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Awesome trail, though it’s buggy in July.

Need high ground clearance to get to the trailhead. Wonderful hike!

Hello twins. ;)

Closed 6.7 miles from trailhead, 10/06/2018


Beautiful area and not too difficult overall. I took my dogs and we literally accidentally found ourselves on top of Tumac (due to very dense fog the whole trip). It felt very much like a large hill until the last 1/4 mile, where I realized I was near the top. Alas, no view to be had!

NOTE: Damon Hendricks mentioned below that something could be heard off in the woods but he could not see it. I can also attest to that, as something rather large kept its distance and paralleled my dogs and I most of the way up to Tumac beginning at the Twin Sister Lakes, keeping pace around 300' away most of the time. The dense fog wasn't helping. I tried making lots of noise as we progressed hoping to deter a possible bear or cougar, but it kept on. It stopped near the top of Tumac. It then resumed paralleling us back out until Twin Sister Lakes. It sounded nothing like a horse does when it moves in the forest, yet it was too heavy to be a person. Very curious!

I guess I would be cautious out here. I did not feel threatened, I just know there is something large in the area that isn't afraid to follow you around. Either bring friends, or carry bear spray or a sidearm. Or maybe all three, to be honest!

2 months ago

Great trail! The parking was a little difficult since the beginning is at campsite...we just parked along HWY 12 which worked out just fine. The trail is right in the forest and really provides a really great atmosphere. The trees are good protection from the sun and the path is easy to follow. Crossing the creek was a little iffy as there isn’t a bridge and we had to balance across a fallen tree. The water wasn’t too deep but deep enough that you don’t want to walk and then end up with wet socks and clothes the rest of your hike. We did not have any issues with mosquitos but there was a section where a horse passed us and brushed against and bush which then upset a bunch of hornets. We got attacked pretty good, but it was kind of a freak thing. I wouldn’t be too worried about it, just be aware. Beautiful hike and would do it again!

Beautiful trail! Well maintained and good for kids and the dog! Deer lake has a nice camping area right of the trail.

Just went last weekend for the first time and did a overnighter just me and my dog. Both lakes are beautiful. The tail up was a little rough in some places but worth it when you get to the top. I do suggest to take people with you. The ground in some areas sounded hollow when you walk and can really hear something in the woods that you can’t see. It’s only in one spot that I noticed that, it the campground on the west side of little sister. Other then that it was a good trip.

3 months ago

Beautiful lake and easy trail. One large Creek crossing early on the trail to Cramer Lake. There is a large log further up or just walk through the river, about mid calf.

it's one of my best hikes

Nice trail. Moderate difficulty. took my pup!

3 months ago

Lots of mosquito's, bring a tent. Lots of open clearings to watch the stars and night and sooo very quiet. Perfect easy backpacking trip.

3 months ago

Great views of Adams, the Goat Rocks, and Rainier. Road is in good shape except the last 2 1/2 miles which is pretty rough and would be a real challenge if you don't have a high clearance vehicle.

Just got back from this area today. Washout is still present but the road is open up to that point and it's not a problem to hike around. There were lots of cars parked along the road at the barricade. Adds about 1 mile each direction compared to starting at Conrad Meadows Trailhead. Tried to make it up to Warm Lake but didn't have this map. Will have to try again next time. I suspect that reaching this area would have made my trip 5/5. Surprise Lake is very clear and blue but it didn't due too much for me. Because of the dense forest and the steep banks, it's not very accessible on the Eastern side. If I camp there again, I would stay on the Western side.

on Bear Creek Mountain

3 months ago

This is my new favorite hike. I think we picked the ideal day to go. No one was around and the weather was perfect. The flowers were all in bloom. The view was incredible!!! Amazing is all I can say!

4 months ago

We went Thursday to 7/5 to check conditions and hiked the trail on 7/6. The mosquitoes were as expected unbearable both days for about the 1st mile. After that they were non existent. The trails were good with some wetland marshes and creeks that were easily passable. There was water flowing down a 1/4 of the trail but it also wasn’t a factor. We had a group of 9 with small children and they all did great. The snow fields the last mile were slippery and we had to make new steps. The top was to steep for the kids to cross safely so we turned back to return later in the season.
Wild flowers were in full bloom and the weather was perfect. Aug 1 will be perfect. Road was is good condition for most cars. The last 2-3 miles was rough. We made it just fine in a 15 passenger van

One of the best effort-to-views trails that there is. Be sure to start from the Section 3 trailhead—not the trailhead in Conrad Meadows.

gorgeous! highly recommend

4 months ago

First time up and was very impressed! Last 4 miles of road require a vehicle with some ground clearance, there was a Subaru Outback that made it. Some bugs at start by section 3 lake. Trails in great shape and easy to follow. Some snow, but no problems. Last 1/2 mike is steep, but not too bad. Loved how the full view is hidden until the end. We will be back!

Love this hike...usually stay at Cramer lake but lots of options to camp further back along Dumbell lake or up towards the Pacific Crest trail is you really wanted. A bit of a steep hike up but worth. However Many many many people there once hunting season starts

Lots of snow on the main trail to the Twin Sisters. Recommend waterproof boots and gaiters. Trekking poles highly recommended for more sure footing. About 50 degrees at the top with a stiff wind across a frozen lake.

Great trail. Didn’t make it to the lake because of snow, but went to a nice snow field about 3 miles in and enjoyed blue sky views of rainier through the trees.

We did this last week and the trail was 90% snow covered. We camped at dog lake on the only pad of dirt, and lake was still frozen. It was beautiful.

Bummer the road washed out. Will be a while before anyone can go across. May 16.18

There’s a big mudslide taking out the road one mile before Conrad Meadows campground. We made it to the campground but my 8yo was done.

Monday, October 16, 2017

First time to be up at the lakes with snow around them. Trail is muddy and snowy in different areas. Very beautiful and peaceful.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I hiked this trail many years ago with my youngest sister. I don't even recall the year, but I do remember it was in the month of October as there was fresh snow.

I rated the hike with 5 stars because it is a pleasant, moderate hike and the view from the top is incredible!

I have basically taken pics of old pictures to show how it was like in October, though I have done this on a very clear sunny day on my own. Let me tell you that not only do get a great view of the Goat rocks, you can also see Mt. Adams and Mount Rainier quite well in the distance!

trail running
Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hands down the best views of the Goatrocks for the effort! Bring a vehicle with clearance though, the last two miles get rough.

Super flat and easy for 80% with most of the elevation gain happening right at the end. The loose volcanic rock on the ascent is a frustrating, but it passes quickly. Enjoy the view but bring a jacket for the top!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Getting to the top was the difficult part but, the views and stillness of the forest make up for the struggle to get away from every day life. You pass a quiet and peaceful pond at your first scenery. Next is a clearing with meadows and flowers. Next time we go, we're going to hike the whole trail. We went 4-5 miles in and back. Getting back was so much easier!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Road was blocked due to a wash out. This would add 6.7 miles back and forth to the hike. We didn't do that. Aug 5th 3017

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