from rhododendrons to ferns to cleared forested area with tall hemlock trees. Plus, there are several streams with small falls that add the sound of water. It's a great place for a quiet, secluded hike unlike some of the more popular trails across the interstate. Plus, its short, sweet, and easy.

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