21 hours ago

Fun hike with 11 relatively new Boy Scouts on Saturday 9/22. Started hike about 12:30 PM. Parking lot fairly full. Misty, very easy hike up to the lake. The mist turned to rain in the early evening. Minimal firewood available in the immediate area. Plenty of space for tents and hammocks with tree coverage. The scouts woke up Sunday to a nice layer of ice over everything. Boots and wet clothes left out were solid. After a warm meal, we all were excited to get a glimpse of the sheep on the mountain. No sunscreen or bug repellent necessary. Hand warmers, yes!

90% of the traffic was day hikers and most not aware of trail ethics. Scouts did a great job of stepping off trail for those going up and down. We also scoured our camp spot and the surrounding area of all trash.