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tweakers living in their cars in the parking lot, the trail was nice once you get allot further in and pass the tweakerdom of the beginning of the place.

It is an easy hiking trail. You can run.

9 days ago

Awesome trail! Very peaceful. I would recommend this trail if you have dogs!

11 days ago

Ok...There are drug users and homeless in the parking lot. Some garbage about. But...boy, Its so well worth walking past them. I felt that being armed would be appropriate. Husband and I took our dogs for an hour walk one direction thru an enchanting creek with gentle ankle deep water, and stunning trees and vegetation. We stuck to the creek, and didn’t take the trail. It was so very pretty, the dogs loved it. There is a small, clean lake where the trail starts. No drug users past the parking lot...a guy was puking in the parking lot next to our vehicle when we returned. Welcome to Swan Creek!

19 days ago

Nice easy, flat walking trail. Beautiful creek with logs to cross. We had fun on the many off shoot trails, but the trail itself is not marked so it's easy to get turned around in there but as long as you stay on a trail you will find your way out because the trail head is also the exit. It definitely is like a "maze" as another hiker noted in their remarks. We did see a spot where it looked like someone transient had been staying out there.

I loved this one! My 10 year old and myself enjoyed it very much. The view is incredible! Take water and allow 1 hour to walk it. It’s worth it. What a great memory for both of us!

Didn’t even get out of my car. The garbage, spray painting and the guy living out of his van was enough for me. I did a u turn and went to another park.

22 days ago

Nice walk through woods and canopy overhang next to a creek. Pretty easy trail, used a stroller instead of backpacking the little one (I’d backpack when doing it again though), parts of the trail we had to lift the stroller over roots and rocks ( some stairs), decent elevation changes for pushing stroller, but overall pretty easy. would do it again, convenient do to location.

Great early morning hike before all the zoo-goers take up parking. You get to see beautiful mossy trees and the sound. You can also stop by the park gardens and check out the flowers. Easy hike and would be great to take kids to.

Decent exit from the city, but not well marked for what it is. In some parts, you can hear the cars so it makes it hard to actually experience the exit of city Life. Great for a day away in the city when you can't go far.

U don't have to drive to the mountains to experience Great Northwest Woods, with panoramic views of the Puget Sound and the Narrows Bridge(s) We saw Bambi, about 20 seals on the point, but don't get too close to the edge! unfortunately no Sasquatch sighting. great family hike for all where you can take your dog, and at least for us within easy reach of home, a great starter hike...

trail running
1 month ago

A terrific trail. This is a great “moderate” trail as it has plenty of hills and flat parts. There are no water spots or restrooms along the trail, but there are plenty of exits along the trail if you want to make it shorter. I will definitely do this again.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail. You wouldn’t know it was close to so much development if you couldn’t hear the traffic. Nice to be by the creek. One person on trail had dog off leash but as soon as he saw me he put it on.

Beautiful but not recomendable for bikes ! Not even if you are an expert there’s a lot of people walking , strollers and kids running so ! Walking is the best you can do and don’t forget bring water lots of water because there’s half of the trail with very steep hills

Went midday on a Saturday in July. Not too crowded and most other hikers had dogs. Easy, level hike. The trail isn’t marked the entire way. Had to use the app’s map/GPS. Make sure your phone is charged. Trail took us through an off leash area which was nice. Beautiful scenery and lookout points, restrooms along the way. You know you’re getting close to a lookout by the smell of pot lol. Otherwise, you’d never know this was right in the middle of Tacoma. Smells like pine and flowers. Beautiful trail.

Beautiful trail. So many great look out points of the Puget Sound. I did this with my 14 year old daughter and it took us about 2 hours making lots of stops for pictures.

1 month ago

Hill of doom!!!

Beautiful views and a great place to walk/run!

1 month ago

First time here with the family. Right off a busy street in Parkland,WA. Easy walking trail. Half way through the walk you can see a creek, a pond and a few houses. Pretty scenery with a lot of trees. You can hear cars driving by on a few parts of the trail. I also saw pieces of clothes and a tarp scattered in the bushes. I believe transients sometimes sleep in the forest overnight. Please be aware that although there are POSTED RULES FOR KEEPING DOGS ON LEASH some dog owners let their dogs off leash here. Just walking along the trail a dog runs up to my daughter and she got nipped in the hand by a Great Dane and enough to draw blood. I regret not having my pepper spray with me. We had to call authorities for this incident. Other than that, the trail is easy, flat and somewhat scenic, but with some dogs off leash and clothing debris in the bushes we won’t be back. To those that want to try it out, my word of advice is to carry pepper spray for protection against unruly off leash dogs on the trail.

1 month ago

LOVED this trail with two dogs. We ended up on a street because we didn’t know how to get back to our original destination but found our way with gps.

An assortment of trails within the loop. Don’t miss the rhododendron garden, Fort Nisqually, Owen beach (magnificent views of the sound) but be careful, you can literally die if you lose your footing. Steep falls not fenced for the most part. Bring, a lunch! You can easily spend all da here if you are in ‘explore’ mode.

5 stars not given because there was no free beer at the end of the trail!

my kids, dogs, and I walk this Trail all of the time. They love to hunt for painted rocks here, and dinosaurs. ;-) there is a nice creek and waterfall. I would not recommend getting in the water. I believe they even have signs up about it. But there is a cool bridge and it is far more than a loop. It's more of a maze. Going any direction will pretty much lead you to the same place because all ends except for the front are blocked off. however, this is spanaway. So bring some sort of protection, just in case some weirdo is hiding back there. I've never had anything happen, but I've heard some stories.

trail running
1 month ago

Absolutely gorgeous run along the Puget Sound. The only reason I give it four out of five stars is the vehicular traffic. The trail itself had a lot of foot traffic as well, but that’s to be expected on such a gorgeous run and a beautiful day. This trail is right along a busy road and many times you run straight through exhaust smoke and the noise of the vehicles can overpower your headphones.

The view was beautiful!! This was very easy and satisfying. The traffic noise didn’t bother me. I have really good earphones. So I was left just enjoying the walk and view!!

I love this trail through a wooded ravine with a meandering creek and lots of native plants.
I use to tramp through woods like these all the time as a kid. I still love them as an adult. Plus it's less than 15 minute drive to get there.

surprisingly great trail. watch out for stinging nettle tho


Didnt even get out of my car there was 3 cars with homeless people drying their clothes and one girl laying on the seat with her legs out asleep and i was uncomfortable taking my baby out and also leaving my car there. 

Nice enough trail for being within the city of tacoma. Moderately busy for a Sunday in June. Sign markers for the trail on the western side of the loop aren’t great.

good hike. easy. beautiful scenery and friendly ppl. but please please keep ur dogs on a leash....out of respect for other ppl with dogs. its just plain rude.

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