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13 hours ago

Road was closed when i got there. I had to walk extra 2 miles to the trail head, and it was covered with a lot of snow. Will come back when it has better condition.

Awesome to get to on a mountain bike and do the various loops. Pipeline trail cuts through it like Main Street.

Ended up way off course due to very little markings, even with a paper map both myself and a ranger ended up taking a four mile detour to find the falls, very pretty end result, muddy so stabilize yourself!

17 hours ago

A nice, easy walk, can be a little muddy.

Great walk! The gorge winds made it an epic climb up the switchbacks. Totally worth going to the top.

A nice, easy walk through the woods with some gentle changes in elevation and good viewpoints.

The trail was pretty nice. It was paved and perfect for biking, but we were walking. This made the fact that the trail runs right along the highway irritating, but other than that it was pretty good

The switchbacks are brutal but the view is worth the work. The traffic was heavier than I expected it would be. All things considered, a beautiful trail.

It was busy but enough space to spread out on the top, pretty views and well shaded for the hike.

22 hours ago

This was an amazing trail! It was a constant workout on the way up, but only two miles, so not too bad. The trail is in great condition! Almost all of the snow was gone, just a little bit at the north view point. Both views were breath taking! Coming down was tough on my knees even with poles, but still loved the hike!

Quiet quick.08 walk through the rustic moss filled woods. Beautiful scenery.

Beautiful falls right off of the road. Enjoyed stopping by..

Good small trail with lots of Creek crossings. Be sure to not miss the hairpin turn at the large bridge (where all of the little history pictures are) or else you'll end up going way up the creek (as I did)

This is a great trail for walking, running, biking and strollers. The main path is pathed and easy to pass others. It’s a nice stroll and we even ran into 2 young deer on the path.

We use the back side of Mt. Peak fairly regularly. We stay off of the gravel road. There are so many other trails that are offshoots, and take you through the trees. You can hike every weekend, mix it up, and not take the same hike twice. Some trails are moderate. There is one trail that is strenuous, as it is basically a stretch of roots that you climb up, followed shortly by a long run of rocks you climb up to get to the top. We have found a little vista that looks out at Mt. Rainier, and over the valley. A tough hike some days, but we love it!

Soooooo out of shape

1 day ago

This is basically a straight shot up Rocks of Sharon. It’s great they named it on here. Rocks of Sharon is a switchback trail much more. It’s March 16th so be ready for mud and snow but if you’re prepared there’s no reason to not venture out. Some of the best views in the Spokane area. There’s a good deal of elevation gain so be ready to actually hike but it flattens out in plenty of spots and is right next to rocks for rock climbing with or without equipment. One of our favorite hikes. Great for dogs and older kids.

Awesome hike on a sunny and clear day. Might be a miserable hike with rain or snow. Once above the falls the trail is straight up. The trail is in excellent condition in my opinion and easy to follow but steep so be careful going both up and down as any slickness could cause an injury. Shortly after we started on the ridge line we went to spikes and soon after to snow shoes. This can change though. On the day we chose the sun was out and we started to post hole. Also there was a crusty layer of snow with power beneath so the snow shoes provided the best form of travel. If you prefer to post hole every few steps then you can leave the snow shoes at home. They did help on the way down as we took the longer loop trail which DOES NOT drop in elevation very quickly so it was a long walk down with the snow shoes, but they were worth carrying. We made the top in three hours and the long journey down in three hours. Pretty respectful winter times for feeling under the weather. Weather and conditions change on the upper part of this hike daily so make sure you are prepared. I would consider the section between the falls and the summit "hard" for many as they are calling Mt Si a "hard" hike on here. This section is straight up for s short period of time and you need skills and confidence to do this safely.

Beautiful hike with great views of St. Helens. I went in mid March and there was still snow in some places.

Beautiful hike over the damn and you can hike up along the falls coming down. Was beautiful back on 1/7/2018

It’s been snowing all week and the full hike (from beginning of Denny Creek rd) was just beautiful. The falls were half way frozen and it was great to experience. I went alone so it was nice to see a decent amount of people there.

1 day ago

A pleasant walk through beautiful second growth forest. Through the canopy an Eagle could be seen soaring in lazy circles against a background of an azure blue sky. While the trail is well marked with connections to other routes to enjoy

Found a pair of glasses on my way down from this hike today (3/15/18). anyone lose a pair? they are thin lenses and a pretty strong prescription!

Nice and easy stroll around the lake with good views of the Capitol and pretty close to downtown Olympia

Very nice safe short hike. scenery is beautiful and very historical.

road biking
2 days ago

Very short out to Puget on a bike. Not really good for a major cycling work out. Good trail for people who want an easy workout. Good running trail. Takes you out to Puget Sound. Has trails off of the pavement. You good take a mountain bike on the off shoot trails.

2 days ago

Still snow and ice in spots on 03/10/18. I liked that it was nicely paved and taken care of, but don’t think I’ll be back. Kinda one of those things where you do it once and then don’t feel the need to come back.

2 days ago

Beautiful stroll / hike!! So many beautiful boardwalks. Camp Alva is a wonderful, well maintained campground. I think I saw 3 sites total. There is a creek for water if you need. Hung out with a couple local deer and bald eagles. The hike on the beach and rocks went well since I timed it with low tide. It's a quick backpacking trip. Would definitely do it again!

So pretty, easy walk! Dog friendly and it wasn’t that crowded.

Right out my front door. The perfect trail for a multitude of outdoor activities.

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