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I’d give this a 3.5. Very accessible, not strenuous, with nice views at the end.

So far so good!

A very nice hike. Too many stream crossings too count. Those crossings are fun and not hard to do (in the winter at least).

We went for an overnight backpacking trip this weekend, expecting snow and rain.We got halfway up green mountain right before the plateau and the trees were so overgrown we had to crawl to keep on the trail. Finally got near the plateau and the trees were so close together that a human body could not push through. I wonder when the last time anyone maintained this route. The creek was beautiful and we had a good time camping despite not being able to finish the trail due to overgrown plants.

It was snowing up there it was cold but a good hike.

secluded narrow wet

2 months ago

Completed this trail in December 2017 as a one night backpacking trip. Overall a nice trail. Not too taxing, and some decent vistas at the apex of the climb. The trail is overgrown in places, so be prepared to deal with some possibly wet foliage. Navigation was mildly tricky in a few spots, but less than obvious turns are pretty consistently marked with either cairns or, in a couple of spots, orange paint.

Just did an hour out-and-back at the southern terminus along 33. Parking was not fun- just a narrow strip along the road with ambiguous no-trespassing signs. Coming in from the north/west side (out of Germany Valley) requires a hairpin u-turn on a blind corner. However, once on the trail assuming you haven’t been run over it’s awesome. Big cliffs of Tuscarora quartzite and views of Germany Valley the whole way to Spruce Knob. Bring a good camera! Also read up on the local geology-makes the landscape even more amazing.

Beautiful and challenging. Definitely backcountry! You’ll definitely be fording some creeks, so I don’t really recommend dogs on this trail if they’re not comfortable swimming against a strong current. It can get dangerous real quick. So many amazing species of flora, lots of awesome camping spots set up between the trails. This loop gets quite messy when it rains.

Loved it was a great day so many different eco areas bogs, open plains, spruce forrest, oak forrest, rock sprees,creek filled hollers.....two thumbs and a smile on my face.....

Great experience..

3 months ago

I hiked this today. Gorgeous hike, plenty of camp sites.... cross water 4 or 5 times and very muddy but the rocks that are everywhere serve a massive purpose!!!!! If those rocks weren’t strategically placed on the trail, you’d sink in the mud!!! Kudos to whomever did that! Also, the terrain changes a lot! You’re in thick woods then crossing water then in an open field with views of the mountains then you’re in the woods with leaves surrounding you....it’s definitely a trail I recommend! Next time, I’m camping

Be prepared to get your feet wet. Trails pretty much consist of walking somewhat dried up creek beds. Nov conditions this weekend, icy the first day, wet and muddy the next day. Wasn’t prepared to get knee deep in mud! Trails were not well marked until they intersected, then there were wooden signs with distance between each trail. Nice and quiet trail, great for dogs. Lots of great camping sites along the way with fire pits made by others

4 months ago

Great trail, definitely going back in the summer. Ì went 11/11/17 . Started at 9:40am finished at 6:20pm. Did all 20 miles, started at the suspension bridge off rt 72. Made my way down to the fork in the trail (left will take you up the mountain, right will take you along the creek). Ì took the creek way where you have to walk across the creek 4 times. After Ì crossed the 4th time Ì was 8 miles into the trail and headed up the mountain. The trail up the mountain wasn’t bad, just steep, but going down was rough on my knees due to the loose rocks. But Ì made it back down to the fork and headed back to my jeep. Ìf you’re planning on doing this in a day Ì suggest bringing : a head lamp: sandals : extra socks : waterproof case for your phone : and your basic hiking necessities. Ì had no service at all, but this app did track my location on the trail the whole time.

4 months ago

Nice trail with lots of ups and downs. and you can see alot more when the leaves are off. well marked for the most part, but the mile markers didn't match up with my app. and it quit tracking after 17.5 miles but counted the time. so pay attention to the trail markers in case this happens to you. and remember better to go unprepared than to not go at all.

Great change of scenery through out the hike. Provides various landscape contrast.

4 months ago

Great trail. Hidden gem in this area. Traverses my property. Great for stand alone backpacking trips or as a prep for long distance treks ie: AT, Philmont, National Park Trips etc.

Very beautiful....especially this time of year. Reason for 4.....looked like the Hillary step—so many people

5 months ago

Great trail for hiking, backpacking and mt biking! Lots of elevation changes so don't leave your trekking poles at home. Make sure you have lots of water and bug spray.

Great 6 mile out and back hike with an awesome stop halfway at David Lesser Shelter. The shelter has a 3 sided cabin, a shelter, an outhouse, 6 tent sites and a fresh water spring. Will definitely hike this again and stay at the shelter longer next time.

Excellent trail with plenty of views. There are some inclines and a stream. Plenty of spots to stop and camp as well!

Nice section of the AT with easy access from Keys Gap Parking lot on Hwy 9. Not many elevation changes but sturdy shoes and trekking sticks are helpful because this trail has many rock crawls.

good fishing. beware of bears after dusk. prepare for hiking up hill to pack out.

Started off on bear rocks...beautiful views of the rolling plains heading towards raven ridge...trail was a little rocky but very well identified and easy to follow...raven ridge quickly turned to spruce and mountain laurel thickets that opened up into more rolling plains towards dobbin grade...dobbin grade was nasty and boggy as usual...ended the hike back at the forest road, via beaver dam trail which was easy walking and slightly uphill...overall this hike was great because of all of the scenery changes...a lot of nice places to camp along the way as well.

Hiked the bear rocks trail and camped near Red Creek. An excellent place to spend the night, nestled among moss-covered boulders on a bed of pine needles from the coniferous canopy overhead, listening to the ever-present gurgle of red creek. Nice!

Challenging hike - not technically difficult, but you definitely earn your dessert! Very rough footing through most of it, so you spend your time looking down. Great second day hike of Dolly Sods.

6 months ago

We stayed in Davis, WV for a 4 day hiking vacation - We hiked this trail starting from the Western side - the parking is on 80, just off of Rt 32. It is about a mile from the parking to the real trail head - where Black Bird Knob, Big Stonecoal and Breathed Mountain Trail intersect. The hike is good, spanning both ridgelines as well as some covered areas. The ground tends to be very boggy in places - about halfway across we realized that there are strategically placed stones so you can get through. We hiked across and when we arrived at the Eastern side, detoured slightly to the trailer campground to the right - about 50 yards up the road. There was a picnic table we could sit at to eat, then we hiked back. While AllTrails says this is an 8.7 mile hike - for us it was 12 miles from car to car. We were fortunate to enjoy a patch of late season blueberries as we finished. My dog enjoyed it too.

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