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West Virginia Map

Good trail with lots to see. Tons of mushrooms !

The mushrooms were amazing. Great short day hike.

Wonderful day hike. Got to see some interesting ruins of forgotten coal times.

Amazing workout! Feel the burn! I’m glad it was raining cause I was pouring sweat, couldnt tell what was rain and what wasn’t! Oh watch out for the chickens when you drive in!

1 day ago

Wow. This is a beautiful trail. Did the full out and back and it was a treat. Following the Glade Creek the full way provide ample opportunity to go swimming or to sit back and listen to the water. What a great hike!

I cant find the trail!! When you click directions it takes you to a golf course/residential area. Can someone please provide directions?

Went on a foggy day and didn't have the best view from the top, but the trail was excellent and clearly blazed. First 3/4 mile is steep but it levels off nicely from there with several great vistas along the way to the top. Road leading to the wolf gap recreational parking lot is fully paved and easily driven.

We went on a muggy day and still loved the trail. It was a challenge for the first mile and a half or so. Great workout. We are hoping to go back on a clearer day to get the full experience of the full 360 view!

2 days ago

meh. muddy, rocky and the view has these huge power lines in the way.

2 days ago

Lovely fairly easy

Easy level trail with great footing. Follows river entire length. Can see river most of the time. Many access points so can choose what part of approximately 75 miles you want to do. Occasional bathrooms, water sources, and camping facilities along the way. There is a town about mid way. Occasional access to river for swimming, etc.
Shared with bikers and horseback riders, but saw very little traffic the Sunday in September that I went, and trail pretty wide so plenty of room for all.
Very pretty and serene overall.

Awesome except for the last 1/4 mile on the road.

6 days ago

Went hiking took my dog. Nice hike. Map or directory would be nice.

Great trail, definitely a little more challenging than easy. Signage is lacking some or I would have given it 5 stars.

This trail has everything. Cool views, awesome ridgelines, open meadows, rock cliffs, wooded pine forests, jungley forests, gushing rivers, huge waterfalls, and much more.
This was our groups first backpacking experience it took us 3 days and 2 nights to do the whole loop. On our way in we probably passed 40 or so people on their way out. Everything was a little muddy because of recent rain and it even rained the first day out. Overall everything was great any trail names with the word rocky in them are just that super rocky. Pack plenty of socks. Water is easy to find and if it’s wet dry wood is hard to come by. I also hiked in teva sandals and although it wasn’t terrible I’d definitely bring another option next time.

mountain biking
8 days ago

Trail is in rough shape for biking. we didn't mind carrying through some obstacles. We are new to the mtn. bike riding so this was pushing the envelope for us. Loved it either way.

8 days ago

For those worried about the road, there are two ways to access this trail. From inside Blackwater State Park, past the snow tubing area, you’ll need a capable 4WD and a sense of adventure. I’ve done it in a stock Wrangler. It’s muddy, rutted, rocky, etc. and also fun to drive in the proper vehicle. The second way to get to this trail is by accessing the opposite end of Canaan Loop Rd from Rt 32 just a couple miles south of Davis. From this approach the road is fairly well maintained gravel. It’s a longer drive from the Rt 32 end but you can make it in a car. Also, the trail is very muddy and wet. Don’t wear sneakers like my hiking buddy did. You’ll regret it.

Growth on the upper trail in spots is now making it tricky to move at speed in spots near the top.

Did it in the rain and the clouds are the top we’re breathtaking. Want to do it again when the sun is out. Beautiful!!!!

If you like walking in hardwoods this is a really nice hike. There are plenty of streams for water. Took my dog who had a great time. I definitely agree with reviewer that this should be rated as hard, at least clockwise mainly d/t distance and one wicked climb up a stream in a couloir. CCW is more gradual but that 900+foot ascent in a stream bed is a hike going CW. I’ll definitely do it again. There are scenic parts with big views best seen once leaves off. The trail is very well marked and clean. It’s doable on a mountain bike if you’re fit with only 2-3 hike a bike sections (definitely bike it CCW). Unfortunately heavy rainfall has washed out a portion of trail near the bridge but it’s still easily recognizable. All in all it will be one I do with my dog often because it’s easy enough to get around while kids in school and get back to pick them up in Winchester, 45 min away.

Love this hike with friends! Saw a timber rattlesnake right off the trail so watch your step, but he gave us a fair warning well before we were in any danger. Definitely steep in some places but overall not too bad. The view is awesome!

12 days ago

Nice hike trails are well marked

Hiked/walked this trail for the first time this weekend. It is beautiful!! Nice path, easy walk and it's easy to walk down to the rocks and creek. I did not walk the full loop. We turned right at the fork and walked along the creek. When the trail started to loop back around and away from the creek, it became very overgrown. There is a presence of poison ivy this way. My husband, being highly allergic to poison ivy, and I decided to turn around and go back the way we came. I was also concerned about ticks and we weren't dressed to walk through high grass and brush. Next time I will dress accordingly to walk through this section but overall a very beautiful and peaceful trail.

Nice and flat out to Judy Springs from the trailhead. Plenty of camping options along the way.

Looking closer at the map I think I started at Landis Trail and stayed right on the North Fork Mountain Trail. I took cover from the rain at the first ledge I came too, I don't know how far that is on the map. So I can attest to Landis Trail being rocky and steep but I'll have to start at the North Fork Mnt trail head next time.

13 days ago

So once I found the right road to start from the trail head was easy to find. At first I started from a road that had a kiosk and I thought was 70 but was not, so I wasted about an hour looking for the cairn off the wrong road. A few miles up the road 70 was clearly marked. The first few cairns are easy to spot but get harder and harder to follow because there is so much moss and fungus growing on them they blend right in. It was exciting to search for them but it would be easy to lose the trail and I was by myself. Overall it was a really fun scrabbley little trail and was beautiful at the top.
Thanks to Michiko's comment with directions on how to find it otherwise I would've missed out on this one.

Did this hike solo which was ok except it was super erie out there. I was on high alert the whole time. I didn't see anyone else, but I didn't see any bears either so that was good. I did see signs of bears though. It was strenuous and steep and rocky. 3/4 of the way up is started to rain a little but not bad. It quickly turned bad and I made it to an overlook and waited under a rock for over an hour. I'm still not sure how close I was to the summit, I couldn't see anything. After the thunder and lightning passed the rain persisted so I had to head down. I wasn't super prepared for a downpour so I was pretty much a drown rat. The trail was slippery because of all the rocks and rushing water. I'm sure it's beautiful when it's not storming! I would love to try it again but it won't be for a long while since I live far from there.

13 days ago

Overall this was a pretty fun trail and easy to make a day trip out of. The trail was pretty muddy in places and very rocky in others. Some parts of the trail aren't very well blazed but the path was pretty obvious so it wasn't hard to find the way. Some parts of the trail, especially near the beginning are very over grown, so it'd be wise to keep an eye out for snakes as I was about 5 inches from stepping on one. The falls themselves are gorgeous and the water is perfect to soak your feet in.

13 days ago

Great workout and great views!

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