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This hike is ALL uphill! A good workout, but not the relaxing hike I was looking for. Lots of lizards and some small snakes, bugs, and tons of poison oak if you’re not careful (it’s all off the trail, but keep an eye on dogs). The view was pretty, but no mountains. Hardly any shade too, glad I went on an overcast day! It was fine, but I didn’t expect it to be so steep.
There was a family with 3 small kids that started before us and we didn’t pass them on the way down so hopefully that gives you a good idea.
Trail head is just as others stated, there’s a pull off on the left to park, go past the gate and shortly after on your right is the entrance. Private property at the very end so you turn around and go downhill.

10 days ago

Hot hike, flowers are great and geology is amazing out here.


trail running
13 days ago

Solid run with a lot of inclines. A small waterfall is located quite close to the AT trail head as listed on their map. Mostly shaded trail with no scenic views along the way.

Unfortunately no rattlesnakes. Was looking out for them after reading previous reviews.

Did this October 2017. Exposed. Great views of Columbia River. Extreme wind. More mountain bikers than hikers, except at top of ridge where it is extremely steep. Had to descend quickly due to storm, but it did bring a rainbow in addition to cold rain.

Did this on Mother’s Day. Great hike, beautiful views. Not great for our big dog—hike has no shade and rocks were too hot for his paws. Take care with dogs.

Worth the view, many different paths to choose from. Wasn’t too busy on a Sunday.

Gorgeous views from the top

1 month ago

We saw a coyote on another trail. The last mile is pretty uphill. Exposed - wear sunscreen. We made homemade tick repellent and were totally fine. No rattlesnakes but incredibly windy.

1 month ago

Hiked yesterday! Great hike and some awesome views. Third time here and it never gets old. Have a nice YouTube video of the second hike and another one coming within the next few days

Worth it, but it is hard. I’m a mediocre hiker, getting in shape, and building cardio, I was able to complete the loop. You’ll be walking uphill mostly, but the view is worth all the work. Did see a rattlesnake cross the trail, so be aware when walking around.

Lovely but crowded with people and a few rattlesnakes.

Great hike - thought about mtn biking it but glad I did the hike.instead— we walked out along the entry path and took the east side loop and returned on the west side along the bluff. Couple of steep pitches but not bad at all. Amazing terrain. Felt like 4 different hikes // open grassy, labyrinth of Rocky agate, vistas beyond belief, meadows and then up on top.a Forrest. Beautiful. Did not see waterfall. I guess next time. Flowers past season.
Great workout and not as hard as I thought it would be.
All trails map helped navigate the various paths-pretty easy.
Will go again for sure earlier next year.

Great hike! Not too hard. Just a couple steep inclines. I would categorize it as moderate. Warning thought!! Check yourself for ticks! Ran into a bunch of blacklegged ticks yesterday.

great hike! great views! love it!

2 months ago

Went to do this beautiful hike, but was really turned off by how windy it was. I almost lost my hat 4x and even my dog was blowing over. The loop at the top isn’t well marked and we couldn’t find the part that scaled along the wall. The lower hike area reminds me of SF hiking and it was gorgeous, but tons of poison oak around so be careful.

Overall, not a very hard hike. I’d rate it as medium since the middle to top area is where you are really climbing, but it’s not for that long. The top is flat and the bottom is a steady incline. Nothing too hard though.

Great hike, checked it off the list, may do this again years from now. For now, that wind was enough for me!

My favorite hike so far. It’s a MUST DO! Man was it hard! Don’t forget sunscreen as you are exposed the whole time and only put in one earbud as you’ll need to listen for rattle snakes. But the pain was so worth it. The loop is hard to follow and not well defined but there were SO many helpful people along the way. And printing a map was a good idea. There is everything you could want on this trail, waterfalls, flowers, the view!!!! Don’t be intimidated by the “hard” category. It was freaking hard! But I took lots of breaks (watch out for poison oak everywhere) and I made it in about 3.5-4 hours. So worth it!

The views are amazing. In a clear day you can see Mt Hood and Columbia Gorge for miles. The hike it’s not hard but if it windy it’s gonna be a lot harder. A really nice hike even for beginners, only like 4 hours to do the whole hike.

2 months ago

Did this May 27, wildflowers are gone. I am fairly new to hiking so I rate this hard if you are not used to very steep inclines. Should have started before 10:30 as it got hot fast! I am used to hiking in the forest so I did not enjoy this as much but if you seek a challenge, it still has great views and the hawks at the top were amazing to watch hover in the wind. I think we did something wrong as it ended up being 7.8 miles. I didn't find parking difficult - you just have to park closer to the hwy if the lot is full and there is a vault toilet at the trailhead.

2 months ago

Hiked on May 5, 2018. Beautiful wildflowers at the top. Flowing stream for dogs to cool off in. Not covered in trees so important to bring sunscreen and extra water. Parking was very limited.

Great rocky/dirt trail. Starts out on an actual road & you have a couple of trail options. I took the 2nd trail up to the left & saw the waterfall & amazing views. Took my dog up this morning & saw only a handful of people. Will do again.

2 months ago

First off.. the last two miles of the road to get the trailhead are rough... starts out as gravel then turns to uneven pavement with tons of deep pot holes. Not the smartest thing I’ve done by myself in a tiny car. I actually said a prayer! Lol. Also, I am shocked this is rated as moderate. I had to remind myself a time or two that I don’t give up on things while on this one. To put it easy - it’s 4 miles of incline and then 4 miles of decline, appreciate the flat parts. Wildflowers, butterflies and a hummingbird made it worth the ass kicking.
BEWARE OF TICKS. Now that it’s been 3 days since this hike, my dog has now been to the vet - 1 tick turned to 23 ticks very quick. 28 days of antibiotics and now a preventive pills every 90. Careful with your dogs out here

Beautiful hike. Some of the view points looking at the wall are unbelievable. At the top loop, do a full body check for ticks if you decide to do it. Husband had 4 ticks chowing down. Loads of poison oak as well, ended up taking a Tecnu bath in the Walmart parking lot in Hood River after. Highly recommend not doing the last little loop due to the ticks and poison oak. Hopefully we got it in time! But seriously, beautiful hike.

Ticks and poison oak! Only made it a mile in (hiking with a three year old), and my dog had two ticks on him before we made it back to our car. Huge buggers, might I add. We all had bug spray on us as well, and this apparently did not deter them. I will not be returning to finish the hike like I had hoped.

Amazing hike!! Wild flowers are out and rattle snake too so watch out and stay on the trail!!!

Great close in hike. Watch for rattlers, it is a bit crowded and poles are useful for the upper lower loop!

Signage was not great but I think most could figure it out. The last mile and change are brutal. Don't give up because the view is worth it. The flowers are just starting to bloom too

loved it! Place is stacked poison oak enough to definitely give you a complex. Really enjoyed the fur baby sasquatches also.

This trail is beautiful. I love the landscape and view! There is tons of poison oak and it comes right up to the trail.

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