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Great rocky/dirt trail. Starts out on an actual road & you have a couple of trail options. I took the 2nd trail up to the left & saw the waterfall & amazing views. Took my dog up this morning & saw only a handful of people. Will do again.

1 day ago

First off.. the last two miles of the road to get the trailhead are rough... starts out as gravel then turns to uneven pavement with tons of deep pot holes. Not the smartest thing I’ve done by myself in a tiny car. I actually said a prayer! Lol. Also, I am shocked this is rated as moderate. I had to remind myself a time or two that I don’t give up on things while on this one. To put it easy - it’s 4 miles of incline and then 4 miles of decline, appreciate the flat parts. Wildflowers, butterflies and a hummingbird made it worth the ass kicking.

Beautiful hike. Some of the view points looking at the wall are unbelievable. At the top loop, do a full body check for ticks if you decide to do it. Husband had 4 ticks chowing down. Loads of poison oak as well, ended up taking a Tecnu bath in the Walmart parking lot in Hood River after. Highly recommend not doing the last little loop due to the ticks and poison oak. Hopefully we got it in time! But seriously, beautiful hike.

Ticks and poison oak! Only made it a mile in (hiking with a three year old), and my dog had two ticks on him before we made it back to our car. Huge buggers, might I add. We all had bug spray on us as well, and this apparently did not deter them. I will not be returning to finish the hike like I had hoped.

Amazing hike!! Wild flowers are out and rattle snake too so watch out and stay on the trail!!!

Great close in hike. Watch for rattlers, it is a bit crowded and poles are useful for the upper lower loop!

Signage was not great but I think most could figure it out. The last mile and change are brutal. Don't give up because the view is worth it. The flowers are just starting to bloom too

loved it! Place is stacked poison oak enough to definitely give you a complex. Really enjoyed the fur baby sasquatches also.

This trail is beautiful. I love the landscape and view! There is tons of poison oak and it comes right up to the trail.

The wildflowers and the view were both amazing.

I am giving this hike 5 stars only because of the stunning rolling hills covered with yellow wildflowers “Carey’s Balsamroot”. Signs to get to the actual trail were not the best... we ended up getting a little lost and driving to what it looked like something out of the set of “Pet Cemetery”
We started the trail from India creek instead of Sandborn Rd not by choice but bc that is what “All Trails” had us do,
Overall a fun hike with my friends, sun and a little drizzle at the end.

We arrived at the back entrance via Indian Creek road. Take note of the entrance — it’s a farm gate that is closed on the Right. You have gone too far if you hit the cemetery.
Go towards the gate and Go around it. It is not well marked at all. Trust your map.
The road starts out on a “Fire Road” and brings you to the start of the trail begins about 600 yards up in R . Turn Right - you’ll see a Little sign.

The start of the hike is expected , but lovely. Old oak treats and grassy hillsides.

You will get a great great surprise as you come out of this part of the path to a hillside. You will enter into a cornucopia of “Carey’s Balsam Root” flowers all over the hillside —- Just unbelievably gorgeous!

Continue on and enjoy. Breathtaking. - Make your way all the way to the start of the trail at the intersection of Sandborn Road .

High recommend d when the flowers are blooming.

Trails could use better signs. At the trail head you start on asphalt and we continued on asphalt until hitting a dead end. We missed the entry onto a dirt trail and had to double back. Parking was full even at 10am on a Tuesday. Scenery was stunning. We only hiked about 2.5 miles in. It is a strenuous hike. Lots of steep switchbacks and jagged rock on the trail. Bring trekking poles! Lots of poison oak so take care to stay in the trail. No ticks or mosquitoes (yet). There is a good amount of unshaded trail so be prepared for sunburn and higher temperatures than you see around the falls.

Signs are awful. Crowded. But amazing views

Great trail with lots of spectacular views. There are some leg busting sections but well worth it. Keep an eye out for mountain bikers.

1 month ago

First timer and loved it!
Thanks to my buddy who knows this place like the back of hands. I hope to be back to enjoy the spring full bloom.

1 month ago

4/1/18: Weather conditions were windy and the rain held off for most of the afternoon so the ground was dry. This is good because this hike is completely ‘open’. You can either do the switchback trail or go directly up to avoid the switchbacks (which is what my partner and I did) and the intensity rating I would give for that is “hard” since it’s straight up. Trail is a mix of rocks, dirt, and grass. When you think you’ve reached the “top”... don’t be fooled, you’ll have a few more steps to go. There weren’t many mountain bikers today, but be cautious to share the trail with them because they come down fast and some don’t forewarn you with a shout. When you finally reach the top, there’s not much else going on though which was a bit disappointing.

1 month ago

Hiked on March 24th. So many long switch backs! But it was a nice casual hike, not steep until the last 1/4 mile where you get to the top of the cliff trail. Make sure you have a map-not many signs actually say the name of trails on the way up. Flowers just starting to come up!

Such a beautiful hike. Amazing views the whole entire way! Lots of traffic - hikers and mtn bikers. Got lucky with sunshine the whole time. Loved it! Can’t wait to see all the wildflowers this summer

Good hike through Oregon oak. Amazing fews on a clear day, today wasnt one of those days. Clouds were dropping and we met some light snow at the highest part of the trail. Near the end of the trail you will meet private property. The trail just stops. Last quarter of a mile can be skipped easily.

2 months ago

Beautiful late winter/early spring hike. Sun was shining and because the bulk of this hike is exposed, I was able to hike shirtless to attempt to tan. The panoramic views of the Gorge and Mt Hood keep you motivated as you climb to the top; I imagine once the wildflowers bloom those will also be a great motivator. I particularly enjoyed being on the section just before the forest (the highest point).

The trail wasn’t crowded but we also went mid-week and started before 10am. I loved coming down little Moab and watching the mountain bikers, they’re crazy!!!

Amazing views!! The wild flowers were still working on coming up so I’m sure in a few weeks it’ll be even better when they’re in full bloom! No shade until the top so bring the sun screen! Wouldn’t rate it as a hard though, moderate trail for sure.

Overgrown in spots but easy enough for the grandson to hike

Very windy but beautiful hike

2 months ago

Good hike, nice inclines, definitely got the heart rate up in a few spots. Trail was very sparsely populated; we only saw 2 other people on our whole hike. Waterfall is off to the left within your first quarter mile or so, careful you don’t miss it!

We did this trail today. Marc and I enjoyed it so much. At the lower part of this trail it was a bit crowdy with lots of mountainbikers hower it went really quiet at the upper part.
I will recommend this trail because its a really beautiful one. Spectaculair views, beautiful small streams, popping out flowers and we spotted several eagles.
It really kicks your butt!

A real butt kicker on the way up! So so Beautiful and a perfect winter hike as there is no shade. We hit snow up top but nothing crazy! Highly recommend!

3 months ago

A little rocky and uncertain at first but good exercise, wide trail, and protected from the elements. Trailhead #2 starts with a small bridge and then a switchback into a rocky path (take care of your ankles). Waterfall is super close to trailhead (look for small path down to the falls and whirlpool on the left side of trail). If you make it to the end of buck creek trail there is a narrow addition built by a local Boy Scout troop from White Salmon.

Overall, not much for gorge views but a nice walk along the creek.

I certainly felt like I got a workout from the up and down of the trail and would recommend shoes that you can walk over the watershed as crosses the trail to make its way down to the creek.

Beautiful views, nice incline for a good work out. 1st Wild flowers are starting pop out.

3 months ago

I have to agree with the review below. It is a perfect winter hike. I am pretty sure this hike is perfect all year round. The views are amazing and seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance was breathtaking.

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